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  • John

    Hey, moron….it’s illegal and unconstitutional for him to be President.

    • geneiejean

      So true!

      • blessedtruth

        Immoral too G!

  • Bragar

    Holy poop!

    Let’s get our Attorney General on the case immediately! Oh, wait. He’s off selling guns to drug cartels, handing out clubs to black panther members to assist voters in Philly, building a civil case against George Zimmerman, providing cover for the IRS, and the Treasury Department, and steadfastly investigating the growing concerns of white on black crime! Golly!

    Is there anybody else in the administration that can move the ball on this one? I’m sure there is a strong interest to do so!

    • Washington22

      smile { I smile at ludicrous }

  • spyderdalton

    How can an unconstitutional law be unconstitutional to delay?

    • babbott

      The law is NOT unconstitutional since the Supreme Court upheld it, but the delay IS unconstitutional because the schedule of implementation was part of the law and Obama has arbitrarily changed the schedule thereby changing the law. NO one individual has the constitutional authority to change, alter, or amend a law just to suit his agenda. The only way the delays could be constitutional would be for Congress to change the law.

      • spyderdalton

        It is not constitutional because a justice is threatened to vote that way, do your research. They had no authority to change the language to pass it.

      • babbott

        When the Supreme Court of the U.S. upholds a law, it IS constitutional until Congress repeals it. You have no proof that “a justice was threatened to vote that way”. I agree with you that they had no authority to change the language to pass it, and in fact I think I said that myself. YOU are the one who needs to do some research.

      • spyderdalton

        You just admitted they had no authority ti change the language, it was passed illegally, therefore it is unconstitutional… Back away from the kool-aid troll…

      • babbott

        Why don’t you call up the Supreme Court and tell them they acted “illegally”? I’m not drinking anyone’s kool-aid. But you don’t seem to grasp that the Supreme Court IS the final authority and you can complain all you want, but until Congress repeals the law we are stuck with it because the Supreme Court said we are. So go argue with some other fool because I’m not buying your BS.


    Unconstitutional? So…what else is new?

    • 7papa7

      Since when did obama care about the Constitution or things being legal. Now you have to remember that the dip sh1t in the white house things he is above the law, just watch him and you can come to know other conclusion.

      • blessedtruth

        Dictator 7!

  • disqus_2AF1QOhOSp

    Rand Paul 2016!!!!

    • Washington22

      Maybe………….keep vetting and observing his actions. He is very new on the scene. He has been wonky on immigration for starters…………..

  • Joeblk

    Obamacare is not ready for Prime Time and never will….i see it delayed indefinitely

  • hollygreen9

    But the KING has spoken. He thinks he is a ruler, and it is time someone put him in his place (deported preferably)!

    • blessedtruth

      Shot for treason! No blanks to anyone. :)

  • babbott

    So instead of making speeches and getting photo-ops, why the hell don’t they take this violation of federal law straight to the Supreme Court? Don’t play to the people–force Obama to obey the law and if he doesn’t, that is grounds for impeachment. Of course the GOP doesn’t want to do anything about it, they just want to complain about it. Are they waiting for the people to begin an armed revolt on Washington and make the necessary changes?

    • blessedtruth

      Supreme Court corrupt as usurper in White House too B!

  • Michigan_REB

    If Obama spend half as much time and effort doing his job as he does doing things he has no business doing this country would be in great shape. Start by enforcing the immagration laws. And, protecting and defending the constitution including the bill of rights. Which he only sees if it can help his agenda.H4e needs to be told he has 24 hours to produce a certified copy of his bi9rth certificate and college records or he is out of office and on his way to Gitmo for indefinate detention, and Holder can be his cell mate.

    • fort9erdon

      Really? I hate Obama, probably worse than you or anyone else, BUT, please quote me the law that says you can give a president 24 hours to “comply” with your wishes or you will jail him? Just exactly where in the constitution is this power granted, and to whom is it granted? I agree, Congress needs to step up, and settle the birth certificate and college records questions, one way other, but the constitution is clear on the procedure for removing a president, and what you suggest just ain’t it.

      • b glad

        Every thing you say is true in The United States of America I used to know, but in Obama’s amerika we have been transformed into a Constitutionless society.. There is no law that allows what Mich. has presented as a solution, but there are Constitutional ways to accomplish the same thing. It’s just that no one on our side has the balls to take them.

      • blessedtruth

        Drop dead troll!

      • fort9erdon

        you back again? I thought you’d be off masturbating with your mama, …. again

      • blessedtruth

        Better hurry scum Hussein Obama misses ya! Filth.

      • fort9erdon

        Yo mama says “thanks for the ride”!

      • james_barrs

        You are correct, fort, on the Constitutional process for removing the President. The Constitution MUST be followed on this issue lest we sink to the liberal’s/Democrat’s level.

    • blessedtruth

      Only Kenya birth certificate exists. Legitimately M! :)

  • geneiejean

    Am I reading all these insurance plans wrong? Premiums are 200 dollars or more a month and deductibles anywhere between 2000.00 to 5000.00 dollars a year and you have to meet that high of a deductible before the insurance pays anything? This is throwing everyone over the cliff and it is the Dems doing it not the Repubs. If you are healthy and have few problems your better off without insurance.

  • jong

    Which of course brings up a old adage in a whole new way. Use them or lose them.

  • u.s.patriot001

    the delays are purely political because O doesn’t want the huge rate increases to be blamed on the demoncraps where the blame belongs. he doesn’t want to loose any more seats to voter backlash over the rate hikes. this turkey is going to roost in the demoncraps house and NOT go away.

  • blessedtruth

    Illegal? UnConstitutional? What does anyone truly expect under a dictatorship? Or has that fact escaped attention? :(

  • GailWehling

    Then please arrest him for breaking the law. Stop talking and do it. I’m tired of nothing happening. He is not our king!!!

    • cregger1

      Amen Gail. Why do the GOP all talk about the laws this criminal is breaking but, do nothing? They are useless and we need to replace everyone except for a very few like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Chavez from Utah. I truly believe that these are so scared of this communist that all they will do is talk but, will do nothing. Every single House member should file an article of IMPEACHMENT though they will never get him IMPEACHED it will send a message we are not afraid of you. They should also sue the entire communist adminstration for all the laws they have broken. Just do something, anything to stop this communist takeover or resign immediately!