The Oprah: Victim of Fat Bias


In the words of the great philosopher Hillary Clinton: What difference does it make?
Check it out:

Ladies and gentlemen, last week, you remember the story, Mr. Snerdley, I don’t know if you were here for this. Mr. Snerdley was out last week a few days. But The Oprah ran into some problems over in Zurich. She walked into an upscale purse store or accessory store or whatever, and as the story went, The Oprah spotted a bag, a purse that she wanted, and the clerk, according to The Oprah, said, “No, that’s not for you. I don’t think you can afford that.” And The Oprah said, “Why would she say that?” Obviously it’s racism. Was it Switzerland or Sweden where this happened? Sometimes I get them confused because of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was Switzerland. All right.

So the Swiss clerk, according to The Oprah, was being racist here. And then the owner of the shop said (paraphrasing), “Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, we were just trying to be polite. That bag was $38,000. I mean, we were trying to steer The Oprah, you know, English problems, person behind the counter didn’t speak proper English and all, The Oprah misunderstood.” Then there was a story, the upshot of this is something was referenced about Oprah’s size, that there was size bias involved, not so much race bias. That the real bias that occurred against The Oprah was that she was overweight and that the overweight tend to be poor, and it’s the rich who are stick thin. And I happened to make — I don’t even remember what it was but I’m still getting grief. I am still getting grief over calling Oprah fat, and I did not call Oprah fat. I simply said, “Is this news to anybody?”

When the story came out that there was size bias, there are a bunch of people outraged over that, I said, “Well, is it news to people that Oprah — I mean, she’s kind of made it a big deal on her show that she is gravitationally challenged, whatever.” So I continue to get grief because it was reported that I called Oprah fat. Now, there’s a the story from the UK Guardian that ran over the weekend after all of this went down. Oprah faced not just fashion retail racism, but size bias, too. This is why it’s a controversy. I am the one who posited that it might be because Oprah was overweight. I guess this was on Friday. Everybody had a cow. And I remember asking you in the audience, “Is this news?”

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I, myself, over the course of my life, have also been fat, and I’m under the impression that if you are something, you can say that about somebody else. If you’re black, then you can use the N-word. If you’re not, you can’t. By the same token, if you happen to be fat or have been fat, then you can call somebody else fat and it’s fine and dandy, it’s okay. I thought that’s the way it went. But, you see, The Oprah is a wholly owned category of political correctness.



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