Wow. It is crazy how liberals try and twist things.
Check it out:

The president’s spokesperson, this guy sitting in for the spokeskid, Jay Carney; his name is Josh Earnest. He didn’t even know about the shooting in Duncan, Oklahoma. He didn’t even know about it. He said that Obama didn’t know about it, and there was the most amazing headline in a Drive-By Media website today: “Rush Limbaugh Inserts Race into Story in Oklahoma.” I kid you not.

Rush Limbaugh inserts race? Who the hell inserted race in the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case when there wasn’t any? That was not a racial incident. Who made it a racial incident? This effort to divide this country however they can is well underway by the voters and the forces supporting Obama, who led everybody to believe that what they’re really about is unity.

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