The Truth about MLK

Wow. You never hear about this.
Check it out:

He was, without any doubt, one of America’s greatest heroes. A brave, eloquent and inspiring man whose stirring speeches still resonate powerfully today.

No wonder, on the 50th anniversary of the famous March on Washington at which he made his I Have A Dream speech, the U.S. President and former presidents — Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter — gathered this week to pay tribute to Martin Luther King.

But Washington didn’t always feel that way about the Baptist preacher and civil rights leader from Atlanta, Georgia.
Marital bliss? Martin Luther King married Coretta Scott in 1953 but is said to have cheated on his wife throughout their marriage

Driven by FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover’s mistaken conviction that King was a dangerous Communist, federal agents bugged his hotel rooms. What they found, and tried to use against him in a poisonous blackmail campaign, was not evidence of Communism but of serial adultery.

Leading one of the most astonishing double lives in history, King was not just the Bible-thumping champion of the rights of man, but also an inveterate womaniser who cheated on his wife throughout their marriage.



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