Praise for Ashton Kutcher’s Speech Just Doesn’t Compute for Hollywood Liberals


Amazing how everyone has reacted to this.
Check it out:

Looky here. Here is Fox News now playing Ashton Kutcher’s comments when he was receiving the Teen Choice Awards Sunday night. Now, let me go back to that because it fits right in here. Here’s Ashton Kutcher who said a number of things in his acceptance for his award on Sunday night, Teen Choice Awards, and among the things he said was that there was never a job he had that he was better than. I spent an hour analyzing and really hyping and supporting the comments that he made.

Now it’s all over the place. Fox is doing it with guest analysts and so forth. The Hollywood Reporter (Paul Bond) did a story on it. A number of people are trying to figure out why I said it. They think I would hate Ashton Kutcher. They can’t believe that I said good things about an actor. It’s amazing. Ashton Kutcher is not a Millennial, but he’s close to it. Apparently, he never believed that he didn’t have any choices.

There’s a fascinating story, ladies and gentlemen, in the Wall Street Journal today that dovetails with precisely what I’m talking about. “Troubled teens make more successful entrepreneurs.” And let me just give you this, in a nutshell. It’s a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research. These are the people who decide when we are in a recession or not. That’s who they are. The National Bureau of Economic Research.

They have found, through exhaustive research and study, that kids who engage in risky behavior, even if it’s illegal, go on to become entrepreneurs even more often than kids who play by the rules. Now, this story is ripe for being misunderstood. The story is not urging destructive behavior. This story is talking about kids who do not accept that they have no choices. This story’s talking about kids who don’t accept that their lot in life is predetermined.



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