Obama helping out his buddies.
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The strangest thing. To me it was the strangest thing. I had to double down — and I’ll admit this to you. I probably shouldn’t admit this to you, because I am the hardest working man in the “know business,” and it means I know. But there was something that had me temporarily stumped today. And it’s the news — it’s been out there for a while, just nobody picked up on it — the news that the regime has delayed the caps on out-of-pocket expenses and Obamacare. And it confused me, because those are consumer cost protections. See, the whole language confuses me. Caps on out-of-pocket expenses. What is an out-of-pocket expense? ’cause to me it’s all out of pocket. I pay for all of it.

I don’t use my health insurance. I just don’t. I don’t even know if I have any. If I do, I don’t use it. So it’s all out of pocket to me, so — (interruption) well, I know. I mean, I’m gonna be joining the hoi polloi now. I mean, I may as well become a congressional staffer and maintain my current health care status. Anyway, it’s all out of pocket to me, so what does this mean, out-of-pocket expense? Who’s capping what? What’s being capped, and why is this such a big deal? I mean, I had to do a crash education course for myself today.

And what I have figured out, here’s the real reason I was confused, it’s because it’s been delayed ’til 2015, and these are consumer cost protections that have been blown out. These are the insurance companies being protected. The evil insurance companies are the ones that get this benefit. And I’m thinking, “Why do this prior to the 2014 midterms? Why not do something that keeps costs down for voters?” This is gonna cause everybody’s insurance cost in every way you can imagine to skyrocket, because the insurance company can now make you pay anything they want out of pocket. There aren’t any caps on it.

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