Liberals will gush over the lower unemployment number though.
Check it out:

There’s economic news out the wazoo today. Folks, it’s all over the ballpark, and none of it is good. Much of it, most of it is being portrayed as good and positive in the media, which of course in a lot of people’s minds is going to mean it’s good. But it isn’t. From the AP, Christopher Rugaber: “US employers added 162,000 jobs in July, the fewest since March. But the gains were enough to lower the unemployment rate to a 4 1/2 -year low of 7.4 percent, a sign that’s hopeful in an otherwise lackluster report.” Not true. It’s not hopeful. There’s nothing good about it.

And speaking of CNN, let me find it here because they’ve done a random act of journalism again. Grab sound bite number eight. I mean, I could tell you this, but I want you to hear this on CNN. Not enough people are watching CNN for this to have impact, so we’re gonna give ’em a little amplification here. This was on their program this morning that’s anchored by Carol Costello. She spoke with their business correspondent Alison Kosik about the July jobs numbers. Costello said, “Investors are getting their first chance to digest the latest jobs report, Alison.

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