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  • bluealiendevil

    Gee, Obama, we try to teach our children to tell the truth and to take responsibility for their actions and deeds. And then you come along and lie and cheat and yes, steal. How about the money you sent to Egypt, to Syria you have just sent $195 million, you just sent more money to Muslim Brother hood, and best of all, you are on another vacation. And then you have the nerve to stand in front of disabled Vets and tell this this cock n bull story about the sequester and Congress.
    Congress had said no more money to Egypt, to the Brother hood and to other country’s and here you go ignoring what they said and sent it on. No respect for the law. You blame the sequester for the military serving overseas who are no longer receiving hot meals. Now you are saying you saved their benefits this year, LIE! You had nothing to do with it and then say it may hit them next year. Disabled vets should be OFF LIMITS, they have another problems getting the care they need, without threats from you. They have horrid service, poor service, hours upon hours of waiting for a Dr let alone a room and let alone care. Our heroes should not be threatened by anything or anyone in this country!

    • bless2live

      Oval Office stink to high heaven!


        Nowadays I think it’s called the offal office…

  • George Gaither

    This man is a liar, If my fellow DAV’s believe his crap, then they deserve what they get. Every time there is. a democrat in office, we are the target. I will tell anyone that ask me about joining, I will have to say don’t, because after you give your all, they kick you to curb. we did not ask to go to war, we were sent. I bet the federal employees, Illegals, welfare people don’t have to worry.



    • elton123

      Great post and words of widsom ——– I also send emails to my congressmen and don’t care if they get tired of seeing my name and my thoughts. They DO work for me and not the other way around. Too bad others don’t share our thoughts and do the same — i.e. send emails and do the necessary phone calls.

  • KellyKAFIR

    this is RICH!!! It was his idea and his so called “super committee” that came up with this crap in the forest place!

  • Reelman1946

    IF the cupcake GOP would have taken my advice months ago this may not have happened…
    the advice was part of “words matter”…
    that is, each and very time the word sequester was spoken..the word Obama’s is the word in front of it….the same for (Obama’s) debt, the same for (Obama’s) high jobless rate and the same for (Obama’s) fuel prices…
    it MUST be a drumbeat from the GOP in all media for months to get thru the vile pawn media hacks….
    but nooooooo…
    they always lose the word advantage/edge/momentum and get then pounded with bold lies by the arrogant apostles of secular socialism for months…
    I do not get it…
    they must have the worst consultants on earth…
    or be the worst cowards ever.

    • Grayzel

      They might tick off the imaginary 20%. They might be called racist. They might not get invited to the next party. Who knows?

  • suzy2


    • Deborah G

      Sequester was a political ploy to make the republicans look bad as he sends billions to Africa and Muslim countries while dining on lobster and wine

  • Fred_K

    Obummer is directly responsible for ALL of the financial trouble we are facing. He lies to the people every time he opens his mouth. He just told a group of veterans in Orlando that no one is taking their benefits away. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. Whatever is politically expedient will spew forth from his lying lips. There would be plenty of funds for the Veterans if he did not support out enemies, both here and abroad, and give out paybacks to his cronies.

  • Ron

    I’m 65 years old and never applied for VA benefits. When I did I was turned down. The reason was I already had state coverage plus medicare and my income was too high. When I questioned this I was told that obama had changed the rules. Had I applied under Bush I would have been accepted. Now he wants to blame the sequester and still takes a 100 million dollar trip to Africa plus the cost of this vacation. This man is an American hating muslim loving liar. To all you disabled Vets. Thank you for your service.

    • Grayzel

      Thank you for your service, Ron.

    • Deborah G

      Benefits for veterans should have zero politics in it

    • BobM001

      I was “turned down” too for one of the reasons you pointed out. “To much income.” I missed the “cut off” for this evolution back when it took place. But my 95yr old Dad who is a WWII vet thankfully is getting his VA medical bennies. A “fair trade” for me.

      • Grayzel

        Nothing fair about it. Every eligible veteran should get health care from the American people for the service they gave.

      • Ron

        I’d make that trade any day. For a WWII vet they can have mind. Thanks to your Dad for his service. God bless.

    • mcqueens2002

      Ron, Whom every told you this nonsence is full of crap. Go to the DAV or American Legion or VFW to their service officer. Take all your medical records, Your DD 214 with you when you go. If you do not have any records they will help you get them.

      • Ron

        Thanks for the advice. I sent a copy of the letter to my senator and have received a letter from him stating that he would look into it. Anyway I’ll contact one of the groups and again thanks.

    • bless2live

      You the MAN!

    • 7papa7

      Thank you for your service. VA disability should have absolutely nothing to do with your income or anything else. I would try and get an advocate to help you. I went through the DAV and they did a good job for me. If nothing else at least you can be assured of getting an honest answer. Good luck Ron.

      • Ed Shick

        If they go back to Income I went in service at 78 Dollars a month , then you gained a little with time and rank and combat pay!

      • 7papa7

        That’s what I went in at also. Disability has nothing to do with how much you made in the military. It is based on the percent of disability plus the number of dependents you have. Thanks for your service Ed.

    • 7papa7

      I also found that the VA will normally turn you down the first time. You need to reapply through one of the many groups that help vets. Like I mentioned, I used the DAV. Their is no charge to use them. Please try again. You may have to try several times before getting approved, I know I did but have since been accepted.

      • Ed Shick

        I am going in and reapply as my wife and my medical cost this year is more than my pension ,, Actually i was very lucky in service as i was in a field hosp and not in fox hole , about a third of men i was with did not make it home.,they are the ones that need our thanks..

      • 7papa7

        All who serve deserve our thanks. If you don’t have the support troops the line troops will never survive.

    • Ed Shick

      I’ now 83 and about ten years ago , our auto company insurance did not seem to secure , so I went in and Applied as i had been a combat medic in Korea , I checked on it about three years later and was told the same thing as you were , Well now the Auto Company gave our insurance to our Union ,, I have not yet received a letter on it but it seems they are saying every thing you do medicaly must be approved by Union,,

  • Junie3

    They need to repay him with a coup d’état, get rid of the fraud with his fake bc. This man is despicable.

  • raffaelecafagna

    Obama you are THE PROBLEM

  • bless2live

    America is in jeopardy because the “enemy president” is in the White House! Nothing is going to get better until you are removed!

