Rodeo Clown, Bull, and President Thin Skin


It is crazy that we let liberals do this to good people.
Check it out:

Once upon a time, a country of hard working and decent people were ruled by a spoiled, wet-behind-the-ears bully. His skin was so thin that any attempt to question his policies or mock him resulted in an instant attack.

Pity the poor journalist who accidentally, or on purpose, riled President Thin Skin. The penalty heading their way would include ridicule by the media attack dogs and banishment.

A tragic example was a hapless reporter who make a joke about how the President’s Dumbo ears could fly him around the country and avoid the cost of fueling and staffing Air Force One. Quick as a wink, he was forbidden to use a keyboard in 49 states and reassigned to cover ice-fishing tournaments in Alaska.

FLASHBACK TO 2008 when not-quite-President Thin Skin was campaigning and chatting with the regular folks on a residential street in small town, USA. A citizen, a regular Joe, was tossing a football around with his son on the front lawn. He politely asked a question that not-quite- President Thin Skin couldn’t quite answer. This unrehearsed, out-of-the blue, and unwelcome moment caused not-quite- President Thin Skin to suffer an enormous internal temper tantrum. Oh dear! He’d have to respond (without his teleprompter) to a question about what he meant by redistribution of wealth.



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