Why Let Democrats Set the Premise, Newt?


We need to have a discussion of conservative ideas.
Check it out:

It really is frustrating. But we see in what Newt is saying here the Republican mind-set. What he’s saying is, “We need our own alternative, and it needs to be optimistic and it needs to be of good cheer and we need to be nice and we need to be kind and we need to show compassion and we need our own idea.” What we need to do is simply stop the Democrats in everything they want to do. That’s the alternative. The alternative is denying them their premise. “Mr. Limbaugh, that sounds so obstructive. It sounds so mean.” What do you think they do, Mr. New Castrati? What do you think the Democrats do? They know the game. They’re playing the game. We’re in politics. That’s the business here.

We’re in the arena of ideas. The Democrats can’t win the arena of ideas, and so they’ve chosen another route, and that is the suppression of ideas and the discrediting of anybody who has alternative good ideas. The Democrats are not open or tolerant to anything except their way. Why aren’t we? And we all know the answers, ’cause they’ve done such a good job of making the Republicans look like the architects of gridlock, they’re mean-spirited, they’re racist, they’re sexist, their bigot, they’re homophobe, and the Republicans have gotta act like Democrats to make sure people like them because if they don’t do that, they’re never gonna win another election. And it’s so wrong.

The American people, it’s out there in polling data, the American people do not want Obamacare, nor do they want an alternative of Obamacare. What they want is no Obamacare. They want it yanked. They want it defunded, repealed, whatever. Sixty-two percent of the American people oppose the economic policies of the regime. What is the Republican Party doing? On issue after issue, there is a giant majority waiting to be connected with.

That’s just the first of many stories in the health care Stack. Don’t sweat it. But that’s the biggie. ‘Cause this notion that we gotta have an alternative, that’s what’s killing us. That’s why we’re all stagnating here. There’s nobody stopping the Democrats. There’s nobody stopping the liberals. There’s nobody with a policy to just stop ’em. Not even slow ’em down. The policy is, how do we do what they do and be liked while we do it? That’s not gonna accomplish anything.



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