Philadelphia Eagles Excuse WR Who Drunkenly Threw Around the N-Word


This story is strange.
Check it out:

The Philadelphia Eagles have excused wide receiver Riley Cooper from the team. Have you heard about this? Riley Cooper is a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, and earlier this summer he went to a Kenny Chesney concert, and he was backstage, trying to get backstage, and they wouldn’t let him backstage. He apparently had consumed massive quantities of adult beverages, and started throwing the N-word around like it was a common, everyday, ordinary word, and he was making threats.

This happened some months ago, but the video went viral this week, and as you can expect, it blew up. Nobody has been able to contain this. The Eagles tried. Riley Cooper tried. Black players of the Eagles went before the cameras and microphones, “Riley’s a good guy. This is a horrible thing. We know the guy. We’re not gonna hold it against him.” Michael Vick went out and tried to downplay this. But the sports media just went ballistic with the Philadelphia Eagles ownership and management, just went ballistic.

So Riley Cooper was excused from all team activities today after this video in which he was caught making this racial slur. Riley Cooper says, “My actions were inexcusable. The more I think about what I did, the more disgusted I get. I keep trying to figure out how I coulda said something so repulsive and what I can do to make things better.” This, of course, has spawned stories that say, “Well, it’s like this in every NFL locker room, and there are guys like Riley Cooper everywhere in the NFL, and they’re talking –” it’s uncontainable now. And the moral enforcers in the media are now demanding to know just how widespread this is and what should be done with all of these offenders and how in the world can this be tolerated, and what are we going to do about it.



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