  • George Gilbert


  • DOOM161

    He might have a point if he hadn’t insisted on the sequester, preemptively refusing to sign any bill that didn’t include it.

  • Deborah G

    BS plain and simple another scare tactic to get people not to believe Republicans

  • JJM123

    Perhaps his administration could put in more effort besides ‘blaming’ and cut reckless spending in all the innumerable departments he has control of.

    • Grayzel

      He is still using his ‘scalpel’. It is a very slow process.

  • Sam Palermo

    The very first cut should be HIS pay and all his vacations!

    • Ed Shick

      get rid of his Cabinet and 40 czars ++ Vallerie Jarrot !!

  • shark60

    This is the same old thing over and over. Next he will be threatening Social Security that we also paid into all our working lives. He always threatens the old and/or disabled when he doesn’t get his way. Obama hates the military and will do all he can to hurt those who serve or have served. The CNIC is a bully. Go after those who can’t defend themselves while he and his female gorilla continually takes his million dollar plus vacations on the taxpayers dollars. Not to mention the billions he has given to the muslim rulers of third world countries.The congress has the power of the purse and could stop this mad n####r. Your senators and congress persons are as guilty as he is. It is past time to flush the toilet called DC!!

  • mathchopper

    “to the applause of hundreds at the Disabled American Veterans…” Were these vets recovering from head shots?

    • Grayzel

      Locked dementia ward?

      • Ed Shick

        Harry Reid’s next home??

    • minni

      It was really biden, hillary, reid, pelosi, sandra fluke, george soros in the back ground, sitting clapping.

  • Richard Gibbard

    Maybe the Porch Monkey in Chief should cancel his vacation plans?

  • Kent2012

    If we had a news organization in the USA that was in the habit of publishing the facts, no matter if they were “good” for a president or not, then the truth about this clown and his authorship of the “sequester” mechanism….they would also line out that it was supposed to “trim” budget expansions, not create shortfalls…..of course that wish is only in my dreams and the african pretender continues to lie so frequently that he will be awarded the billy “the traitor” clintony award for the best fabricator…

  • Robert James

    obammi the commi is such a liar. He has all the sheeple believing that the House cut the budget. They DID NOT cut the budget, they cut 3% off the INCREASE in the budget, pork. So, why don’t we can’t cut 3% of the budget that goes to illegal alien. How about food stamps, public housing, obama phones, or any other of the waste obammi the commi and the obamabrothaHOOD is spending wrecklessly?. How about cutting back on the vacations ocommi and moochelle. Are any of the things above worth more than our fighting men and women? Folks this is just more recidivistic lies from the offender in chief, he has GOT to go. He is doing his best to drive us into bankruptcy and I’m sure most of you know why.

    • Grayzel

      Simple, elections cannot be bought if the cuts you suggest are enacted.

      • Robert James

        I think more people need to learn about we Texans attitude, how we put that attitude to work, and how we react to this type of stupidity by obammi and the obamabrothaHOOD. We aren’t shy, but most of you probably know that.

  • gmhunt4

    The “sequester” cuts are decided by the Dept. that need to do the cutting…..The President is the author of the Sequester, he decides what gets “cut” ………The VA benefits have been CUT every year Obama has been in office, even BEFORE the sequester was dreamed up.

  • Irma

    Obama is the one who ultimately makes the cuts to the military. What an abomination.

  • AlRetd

    Yes it will affect their benefits because the sequester is not going to affect his vacation time and he needs to take the money from those who cain’t fight back!

  • elton123

    Our O said that to the wrong group of men ——- our veteran heroes. O wanted the sequester so he owns it. Telling our veterans their benefits are in jeopardy is total baloney.

  • dpclawson

    Jails are overcrowded now, what will happen when millions of vets stop paying their taxes when Obama stops paying military benefits especially disabled vet benefits? We served our country and have earned everything we receive. Shut off all foreign aid before cutting the throats of those who truly served and loved the USA, or prepare my jail cell with full medical benefits!

  • steveindajeep

    He is so thumbing his nose at all of America. Something is gonna snap I just don’t know what yet.

  • paulrph1

    Waste, waste. waste. This man is always hitting below the belt.

  • Ralph

    They break their word to me, and I’ll just sue them. I’m tired of the Government telling me that I have to be honest and keep my Word and yet they break theirs and lie to my face with impunity!? I’m not going to take it anymore and will start reacting to their treachery.

  • kyrunner

    This guy hates the military and is enjoying the cuts that are occurring.

    • Patricia Leath

      He not only hates the military he hates all Americans. These vets have protected us from carnage and death on our own soil. With the back drop of a crooked politician, gangster and wannabe dictator, I demand to know what constitutes “hundreds” of Disabled American Veterans’ applauding the Ba**tard?

  • babsan

    This Fraud is plain EVIL.that’s all

  • Lon M. Dugan

    Maybe Obama needs to cut his campaign trips and vacation and golf outings down so that we can pay the people who have actually done something productive and risked their lives for this country!

  • RobinPC

    Hey who cares about a disabled vet, disabled fighting for our country? We must send our money to the Islamic nations so they can better prepare and arm to make more disabled vets. Too bad the military doesn’t have the backbone to do what needs to be done, but as long as the Generals play politics to keep their jobs, then we can expect the cif to keep on making cuts to those that have served, and smile all the way onto his next vacation.

  • shannon853

    any sequester should be as a start complete salary and benifit stop for the president down through congress. it needs to hit the problem first!

  • bee

    obama is such a lying black muslim traitor. him and his moocher wife have been stealing from the taxpayers since they have been in the white house. they are disgusting people and its time for the people of this country to get these corrupt people out of our government and our country.

    • GinoV

      Lets not just talk about it, start jumping on congress to IMPEACH him Iv’e written to all of congress and the senate lets keep putting pressure on these guys and let them do something for their pay.

  • GinoV

    Hey Bimbo how come it’s always the veterans and seniors that have to see a cut in our benefits, you never say your gonna cut benefits to all the illegals that are draining our system, OH i guess this is the Obama way TS thank god when your out of office, then you can spend your own money for lavish trips and vacations, you are the worst president iv’e seen in all my years.

  • silverbackV

    He is using our disabled hero’s as a tool. I can only think that if our hero’s clapped, it was for the office, not the man (word used loosely).

    • minni

      Did our heros clapped or was it hillary in the back ground, maybe huma the muslim. If our heros clapped they clapped for this year that they were spared by obama, obama is the only one that will decide if he will stick it to the disable vets.

