‘Sluts’ To March On D.C.


Liberals sometimes miss the point and do disgusting things like this.
Check it out:

They’ll be wearing fishnet stockings and mini skirts. They’ll be waving signs with messages that read, “My corset is not consent.” They’ll be storming the nation’s capital. All for the right to dress like ‘sluts.’

SlutwalkDC is one branch of an international movement that claims to raise awareness for victims of sexual assault. During the event, participants wear racy clothing and chant slogans to demand their right to dress and act promiscuously without having to face the consequences. On the DC group’s Facebook page, 1,000 people have already signed up to march this Saturday from the African American Civil War Memorial to Malcolm X Park in slutty solidarity.

The movement started in January 2011 in Toronto, Canada, when a police officer told a woman at Osgoode Hall Law School that women can avoid sexual assault by not dressing like ‘slut[s].’” The comment sparked outrage from the staff and the first slutwalk, SlutwalkToronto, was born.



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