UNIONS SCORE VICTORY: ‘Micro’ Union Formations Win Court Support

Demonstrators protesting low wages and the lack of union representation in the fast food industry outside of a Wendy's restaurant in the Brooklyn Borough of New York

Great. Just what we need. More liberal lies.
Check it out:

A court ruling this week allowing unions to continue to form “micro” unions within a company is considered a win for organized labor and the Obama administration.

The ruling by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday upholds a 2011 ruling by the National Labor Relations Board that states unions can choose to organize workers into smaller bargaining units, according The Wall Street Journal.

In that particular case — known as Specialty Healthcare – the labor board sided with a union that wanted to organize a group of nursing assistants, despite the employer arguing that other nonprofessional employees should be included.

The board stated the onus is on employers who think workers have been improperly excluded from the micro bargaining unit to prove those workers share an “overwhelming community of interest” with the included workers.



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