The Obama Regime Bungled Egypt


Obama is a fool on the world scene.
Check it out:

The first revolution more often than not doesn’t survive. So what you really have to pay attention to is the second revolution. Now, after everybody blows up, gets mad at the status quo, and there’s a move made to oust — in this case it was Hosni Mubarak and they put Morsi in there, the Muslim Brotherhood. Then of course he’s gone.

So the second revolution is what’s taking place now, and it is bloody. There are hundreds of people dying. And this I think is something that the regime missed. They were all for this first revolution. And, remember, they tried to make that first revolution in Egypt look like it was an outgrowth of the Obama campaign in 2008. Yes, that campaign was so magnificent, it was so wonderful, hope and change, everything was gonna be better. This was simply the Egyptians being inspired by Obama and doing their own version of hope and change. And the administration tried to glom onto this.

Our buddy Nic Robertson at CNN, still some my all-time top ten favorite audio sound bites. I will never forget these as long as I live. Here are the Egyptians, they’re trying to overthrow Mubarak, and CNN sends a reporter over there to Tahrir Square to ask people to comment on how important and relevant to this Obama is and how happy they are with Obama for making their revolution possible, And they all said, “Obama’s got nothing to do with this.”

The CNN reporter basically had to tie up all these reports at the end, “And there you hear it, people here in Tahrir Square, very happy with President Obama.” It wasn’t about Obama, but the regime is trying to make it about Obama. And that first revolution is falling apart as we speak.



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