      • silverbackV

        I don’t know Minnie, I just want to think the best of our fallen and wounded. In Vietnam, they would say, “All gave some, some gave all!” I would not put it past the president to want to punish the most vulnerable among us cuz he doesn’t get his way.

  • TPS12

    Stop sending money to countries/people who hate us and spend it on the Vet’s. Oh and maybe take less vacations.

  • suzy2

    There are so many valid reasons to have Obama Indict or Impeached and yet America just keeps allowing this criminal to destroy our country. Someone or a group with guts, has to stop this man.

    • minni

      Its the SENATE That is controlled by the democrats, leader Harry Reid. the senate has to approve it, we have to wait to see if the republicans gains enough seats in the senate and keep control of Congress, hoping we win the senate in 2014 elections. The Americans will decide in 2014 elections , keep the drain going down or time for a new start time to restore our country. GOD bless OUR COUNTRY.

  • jong

    Just one more lie and just one more campaign speech. Some things never change including unemployment.


    NOW just last night dog~eater told DAV that WE had nothing to worry about..he said VA was as solid as a rock.. WHAT HAPPEN IN LESS THAN 24 HOUR’S ????

  • PatCindyCunningham

    At least, that is his goal. Anything to shake up the up coming elections. He can’t afford to loose the Senate so he will do just about anything to make sure the Democrats keep control. His Presidency and imprisonment may depend on it. If Republicans regain the Senate and keep the House these Scandals will have real teeth. They aren’t going away and he knows it. His only chance is if they can steal the coming election. Then, get Hillary elected in 2016. I am sure him and her have already discussed it. They both know Benghazi and maybe the State Department Scandal is riding on her winning. Of course if all that happens, it really won’t matter anyway. We as a Nation will be finished. What will be left isn’t really worth talking about.

  • singer23

    Our voices are nothing but, “Voices In The Wilderness!” Obama cares nothing of what we say, he’s too interested in what, Liberals have to say! We are talking to ourselves! How many comments have each of us written? After awhile, it’s just an “Exercise In Futility!”

    • Bucko25

      I agree, the only thing that will save America is a 2nd Revolution!! Lock and Load! Get READY!

  • vet

    What he is not telling everyone is that the sequestration choices are his.No body else makes the decision on who gets cut.This is called leverage and if he doesn’t get his way he is going to stop the payments.Next will be the welfare group.You would think that with the contract that says they will pay for the damage that vets incur it would be the last thing that would be cut.When they can’t get anyone to enlist then the only thing left is to force people by way of draft.Ovomit care states that the parents of the children will keep them on their insurance until they are 26 yrs of age.That means when your drafted at 18yrs of age and spend 2 yrs in service in combat and get hurt or killed,the parents insurance will have to pay for now on.Why would anyone give there life for a nation that disrespects its people so blatantly?They sacrifice their blood and lives for thought of a free nation and the nation allows a marxist to tear it down.When they elected this boy king that was the end of this nation.


    • Bucko25

      They are his choices…..but the Republicans don’t make an issue of that! WHY???

      • vet

        Now that’s the million dollar question isn’t it.

  • cuchieddie

    How about an impeachment, a trial, a finding of guilty of treason against the American people and providing weapons and moral support to our enemies both foreign and domestic. Then a short crawl to the guillotine and we’ll have new leadership.

    • Bucko25

      The DemoRats have control of the Senate, and there are to many RINO’s who would not support it!! Our last hope is the next election, if he gets control of the House he will not be stoppable and will become a dictator. America is on the brink!

  • billyjshafer

    Gotta give Obumer credit. He is a very good B S artist. The best the world has ever seen.

    • maryatlanta

      Maybe even the worst.

    • Bucko25

      He is another Hitler!! And he will have the same fate!

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    More lies every time he shows those pearly whites! How could the DAV vets possibly applaud such a statement? Seems that there are too many veterans who hang on to the D rhetoric without checking out what they have had, and continue to have in mind for our veterans and presently serving military members–total destruction! His governance, if you can call it that, depends upon mockery and intimidation of the Congress!

  • maryatlanta

    Obama puts VA benefits in jeopardy. Funny (or not so funny)how Obama’s vacations were not jeopardized!

  • JDH

    The “Best way to protect Veterans” is to get rid of obuma !!

  • maryatlanta

    Should “we the people” have to foot the bill for Obama and his family to travel around while our veterans are suffering benefit cuts? Tell your Congressman no more vacas for the Obamas as long as we have the Sequester. Our vets/military should come first. Get it right Congress. Take Obamas checkbook away from him. He is bankrupting our nation.

  • Get Real

    Obama hates the military. His ‘make nice’ is just another of his “phony charades”.

  • Bucko25

    This commie wants to “Make it hurt!” for America lovers!! Why doesn’t he cut the waste in government? He wants to grow government! The government is broke! No, he can raise the taxes and grow it more! More control by government is less “Freedom” for Americans!! He wants total control! He will order the military to kill Americans if we don’t fall in line to his dictatorship!! Revolution is coming! Be READY!!


    It is beyond me how any veteran can buy into any liberal agenda. Obama and the Dems HATE the military. The vets are getting a whole lot of help already. Why is it we need Wounded Warriors and like organizations? It is really a sad commentary when those who suffered while putting their lives on the line have to be helped thru contributions. Thank God there are people to donate and help these heroes.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yeah Veterans’ Benefits on the chopping block, but not obama’s or moochelle’s vacations, right?

    You can bet the media won’t report THAT.


  • The happy warrior

    This is proof positive that this lib, o, cares more about politics than people. The claim that libs care should be dismissed cause o uses Sequester to punish. This also proves that o would kill if needed for political power. He is certainly putting vets at risk by cutting benifits. I consider o a killer by this and other action. Obama is a killer.

