The Democrat Language Manual Advises 100% Emotional Manipulation


Democrats are the chick flick of politics.
Check it out:

From the New York Times, get this story. “Repeated polling has found a racial gap in the races for mayor and comptroller: black voters are far more likely than white voters to view Mr. Spitzer and Mr. Weiner favorably, and more likely to say they deserve a second chance. And the statistical evidence is reinforced on the campaign trail: last week, for example, the predominantly black audience at a mayoral forum in Laurelton, Queens, cheered Mr. Weiner and jeered at another candidate, George T. McDonald, a Republican, who called Mr. Weiner a ‘freak.'”

What’s so hard to comprehend about it? They called the guy a Republican. People in New York are going to jeer a Republican and they’re going to cheer somebody like Weiner and next they’re going to cheer somebody like Client Number 9. Weiner and Client Number 9 can do anything and be cheered in a New York audience if a Republican is also up there on the stage.

But it goes further: “Interviews with black ministers, political leaders, scholars and voters suggest two major factors at work: an emphasis in black congregations on forgiveness and redemption, and an experience, particularly among older black voters, of having seen their revered leaders embroiled in scandal.” So this story makes the case that black voters don’t care what Weiner did, what Spitzer did. They don’t care, because they, in their churches and congregations, are devoted to forgiveness and redemption.

It’s just amazing that they would even think to poll it this way, but they did. Blacks have no problem with Spitzer and Weiner. And that’s not what it is. It’s not that they don’t have a problem with Spitzer and Weiner, it’s that Spitzer and Weiner are Democrats and as far as black voters are concerned, Democrats can’t do any wrong, not really. They don’t care if Santa Claus is a pervert. They don’t care if Santa Claus happens to be a philanderer. They don’t care. What they care about is that a Republican might win. That’s dangerous. That is unacceptable. These other guys, as long as they’re Democrats, it doesn’t matter.



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