Understanding Liberals: a “spirit” of rebellion


Do you ever find it puzzling (and frustrating) that good, sound reasoning doesn’t seem to have an affect on liberals … both in the media and maybe in your personal lives? They just often talk right past it … and even in an emotional way. In trying to make sense of that dilemma, there is one big conclusion: within their inner being, something is trumping reason.

There are a few possible explanations as to what that something is. One of them is ‘dependence on government money’. But that is too often grounded in greed and not need. The safety net has become a hammock for many. There’s an avoidance of the initiative necessary to break out of that condition … an initiative that many new Americans used to become prosperous.

And of course there are the excuses that people use for not working hard to become self-sufficient contributors. One of the main ones is “victimhood”. Another is claiming inequality or lack of opportunity. But like I said, many new Americans overcame all of that and found a way to become prosperous, even if it meant sacrifices. But apparently many find it hard (and undesirable) to take on those sacrifices when the carrot of government assistance is being dangled before them. That’s why I feel that no money should be given away for nothing. Work should be required (except for those who truly are incapable). Even the Bible backs that conclusion up. “If any one is unwilling to work, neither let them eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

But what about liberals who are self-sufficient? What is their inner motive to tear this society down? Why can’t they understand good reasoning? Having been a liberal myself, I have good insight into the inner workings of those kinds of liberals and the patter of their comradery.

They see themselves as outsiders to or non-accepters of the moral status quo and therefore are in a “spirit” of rebellion against it. And they take pride in their rebellion. And that trumps all reasonable points. They really don’t care about anything else … especially if it challenges their top priority. They don’t recognize that black communities and the lives of women have greatly declined under their influence. They JUST want to pride themselves as anti-establishment “progressives”. They feel like they are a part of the liberated elite. But here is what the Bible says about them: Claiming to be wise, they became fools.” Romans 1:22. (Actually, for a complete repudiation of political correctness, read all of Romans 1).

So that’s what we’re dealing with. And yes it can be frustrating to be making great sense and yet it doesn’t get through. But that frustration can be lessened when understanding what we’re dealing with. To further understand this, study the Bible’s explanation of the spirit of satan versus the Spirit of God. In short, all self-sovereign people who aren’t submitted to a good and perfect God and His ways are in the same mindset as their predecessor, satan. And the reason that is bad is because it doesn’t work within groupings of free will beings. But God has a solution for how free will beings can live in peace, love and harmony with each other. And Jesus’ life was our example … submitting not just to self pleasure as our top priority, but to God’s ways and the good of all.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of Why Are We Here?, THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true, and The Plague Of Liberalism. His books can be seen and purchased at www.LighthouseBooksAndMusic.com.



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