  • Old1946vet

    Ha ha ha ha………haaaaaa! He cuts White House Tours for children! His “hellth kare” law threatens the chance of KEEPING ones health care plan! He has SENT BILLIONS and MILLIONS to places around the world where America is hated! He’s released people from “gitmo” and he’s REFUSED to secure a pourous border, where, those that want to kill us can get into the country! NOW, he’s telling veterans who sacrificed, THEY are threatened by people who are ONLY trying to KEEP SOME SANITY IN THE GOVERNMENT’S SPENDING! Maybe the President could show some UNITY with thesr VETS by cutting back on flying hither and yon, giving campaign speeches, MAYBE he could CUT BACK on expensive vacations! 4 MILLION was spent by the Attorney General, for trips, purported to be for business. Publically owned businesses are CUTTING BACK to save money, PEOPLE are CUTTING BACK TO SAVE MONEY! BUUUT….Our President behaves as if MONEY is abundant FOR HIM to spend anyway HE WANTS TO! HE wants CONGRESS to INCREASE SPENDING, and he’s USING THE WOUNDED VETS to GET MORE MONEY THAT DOES NOT EXIST! Can those wounded WARRIORS truly TRUST the President?

  • Doris C

    How can they work on a new budget when there was no old budget.???

  • got243kids

    I see that the little boy keeps poking sticks in everybody’s eyes hoping to get a reaction….

    This isn’t a third world country and we are not third world citizens… little boy.

    Your lies are your weakness and your transparency is as you promised… you are a shattering pane of glass.

    Sequester has no effect what-so-ever on those benefits, you know it, we know it and so do those in congress that are not your lap dogs (as well as the ones that are). Now go take a nap little boy, before your stick breaks too.

  • Pazuzu

    Obama is a tyrant and should be dragged out of the White House, forcibly, because that’s the only way to get rid of a dictator.

  • mickeymike2

    What a jerk.

  • RsGoat

    President Obama has had plenty of time to work with Congress on Budgets issues. Instead he chose to insult and divide them and the country into groups of Rich, Middle Class, Poor, Look like him, and so many others I have forgotten them. If he wanted to get the work of Government done he would have done it by now. He has taken time for golf and vacations.

  • Goodforall

    Never, ever, in our history has someone tried to lead by lies, intimidation, and division-and his name is Barack Insane Obama. It is just sickening to hear this fake in chief spout his lies-and even more so when the sheep cheer him on. We are certainly paying the price as a nation. I just hope we have one left by the end of his term. Even if we do, America will never be the same.

  • del

    Lets get this piece of chit out of our white house and into prison where he belonged 5 years ago! Fraud, treason , murder and perjury should be enough!

    • 57girl

      Sugar, to really solve our National problems, we’d have to set all of the pot heads, and no-victim criminals free, to make room for the REAL criminals that should be behind bars. Obama is but one, of many.

  • mickeymike2

    What are our senators afraid of? Here’s a guy determined to make America a second rate country. Sharply divided by race. No technology. No military force. Nothing but people happy for whatever crumbs the ruling class hands out. Next he’ll be introducing Gladiators to keep us entertained. Rome anyone? Come on Senators and Representatives, we elected you to REPRESENT us. Do your job and control this leader who is determined to destroy us.

  • Gizmo51

    The real problem (along with congress) with the economy is the fed has
    it backwards. The fed is bailing out (QE1,2,3) the corporations to give
    them confidence and money to make loans and hire people (Trickle down
    economics) but they are, instead, hoarding both. But if the fed were to
    concentrate on bailing out the people it would give them spending power
    creating the demand that the corporations need to expand loans and hire
    more workers. Then everyone would win instead of just the corporations
    at the people’s expense.

  • disqus_xLn56CDAGb

    Imprison his stolen birth certificate ass. He is purposefully, systematically taking the US apart and handing it to the muslims. He isn’t fit to be POTUS, never was.

  • Chris

    “We’ve got these reckless, across-the-board budget cuts called the sequester that are hitting a lot of folks hard,” Obama said….

    Doesn’t seem to be hurting his family’s one percenter lifestyle, does it?

  • The happy warrior

    I can not find the words to express my anger almost every day the jerk pres is in office.

  • futurelife

    All it is, is blackmail.. he gets paid more then he and all the others in the Senate and Congress and yet the men and women who fought for this country can just go to h**l and then obozo goes off on another vacation?

  • HarryTheCat

    Dear Barry,

    Just a quick word of advice. The last thing you want to do is piss off a bunch of vets.


  • CrustyOldGeezer

    “sequester” all congressional, judicial, and executive branch payroll until the budget is balanced and the debt is paid off.

    It’s not the fault of the Taxpayers that this government has not been responsible with OUR MONEY.

    They created the problems, let them pay for it.

  • Mr_DAA

    It is OK to wish ill upon evil, and it is OK to despise the corrupt for their actions.

  • molon labe

    why would even 1 vet go see this evil lying “VET hating pig speak? Take away OUR benefits and “Barry” ya got a war on your greasey hands!

  • ronpaynter

    How hypocritical can you get? Obama was the originator of the Sequester,it was his idea and now he’s blaming it on the Congress,of course primarily the Republicans. Talk about two faced and being a bald faced liar.

  • agbjr

    Anyone – ANYONE – who still believes anything said by this pretend president, this true Marxist sonofabitch, is a fifth columnist and NOT a true Constitution-abiding United States Citizen.

  • 57girl

    Every time Obama wants to justify anything to do with money, he attacks Social Security, Medicaid, and the Veterans, most of whom, give it their all, to serve their Nation.

    How about this; Let’s nix Foreign Aid, bring our Troops and our jobs, home, then, simply fire Obama?

    To be honest, I’m sick of waiting for Obama to prove himself eligible for office. Both his words and his actions, appear to contradict his claim of allegiance to America and/or his legitimacy as POTUS.

  • shirjay

    Too bad Obama leaves out the part where the ‘sequester’ belongs solely to himself – he was and is still trying to blackmail the Republicans to do what he wants. What a disgusting little person he has proven to be, not a man of honor at all. Personally I think all parties are without honor in our country and why they eant to ruin this country and misuse the Constitution is beyond my understanding. We have pure corruption at the head of our administration and looks like it is not over yet. Where are the good guys?

  • edward

    You sorry son of a bitch……….lying around in Martha’s Vineyard with your fat cow of a wife and telling veterans they may lose their benefits…………..ASSHOLE!

    • Washington22

      Blunt, but true.

