How to Survive Liberal Education


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If you have a really strong family, and if your mother and father are not afraid to tell you what’s right and wrong, then you can resist what’s gonna happen to you in education. I did. I rebelled though, just like you did, but my rebellion was not against what my parents believed politically. You know, I wanted to be part of what they were part of. I wanted to be quote/unquote in “the establishment” in the sixties and seventies.

What I rebelled against was, you know, going to college as a must to have a future. But I didn’t rebel against their morality; I didn’t rebel against their politics; I didn’t rebel against their definitions of right and wrong, but I every kid rebels in one way or the other. I don’t deny really strong parental figures can overcome later efforts by others — professors and friends, peers — to change people’s political points of view. However, it’s a fine line, because a powerful, unafraid parent…

A parent unafraid to tell a child what’s right and wrong — unafraid with no moral relativism whatsoever, “This is it” — runs the risk of being an autocrat as a parent, and kids will rebel against that. really, it can go either way. There’s no way of predicting it. In your case, your strong family insured you, gave you boundaries against whatever assaults you got later on. But there’s no predictive to that.



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