Reid Admits Obamacare is Just a Step Toward a Single-Payer System


Everyone knows this, very few will admit.
Check it out:

The left’s agenda just keeps marching. You’ve got Dingy Harry. Dingy Harry says that we are, what, just one set up away from single payer, what we’ve always wanted. Dingy Harry’s out there complaining about how health care became an employer benefit in World War II, that if that hadn’t happened, we’d already be at single payer. So the Democrats are marching on with Obamacare, salivating over having it become single payer, government-run. All of the chaos that’s happening in the health care and health insurance fields is by design. It’s supposed to be a big mess that people can’t figure out. It’s supposed to be a big mess that leaves a lot of people uninsured and untreated.

It’s supposed to be a big mess so that people eventually turn to the place of last resort, the North Pole where the White House is and Santa Claus. That’s the design. And the Democrats are pumping iron, they’re very confident, folks, they don’t think anything can stop them. They really don’t. And why would they? They got the Republicans in Washington basically agreeing with them. They’re marionettes. They’re puppet masters. They want the Republicans to focus on destroying their base by going out and appealing to Hispanics, they do it. They want the Republicans to fail to distinguish themselves on socialism and capitalism by basically agreeing with the Democrats on Obamacare, they do it.



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