  • Amerigo M. Cimino

    “Obama Tells Veterans Sequester Puts Their Benefits in Jeopardy”
    Is anyone surprised?
    This excuse for a leader, is repleat with sories!
    There ins’t anything that can be done without excuses!
    Most action is confronted with reasons for delay!
    More to the point; (Except for Money bills), give them a reason to buy the”snake oil”!
    Let’s get something done; Get the Fair Tax bill; (HR 25), Passed, and we can start anew!
    The Fair Tax, when passed; will clip the wings of these spendthrifts!
    The Fair Tax will eliminate many committees, and slim down the number of Government “employees”, and better still; The Fair Tax will eliminate the Income Tax!
    The Fair Tax, is a tax on CONSUMPTION instead of Income!
    The Fair Tax will give the wage earner a BIG break! NO deductions from their Paycheck!
    With the Fair Tax; demographics will be a thing of the past!
    NO more receipts!
    NO favorites!
    NO looking for deductions!
    NO one will be immune!
    EVERYBODY is treated the same; NO exceptions!
    Even illegals and terrorists, will also pay!
    GOD: Bless America!
    In GOD We Trust!

    • ladybug

      ESPECIALLY ALLL government workers, NO EXEMPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles of Waveland

    The sequester was so small that no department would even notice it, if Obama spread it out across the board like he was supposed to do. Instead, Obama chose to cut only the departments money that would inflict the most damage on the American People, while not cutting but adding more money to the other departments he chooses to. Then he tries to pass any and all blame for what he does wrong to the Republicans for trying to balance the budget. .

  • kds

    How many times is this ASS going to keep saying this? When he doesn,’t get his way he starts threatening our VETERANS. All military personel should abandon this TRAITOR, and leave him to his own demise.

  • Ben

    As a disabled veteran I am confused and alarmed that so many members of the DAV would show up and even applaud any statement by this pretender to the highest office in the land.
    One would think that people intelligent and brave enough to operate the most high tech military equipment on the planet would not be so easily swayed by the deceiver, yet it seems that ignorance runs rampant when constituents vote and maintain utter loyalty to someone based solely on the color of ones skin no matter what atrocities are perpetrated upon this nation that I love.
    Look what he has done to divide this nation. Supposedly his election to office was a step FOWARD in race relations.

    • ladybug

      MY thoughts exactly.

  • Ed Shick

    You did not leave the votes of our military count,, You might be out of a job if you had !! it’s time you are impeached as i wonder if you even won when You ran for Illinois state Senate,, There may have been more voter Fraud in 2012 than there was in 2008 ,, We do need picture Id ,, We do not need touch screen Voting!!!!! Lets have some thing that can be recounted, We have fought wars to get Rid of Communists and there You set ,, You should have a rope around your lying neck!! As for Foreign aid it should be for our Friends ,, leave the Oil rich Muslim nations help out there Friends ,, Let’s try the Traitor and say good by to the UN ,, we have been supporting 192 Nations most of which would like us dead!!

  • cojar

    Doesn’t seem to be hitting Obama hard! He knows he is pissing people off, and he means to!

  • cojar

    Once again, Obama is doing his Saul Alinsky “community organizing”, er..communist agitating.

    • 09dogg38

      It’s all he’s ever known if anyone had bothered looking into his past.Of course no one did though,and to this day,he still skates.

      • ladybug

        AND PEOPLE especially in CALIF, have PIGloise to thank for SO proudly vetting him!

  • jvb1980808

    Obama…doing what Obama does best when he can’t get what he wants…INSULTS, THREATS, AND BULLYING.

  • Nikita63

    The best way to, protect our veterans and their EARNED benefits is to get rid of Obama and the unconscionable Congress! Perhaps if we deported illegals after confiscating every nickel of wealth accrued during their illegal stay in this country, and used it to repay the 3.25 Trillion taken from the Social Security Trust over the last 30 years, stopped all immigration until we repay our debt, cut federal benefits to what is available in the Private Sector, Secured our borders and ceased ALL foreign aid so not 1 in 9 AMERICAN CHILDREN go to bed hungry every night and did not send arms to nations inimical to our very existence, there would not be the need for this fatuous fraud to threaten our veterans and elderly EVERY TIME HE GETS THE CHANCE! When will Americans go to the Polls and VOTE OUT these profligate pigs devouring all our resources at the trough, INCLUDING Congress who allow his excesses and his personal profligacy. THEY are the problem in this country. and one for which there will Never be any solution AS LONG AS THEY RETAIN POWER! Vote and take it from them . It is a matter of your own survival. He selects who it is he will next decimate as THAT is his personal agenda, OUR DESTRUCTION. Actions ALWAS speak louder then words. One only need look at his pathetic performance record to see the utter TRUTH of these allegations!

    • ladybug

      BUT some how or way WE NEED to DUMP ALL VOTING FRAUD! VOTER ID, speak English, read English and NO HELP in the voter booth! SEND OUR MILITARY ballots early and allow ample time for them to be received back here to be counted. Just a start. I’m sure there other things I’ve forgotten.

  • geneiejean

    cut all the benefits that these do nothing Demonkrauts get and all the kudos and the many vacations that the know nothing ass for a President takes and get a half way decent budget and a new President that is more concerned for this Country and maybe America will survive. Just make sure the next President is for America and not against America.

  • Bubblegum199

    This fraudulent President is full of s**t. He continually lies and we veterans know he is full of it..

  • Tmaxx

    We haven’t forgotten the the Sequester was birthed in this administration,

    • ladybug

      AND HIS idea………………..can’t blame others, but he is working on it……………………..

  • USMC 64-68

    Proof again, that Dear Leader actually despises those who serve America in uniform, and especially those under arms. Thus has it always been with the socialist democrats.

    • TAM44

      There is nothing Dear about that piece of human waste, he’s our number one enemy

  • loran

    How arrogant of Obama. The sequester was his idea and his alone. Now he goes before vets and pitches it like it was someone else’s idea and that he was fighting for the vets? What, he reallybthinks that we are stupid?

    • 09dogg38

      He does of course after his 2012 election.”These people must be morons to re elect me.” I tend to agree.Like haveing your car in for a tune up and he destroys the engine so you agree to let him have at it again and you go ahead and pay him for both ventures.Makes a lot of sense NOT!

    • Ben

      I can tell you that from my many visits to the Memphis Tn. Va that there really are multitudes of people that are that stupid. They are extremely easy to spot. Always wearing the Obama hat and the Obama 2008 “dream” t-shirt. They seem more interested in continually supporting this piece of trash than actually educating themselves as to what he is doing to our country. It seems that the election and support of a “white African American” far outweigh any consequences to our beloved Constitutional Republic. They consistently support and defend him as if their lives depend upon it.

