Obama wants people to look to government for all their needs.
Check it out:

I want you to listen to Obama. This is how out of touch this man is. This is irresponsible what he said last night. He was on the PBS NewsHour. It used to be with Jim Lehrer, and now it’s with Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill, and Judy Woodruff says, “You have a reputation, Mr. President, for being pretty cool, detached.

“But standing there at the Lincoln Memorial, at the place where Dr. King stood, looking out over that big crowd, that had to be emotional. What were you thinking?” I want you to listen to this. Here is the president of the United States on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the 50th anniversary of the one of the greatest speeches ever at that place, and he’s been asked what he wasn’t thinking about as he stood there on that moment, at that moment on that occasion, looking out over that crowd. Listen to this.

OBAMA: Most of all what I was thinking about was just what I talked about in the speech. All these ordinary folks who did extraordinary things. There aren’t that many examples in American history, maybe even world history, where you see maids and seamstresses and porters and laborers who are able to fundamentally transform the most powerful country on earth.

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