Obama’s Dramatic Violation of the Constitution


Obama should be impeached.
Check it out:

This move today of delaying this whole business on the caps, out-of-pocket caps, expenses and so forth, this is going to really increase the profitability of insurance companies, for just this next year. The insurance companies are gonna be paying out far less. Their profits are gonna skyrocket. Now, I expect it will not be long until a bunch of far left extremist kook networks and websites figure this out, and they are going to start screaming bloody murder, and Obama knows this.

The thing about this, when I first learned of this today, that was the main point that confused me, because what Obama is doing here, make no mistake, he is delaying this implementation of consumer cost protections. Stop and think of that for just a second, now. In relationship to the elections in 2014, the Democrats want to win the House, hold the Senate, of course, he is delaying consumer cost protections. He is increasing insurance company profits. Why? How in the world is that going to help the Democrats? That’s gonna anger a lot of people.

Well, there’s a bunch of things at play. I really don’t think there are too many consumers who know the nuts-and-bolts details of how it is they are going to save money. They just think they are. Start talking to them about caps on out-of-pocket expenses, I mean, they might actually understand that in more numbers than I think. But on one hand, insurance company profits skyrocket, consumer cost protections delayed to help Obama and the Democrats in 2014. How does that work? There must be something worse. What’s worse than this?

What’s the other side? The other side is if this is not delayed, everybody’s premiums are going to skyrocket. And it is clear to me that Obama has made his own cost benefit analysis, and the Democrats have decided that there is less damage to their electoral chances by delaying all this and making sure that insurance premiums don’t skyrocket than the other way. So insurance company profits are going to be much higher this year when the left wing, all the pajama clad bloggers and the anonymous lunatics that post comments to their websites and the dummkopfs at MSNBC, I mean, profit is like showing Dracula the cross. Insurance companies are among the most hated of all capitalistic entities on the left.



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