Tax Whatever You Want…Just Don’t Take My Phone!!!


We need a total tax makeover.
Check it out:

I’m on the older end of the Gen-Y spectrum, so I didn’t get a cell phone ’til I was 15. My little cousins, fresh-gen-Y-ers, had cell phones before they’d lost all their baby teeth. But, both me and Livy, my 13-year-old cousin, are in the same generation. Even so, I vaguely remember what it was like to do life without a cell phone, but Livy will never even be able to imagine that world. Necessities change with the world we live in. And, I don’t view my cousin as “more spoiled than I was” because when I was 13, the planet didn’t depend on cell phones. The kids in my class would go to the office when they needed to call mom for a change of clothes. But, with the surge of new technology came a new way of doing things, and people had to adjust. If my grandma were making a list of her top necessities, I’d guess her list would include…1. Metal nail file, diet coke, her Bible, her little clips and kerchief that she uses to set her pin curls every night, stationary, stamps, and her kitchen TV? My dad’s would be… his running shoes, dental floss, gun and cigars.



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