      • loran

        Yes, I run into them at the San Francisco VA hospital. I always take my Mags like National Review, Townhall and some others there and place them in waiting rooms for others. I actually witnessed one Black gather them up and throw them in the trash while I sat there. I got up, pulled them out of the trash and placed them on a side table next to where he was sitting. He started to say something smart but saw that others there were looking at him. He shut up and others grabbed and started reading the mags. I didn’t have to say a word.

    • Washington22

      He knows HIS side is that stupid, loran. It’s just those pesky Repubs who won’t buy his bag of crap. As long as HIS side gets their food stamps, section 8 housing and free cell phones for their drug deals, they’ll keep voting.

  • Edwin Knight

    Ridiculous that he talks about something that was an idea that came from him and his camp as if he has nothing to do with it. This bag of crap needs to be disposed of !

    • 09dogg38

      Amen to that,flush that turd!

  • Gayle

    The Military just might be there to save America in the near future…..we had best take care of the first before anything else!!!

    • dennis metz

      a few years ago they started screwing with the retirement pay lowering it and then and then screwing the bases out of MWR funds u dont see them lowering the congress retirements or benefits even if they only serve a min time do you ?

  • Norm

    Lets take the percentage of those getting government handouts to the total population. Them lets take the percentage of those who serve and have served to the total population. I think most people with a brain know where to make the cuts. And it certainly isn’t with those who serve and have served this once great Country.



    • ladybug

      AND BRING our military HOME! He is trying to spread them SO thin, we will have no protection here at home! AND pray tell why do we send OUR people to countries to fight their wars?????? NOT ONE person in our military should be in Syria or other radical country! AND look what s going on in IRAQ and Afghan and Pakistan, we tried to help, let them stand on their on now! They will never change, they do not like PEACE!

    • TAM44

      obama hates the military with a passion, and has proven what he thinks about them with his abuse of power.

  • Ron

    what a low life whore,he is the scum of the earth

  • turrettrk

    Veterans need to tell Obama that his benefits are in jeopardy and he needs to go. He has lost all the trust of the American people.

  • JoJo58

    So what else is new? It’s ALWAYS the veterans, their widows, or the elderly that get tossed under the bus…but NEVER, EVER the welfare and food stamp bums, the illegals, the fraudulent disability or unemployment abuses…or the government waste, or the supporting of the Muslim Brotherhood etc.

    • dragon lady

      That is because he thinks that these are the ones who will scare properly. I sincerely that all of these folks stand up tall and voice their disgust with this threat.

      • JoJo58

        I’m a military widow, and this BS doesn’t scare me, it just pisses me off. The sequester hasn’t had the effect he wanted, so Obama is back to trying to scare old people.

    • Washington22

      NO NO NO………..the Democrats would never do as you suggest. It’s only the Republicans that do that kind of thing. Quit listening to the alphabet stations on TV because you are mis-informed. Only the Republicans want to hurt old people, take away from the poor and have no heart.

    • merriel

      Don’t forget that he also threw our strongest ally, Israel, under the bus.

    • old sarge

      Vets vote for the country and the bums vote for free stuff.

      • JoJo58

        As a military widow and someone that lives a mile away from Ft Campbell, I saw WAAAAY too many soldiers wearing Obama shirts. I wanted to ask these soldiers if they REALLY thought Obama had their best interests in mind…especially since Obama spoke of his desire to create a civilian army as well supplied and funded as our military.

  • maddad1947

    1. As a Senator Obumass came up with this “Plan” and now he says it is the fault of Congress when as President he has only submitted a budget one time in 5 years. Yet also as President he put this country in debt by over 16 Trillion dollars and more being added every day. As President he continually attacks the Constitution in particular the Bill of Rights, and now he says Veterans do not have rights only Benefits that can be taken away/reduced. But does he cut down on his multi-million dollar vacation trips, or golf outings, he does not. Even sent his two kids on a spring break Vacation Trip at our expense. He has had the fed pumping billions of extra dollars into the US and World economy every month for years now. So that it has reached a point where the Dollar is in danger of loosing its place as the World’s Reserve Currency. And if that happens it will bring on a tidal wave of economic disaster the likes of which this country and the world have never seen. Also in five years his domestic policy has driven a wedge into race relations that harken back to the 50″s and earlier. His obviously biased administration and one sided support for blacks and illegal immigrants has divided this nation like it hasn’t been since before the Civil War. The rest of his economic programs are set to bankrupt Social Security, Collapse the Housing Market, again, and leave Seniors holding a bag of empty promises and new generations without even that. He has seriously degraded the ability of the US Military o carry out its assigned duties due to lack of funds and the consequential reduction in size that has been forced on the Military.
    If any of the above or any part of the above happen it will provide the spark to the powder magazine that would make the explosion aboard the Arizona look like a small 4th of July. If any of this comes to pass or any part of it then it will trigger a second Civil War that will make the first one look Civil indeed when compared to what will happen if a 2nd Civil War takes place. It will in essence be the States VS the Federal Administration supported by the radical liberals and the blacks and illegal immigrants; and it well be a very bloody mess. It is also the Goal OBUMASS has set for himself in order to suspend the Constitution, first and the nullify it later. Declare Martial Law, Deploy his own private army that he has been building with in the Department of Homeland Security, Suspend and then cancel all elections, and declare himself President for Life, And either turn Congress and the Supreme Court into rubber stampers That give the OK to anything he wants, or he will abolish them.
    The Military that remains with in the lower 48 will be, he hopes, of insufficient size or strength to be effective in stopping him and his Private Army the Security Service of the DHS. He will try again and again to force Americans to disarm either in groups here and there or as a whole. He will not succeed. He may indeed get the major cities to disarm leading to black gang attacks on those now gun free zones. But the majority of the guns are in rural America where the people will not give them up and know how to use them.
    There you have it, the division of America. The states plus Rural and conservative American people VS Obumass, his cult of close followers, The liberal freeloaders Black and illegal immigrants. and the urbanized Ghettos of the major cities. Oh I did fail to mention one other group that will oppose Obumass; all of the veterans who still honor their Oaths of enlistment or commissioning as the case may be. He knows this that is why he continues to attack the 2nd, 1st, and 4th amendments in particular and Veterans and gun owners as well. He will not succeed and it will be a very bloody war that follows: Which in the end will lead to Obumass’ defeat, capture, trial and execution, along with those of his key followers as well.
    He has alienated the support of the Seniors, Gun Owners Rural and Conservative America and now he his working on the Veterans (Past, Present, and future.) We are like America has always done wait for him to strike the first blow before we respond to his provocations. But Respond we will never doubt that.

