You Don’t Want Obamacare? Too Bad (Unless You Work in Washington)


You would think liberals would be excited to be included.
Check it out:

Their subsidies are not gonna come from qualifying at an exchange. Their subsidies come because they’re members of Congress, and their subsidies are gonna equal 75% of what it costs. So ruling class, country class. Elites versus rabble. And members of Congress make anywhere from 70,000 to $174,000 a year, and they said they couldn’t afford it, and they whined and moaned. They wrote the bill. Some staffers actually wrote the bill. And Obama heard their complaints, and they’re gonna get subsidy. I told the story on Friday, and to me, this is scandalous.

It’s a classic illustration of the chosen versus the unchosen, and how people in the ruling class of Washington get to write rules for all of us that they exempt themselves from. When I reported this, Snerdley said, “This is gonna blow up. There’s gonna be blow-back on this. The people and the pitchforks are gonna storm Washington.” And I said, “No, they won’t because they’re never going to hear about it.” And they haven’t heard about it. The mainstream media didn’t pick this up. It hasn’t been talked about on television. It hasn’t been talked about outside of the conservative media.

So where you, Jeff, by force of law, have to go buy something you don’t want in order to spread fairness, members of Congress are being subsidized when they buy it, because they say they can’t afford it. You and I, there are subsidies for the American population at the exchanges, but you have to qualify for the subsidies. But, see, that’s a dirty little trick, too, because at the outset everybody’s gonna — in fact, I just remembered, at the outset, they’re in such a mess that there is no qualifying. Everybody’s just gonna get the subsidy. All you have to do is show up and say you qualify and they’ll rubber stamp it and you get your subsidy, because Obama wants people enrolled, folks.

That’s one of the reasons he’s out selling this thing left and right, these campaign appearances. They want as many people signing up for health care at these exchanges as they can get, because that’s the equivalent of the tentacles of this entitlement getting woven deeper and deeper into our society, making it harder and harder to untangle it and repeal it. And that, my friends, is the objective. And that’s why everybody’s gonna qualify for the subsidy, at the outset.



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