Your Cynicism is Understandable


The only thing you can trust Obama to do is gather more power.
Check it out:

Here we have more cynicism. Here’s a guy who thinks this shutdown of 21 embassies is simply so when nothing happens, they can all claim credit for shutting down a major threat ’cause they’ve told us, “This is a bigger threat — certainly as big, the chatter is as big as what we got before 9/11.” Well, that was the worst one, 9/11. We haven’t had anything like that in this country, 48 states ever before. Right. Right.

So here we have this massive possibility, and we close the embassies, and the Obama regime rolls up its sleeves and gets busy working on it. And then if nothing happens, they say, “See how good we were? We are competent! You can rely on us.” You remember how the Drive-By Media used to claim that George W. Bush used terrorist threats to distract us from other problems?

Do you remember how the mainstream media, the Drive-Bys used to accuse Bush of among terror events in order to make himself look tough, in order to make himself look smart, in order to make himself and his administration look competent? Remember how the media used to accuse Bush of fabricating terror events as a distraction? It’s basically what Seth is saying here Obama is doing.

He’s saying that what they’re really aiming at is being able to say when this all ends up, if nothing happens, they prevented another Benghazi. Except that Benghazi was a “phony scandal.” I have another view about this. If that’s true, if this is all just political and propaganda and optics — which, if I were to learn that’s the case, I wouldn’t be surprised. I think this bunch politicizes everything. I think everything’s a photo-op.



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