We Have a Grand Opportunity to Inspire a Country Engulfed in Pessimism


Conservatives need to rise up and reclaim freedom.
Check it out:

Almost five years into Obama’s transformation of this country, 53% of Democrats say the American dream is dead. Not coming back. I mean, when the American dream is dead, it’s dead. It’s not that the American dream is becoming out of reach. It’s dead. Obama is not a savior for Democrats and the American dream. And once again, hello, Limbaugh Theorem, but I don’t want to focus on that. I want to focus on the pessimism. Fifty-three percent of Democrats think the American dream is dead; 27% of Republicans think it’s dead.

Now, in a political context, this is another glorious opening for a sensible conservative message. Some people — you know them and I know them — some people are so immersed in fatalism and negativity that they can’t be salvaged. I don’t know what percentage, but there are some people no matter what evidence or inspiration you provide them, they’re lost. I don’t believe that all of this 53% has given up. I think an uplifting, positive, can-do message, if delivered not out of false optimism and not sugar-coated, syrupy, sweet, unrealistic, but a genuine optimistic, “We are Americans. We can do whatever we want. Whatever obstacles are in our way, we can find our way around them.” That’s been the history of our country. It’s been the history of greatness, the greatness of our people.

Life has never had the road paved to riches, other than for the Kennedys and others who have inherited, but the vast majority of people have had to work hard and make it. And there have always been obstacles. From the days of the founding of this country for the next 150 years, I mean, it was brutal out there. Maybe even longer than that. For some people it was brutal in the ’20s and ’30s during the Depression. But we’ve always come out of it. The thing is, we’ve always come out of it because we’ve always had leaders who wanted to come out of it and who wanted to lead people out of it.



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