And since this was black kids being violent this means race wasn’t an issue. Where if things would have been reversed you can be sure it would be racism.
Check it out:

Delbert Belton, the 88-year-old World War II veteran who was savagely beaten to death last Wednesday by two teenagers, may have been murdered because he tried to defend himself and fight back while he was being robbed.

Spokane police have indicated that Belton enraged the teens when he tried to fend them off, which prompted them to beat him with “big, heavy flashlights” to the point where Belton was bleeding from every part of his head.

“Our information is that the individual fought back and that may have made this, you know, a worse situation,” Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub said on Monday.

Other witnesses have said that Belton, who was shot in the leg at Okinawa in World War II, was waiting for a female friend outside the Eagles Ice-A-Rena so that she would not have to walk in alone when the two teenagers, who have since been arrested, robbed and killed him.

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