    • TAM44

      obama is this countries number one terrorist, make no doubt about it.

    • jd1958

      All what you’ve written is true. This is why they are spying on all e-mails, and phone conversations. They want to prevent “massing” of like minded individuals. Every military trained person knows you must have C3. Command, Control and Communications in order to make any military function. They have that, they also want to prevent the American people from joining each other from assembling their own counter-culture. It’s easy to pick off fragmentation, much harder to pick off a unionized organization.
      Pray for repentance of the American People or judgment will fall upon us.

      • Washington22

        You’re making me think. As a non-military person, I never knew that. It makes perfect sense. BTW, I do pray for God’s mercy for this nation. Blessings to you and yours, jd.

      • old sarge

        The first shot will unite all who appose the government and his plans into one group. When the “shot heard around the world” was heard the colonist came together and in the end defeated the best army at that time in the world.

    • blossom

      He knows exactly what he is doing and lies about it or diverts to another made up crisis because he knows we are so stupid to go along with it. Where are the patriots of long ago, who never would have tolerated this from anyone in office let alone the President of America.

      • blossom

        It is obvious, the House will do nothing as long as we have a whimpy Speaker of the House who will not let any bills get to the floor that rock the Obama Admin. So, it is up to the citizens to vote in in 2014 every conservative we can garner up both in the house and senate. Then start impeachment process with some old Rinos out of there.We need more vets to run for office.People that don’t keep changing their minds and say what they believe in and stand by it/

      • old sarge

        The house speaker has a brown spot on his nose. Wonder where that came from?

    • Karlean Caise

      As a disabled vet, and a lifetime member of the DAV, I’m appalled at his threat to cut veterans’ benefits. But, I’m even more astonished at the writers comments “one sided support for blacks”; I wish I knew where people got their information that Obama is doing oh so much for black people – nothing could be further from the truth that I can see, maybe you know something I don’t; not that I want or need any “special treatment” from his administration. I guess people think because he’s black, black people automatically have some special “in” with him; not so – absolutely nothing has changed for blacks’ since he took office, things might even be a little worse, and rest assured they will get even worse once he leaves office.

    • Hans

      I can’t wait !!!!

  • benlittleeagleyahoocom

    This guy is so illerate to think that we the Disableed Veterans think that the secquester hurts our beefits .He is the cause of the sequester. iI he would shut down airforce one and catch a public bus and pay his own way this would stop the abuse he has caused with his non essential travels. He also needs to stop giving money away to other countries that aren’t even our allies and even more so not even our true friends. He gave millions to his home country Kenya to help get rid of the slums, Also gave a guy by the name of Putin approx. 3 Trillion bucks, also gave Egypt the same pluse the 16 fighter planes and many Military Tamks and empliments, If he would stop his free giving of the bucks we don’t have it would be a blessing . Not only that but as of this Martha vinyard vacation including him, his children, his spouse, between all of them they have been on vacations that are costly even for a king, which he is not. He needs to step back and take a look at the destruction he has brought this country in the last 5 years it is devistating. But there’s a problem with this because this is his intentions to bring america to her Knees and destroy our Democracy our Freedoms evey day he takes one more Freedom from the list, Not only that but he is trying to destroy the Gonstitution as we know it. So far he has destroyed the political cabinets in Washington especially Congress and the House. Most of the Senate are his people, Communist, socialist, Islamic Muslims and his AlQuada Brotherhood he has hired during the deal in Benghazi. And now again he’s hired them to work in the Pentagon and getting away with it. This guy is a proven Fraud but no one in the Political positions have enough guts to bring the Impeachments for all that are involved with him. This should have been done By the Ho,eland Security and the FBI, If they had done there jobs of a full background check before he was let into the Senate he would have been found at that time not legal to serve in the Senate or any other position in our federal gov. including the position he is now holding, The polititions need to wake up and forget the party lines and work together because stayin seperated by party line they will never get anything done becaus of to much politics they need to remember when we sent them up there they were Honest americans and with the Greed of the station atatus they have joined the croud and are hust a group of greedy people now with out the Respect of the public.

    • TAM44

      obama wants to destroy our military along with this country for his murdering muslim brotherhood.

  • ccenova67

    The DAV should have responded – that if obummer and family entourage would quit living and traveling like the are ROCK stars there would be $$$s for DAV benefits and visits to our White House!!

  • Cuz

    The president is a lying sack of stinky stuff.

    • Hans

      I would not call this MONKEY president!!!

  • Ralph Filicchia

    I have a great idea on how the government can save money without ever hurting one American citizen: All they have to do is tell the 12-14 million illegal immigrants that we can no longer provide freebies like welfare–food stamps–emergency room healthcare, etc.

    • Washington22

      Perfect solution.end of problem, no need to do anything else………………except run Obama out of town.

  • ladybug

    What a PUTZ, his vacations and sending the money we DO NOT have to other countries and sending planes, tanks and ammo to those who hate us. That is where their money is. Pinocchio is doing it again.
    Maybe if we are lucky he will get horse and not be able to talk for a LONGGGGG while.

  • dragon lady

    Before benefits are cut to our veterans and those men and womenpresently in service, lets cut the benefits for the President and Congress, the foreign aid to countries that are not our friends, and the United Nations. Surely that will kept the benefits that are due our veterans and current Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.
    For one, I am sick of hearing Obama threaten that benefits will be lost (Social Security; medicare, etc. guided tours of our nation’s monuments) but our nation can feed, clothe and provide housing for illegals. We need to care for our own before we do others…then we can concentrate on helping those countries that are our friends.

    His many trips with family and by himself has cost us a lot of money and hasn’t done anything to build the respect of other nations.

    • azwayne

      You make too much sense and simplified the problems way too much. This is contrary to politicians payground

    • Washington22

      You speak for millions of us, dragon lady.

    • old sarge

      For one thing the other countries do not have the dumb down clowns as leaders like those that put their names on the ballot for obumer and can see for themselves that this obummer is nothing but a puppet for his handlers. Therefor they do not see him as a leader of this country.

