Top 10 Places that Have Banned Google Glass


Pointless. Cameras will just get smaller and more hidden. They better figure out how to work with it.
Check it out:

Google Glass hasn’t even hit shelves and it’s already getting banned. But, before we get ahead of ourselves. What exactly is Google Glass? And, why are people afraid of it?

Google Glass can best be described as a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD). By using voice commands the glasses can take pictures, videos and essentially do everything else that you could on Google. Wearers can search for directions, check their email and connect to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Unless you’re part of a privacy advocacy group or a place of business, Google Glass is already raising concerns. They have questions regarding the intrusion of privacy, and the etiquette and ethics of using the device in public, where people could be recorded without permission. There are also safety and security concerns as well for the people wearing Google Glass.

Because of these concerns, Google Glass has already received a number of pre-bans at certain places. Don’t be surprised if the number of locations continue to increase, but for now, here are the top 10 places that have banned Google Glass.



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