Where’s the Movement Against Amnesty, Malaise, Obamacare, and Algore’s Global Warming Hoax?


We need more conservatives in office.
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Well, folks, despite the best efforts of many, racial strife continues in this country and, sad to say, that it is being sponsored. It is being caused because there is the prospect of agenda advancement by the left when they engage in it. Here’s basically just a summary of things to start with. We have the president of the United States just getting back from a Martha’s Vineyard vacation, and what is he doing, among many other things? He’s still trying to close the sale on Obamacare. It passed years ago, but the majority of the American people do not want it. Poll after poll after poll. And I’ve got another Obamacare Stack, and it’s got some really fine, good stuff in it today. I don’t know when I’m gonna get to it. But I’m gonna get to it before the program ends. Don’t miss it.

You’ve still got the president out trying to sell Obamacare. The vast majority of the American people do not want it. Now there is a miraculous new poll out there of Republicans, not elected Republicans, Republican voters. And it says in this poll that a majority of Republican voters do not want a government shutdown. So whatever ammo the establishment Republicans need, they’re able to provide for themselves, and to send the message, “See, you Tea Party people, you’re just a bunch of extremists, and we’ll be committing suicide if we do what you want us to do.”

So, meanwhile, Obama is still out trying to close the sale on a piece of legislation that has been the law of the land for two years. It has never been popular. The American people have never, by virtue of a majority, supported it. Out of the blue yesterday, former Vice President Algore pops up. He is still trying to close the sale on man-made global warming. His sales pitch relies on the perpetuation and the continuation of a hoax that has come to light and been exposed at numerous scientific outlets such as University of East Anglia in London and Penn State and Michael Mann. I mean, everywhere you look in the man-made global warming front, the evidence is abundant that they’ve jimmied the data. They have lied. They have made things up to fit their premise.



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