Why the Shock Over Miley Cyrus?


It is confusing on what was so out of place here since liberals seem to always push it as far as they can. I’m certainly not trying to say this was disgusting, but this is exactly what I expect out of liberals.
Check it out:

Why is anybody shocked over this? Why isn’t this being praised as great performance art? Why isn’t it being talked about in the same league as… What’s the babe that spread chocolate all over herself on stage when she was nude? (interruption) Karen Finley. Yeah, something like that. Yeah. Performance artist. With our tax dollars, she went out there on stage and lathered chocolate all over herself nude. It was said to be great.

I think it was funded by the National… I don’t know. (interruption) Yeah, Endowment for the Arts. It was said to be great. I mean, this raunchy… “Just this side of pornography” is exactly what the Miley Cyrus routine was. I’m shocked anybody’s upset about it. Even the people on the left were kind of blown away. I mean, this is exactly where this culture’s been headed for the longest time. Could it be that they finally reached the bottom? Fat chance.

But the reaction to this, nevertheless — you know, in a socially, culturally analytical way — is somewhat interesting in that this was even too much for some of the people who are responsible. I mean, some of the people who had put this show on are responsible for this kind of thing happening. She didn’t just do this in a vacuum. She thought it was what was gonna take to get mentioned, which worked, get noticed — which worked.

This was the kind of act she had to do to be accepted as she transforms from Ms. Clean and Pure as the Wind-Driven Snow to whatever. But this picture of Will Smith family, they can’t really believe it, and yet this is what they wrought. Not the Will Smith family specifically, but the whole pop culture. Anyway, the Leonard Marshall question, and what happened with Miley Cyrus and the reaction it’s getting (and how dominate is the coverage of the Miley Cyrus story) is another answer to how come all these conservative books end up number one in the New York Times and it ends up not mattering?

This is another reason why.



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