Schools push ‘Trayvon dialogues’ to vent ‘anger’


Liberals want to teach your kids that it is ok to beat up people with no consequences.
Check it out:

A public school district in San Diego, Calif., has voted unanimously to initiate “Trayvon Martin dialogues” among middle and high-school students so they can “speak honestly about their identification with Trayvon Martin’s story, including feelings of fear, anger and skepticism that they will live in a just society as they prepare for their future.”

On July 30, the San Diego Unified School District board voted 4-0 to “allow students to speak honestly about the worldview that prompted George Zimmerman to confront Trayvon Martin, and help students develop perspectives and strategies to channel their feelings about Trayvon Martin into positive work for themselves and the larger community.”

School-board member Richard Barrera, who the district describes as having “a background as a community organizer, working to revitalize low-income neighborhoods,” presented the resolution by explaining, “The Trayvon Martin case is something that is having a huge impact across the country and here in the San Diego community. And I know that it’s also an issue that’s particularly having an impact on young people.

“The feelings of young people that I’ve spoken to that have made their voice heard throughout our community are feelings of anger, of frustration, of a sense that is the society that young people grow up in and enter into, is it gonna be fair? And if people kinda play by the rules, do what they’re supposed to do, work hard, study hard with the intention of creating a decent future for themselves, is that future going to be realized in this society?”



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