Race Hoax? Oprah ‘Apologizes’ After Accused Racist Calls Her a Liar


Wow… this has gone from such a little thing to an international scandal.
Check it out:

With hardly any scrutiny or skepticism, the mainstream media allowed one of the most powerful persons in the world to attack a powerless sales clerk as a racist. And now that this anonymous sales clerk has branded Oprah Winfrey a liar, the billionaire media mogul is trying to make it all go away with a non-apology apology.

While promoting her new film, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” Winfrey relayed an anecdote about being a victim of racism to Entertainment Tonight. “I say to the woman, ‘Excuse me, may I see that bag right above your head?’ And she says to me, ‘No, it’s too expensive.’ … She refused to get it.”

Those are Oprah’s exact words — all told within the context of racism still being a very real problem for black people throughout the world.

During the interview, though, Oprah also refused — and this will be important later — to identify the store.



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