  • jerry campbell

    Obummer is a lier just like his dad sucifer. I am a member of the DAV and I pray they don’t drink the cool-aid,obummer is the architrct of the secquester and now he blames congress and A lot fo them have tasted the cool-aid.

    • old sarge

      I got one question about sequestration, why did they not include foreign aid in it. We give too much money to those who hate us or use us. (like Saudi bum F – – – s)

  • Freedomforall

    The loss of benefits has nothing to do with Congress but everything to do with obama and his piss poor policies. He spends money like a king. He gives money away to our enemies — the muslim brotherhood. Impeach his sorry arse.

    • DSmith6605

      Impeach No Prison Yes Execution for crimes against America Yes

  • Ken Deemer

    I wish I had been there to yell out STOP GOING ON VACATIONS AND FLYING AIR FORCE ONE ALL OVER THE WORLD (such as on dinner dates and golf trips

  • marcus johannes

    Comrade Chairman Obama is a Mindnumbingly Incompetent Anti American Narcissistic Marxist Lying Weasel , He has gone Above and Beyond since the very beginning to screw our Military ,NASA , Veterans and anything else that makes our Country Prosperous and Strong ,I almost forgot , Hello & Greetings from Arizona to the NSA and DHS !!!

    • old sarge

      Add this to your list on greetings, kiss my booty Nazis

  • Washington22

    Why can’t a genuine sequester, put Obama and his administration’s salaries in jeopardy? Why our vets? Why should they and their families be filled with worry ? Washington, the elite class that they are, is always ready to stick- it to the tax payer but NEVER feel any pain themselves.This nation/government has gone too long and grown too large without stop gaps to reign in the monster it has become. It is a fire-breathing, people eating, greedy-money-sucking creation of those on the hill. A day of reckoning is coming soon to them. They don’t know it, but it’s on it’s way.

  • blossom

    How come the “sequester” never affects his giving away millions of our money to every foreign country he can find to give to. What a guy! However the House of Representatives is suppose to monitor and approve all money being used. Where are these gutless wonders at?

    • Richard Wittauer

      I was going to write almost the same thing. Other than adding using some of the foreign aid for people in need back home, such as after a deserter.

    • Harold

      Guy? are you kidding?

  • Jimmy Cooper

    As a Life Member of the DAV this is but one more time they are pushing me into dissolving my participation in their organization! They tout everything the Dems in the Senate do for Vets in the magazine, but don’t bother to mention that Reid won’t even table a idea brought by a Republican. And then they let this destroyer of our Constitution speak at their event….Makes me sick!!!

  • wyatt48

    You need to keep your promised to veterans Mr. Obama. You are only using vets as a tool to get what you want. Making the cuts hurt the very people you expect to protect this country. Still you insist on making sure that any cut made hurts someone or some thing badly. If you would cut the right things there would be no problem with the military pay and benefits.

  • 4USA2

    Obama is the one who put the sequester into action. He proposed it and he did it. How about his vacations take THE CUT!

  • missnellie

    All I can say is I despise this man….and now despite his bullsh#t – he will take a vacation on our money in Martha’s Vineyard – while disturbing every resident there as well.

    • old sarge

      How much will all the money spent on his “vacations” buy for the Vets and be put to the national debt be of great need to our country.

      • missnellie

        Sarge – he could give a crap about you or me….his/her/their vacations have and will continue to rip off the American citizen till he exits the White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • longduckdong2

    What a pendaho!!!

  • silvernotes

    Is there no end to who this President will hurt to get his way? There are SOOOO many things to cut in the federal budget, if people were not being intentionally jepardized by Obama, it would be commical. He needs to go and we need somebody sane and with some managerial experience.

    • Harold

      Also someone who does not hate America!

  • stopthelawfare

    The only thing that needs to be sequestered is his vacation lust.

  • lakehead2

    O is a liar!

  • dennis metz

    democreaps will always screw the veterans because they hate us and do not want us to vote. why do they keep screwing the veterans out of benefits yet keep giving money to welfare hoes that are overpopulating us and causing us to build more schools and prisions and hurting the overall environment? why do we send money to muslim nations that hate us and screw the vets?

  • D-man

    More Hubris and bull scatology from our pivoting precedent.Any one with half a brain can see beyond the clown curtain Obozo is constantly throwing up.And for for any grammer nazis’,president is purposely misspelled.

  • silverzone

    Sequester didn’t hurt his vacations.

    • Harold

      He, like all of his species think they are owed for just being who they are!

  • suzy2

    Congress can file for indictment of Obama for his crimes of fraud, forgery, accessory to murder in Benghazi and Fast & Furious, bribery, not executing the oath to uphold the Constitution and Treason. This can be executed by Congress and the speaker of the house. Obama has committed so many crimes against America that I am sure there would be a mob at the court house door demonstrating for a conviction!. Treason on many levels he has tried to hide as he continues to empower the Muslim Brotherhood. Like he just sent the Muslim Brotherhood $195 Million of our Tax dollars that will never reach the civilians for help. This was all a scheme to empower the Muslims. He has smuggled weapons and aircraft to our enemy. This man belongs in prison or execute the penalty for Treason! Which is Death

  • suzy2

    Democrats are the ignorant part of the human species. Some are not even human, more like dumb monkey’s!

  • dennis metz

    when the government needs money they always turn the screws on the people that work for it, they never try to limit rewarding welfare hoes or the actual tax cheats or giving money to terrorist nations etc we should stop sending money to other nations period until our budget is in order and we should stop bringing in hatians and somalians and syrians and supporting them and then screwing us vets

  • pFeather

    The only reason veteran benefits will be in jeopardy because of the sequester is if Obama allows it to happen. What a pathetic clown, Obama is in charge of everything and responsible for nothing.

  • Rue E. Mccain

    Obama could care less about the elderly.. but he does want their money, one way or the other. And he will get it.. thro some evil means or maybe assisted suicide for those over a certain age.. he is all in favor of that. He is a horrid man!

  • frankenbiker

    How about cutting some vacations? Or, how about not sending Biden on a whirl wind tour of Europe and Africa? Keep Moochella at home, take a cut in salary. Give your salary to the VA as a charitable contribution, your a 1% after all.
    Then, quite sending money to our enemies, and giving money to other country’s for our oil?
    This “man” is an unmitigated ass.

  • jdbixii

    Dumb policies put their bodies in jeopardy, it is not likely that sequester (regardless of how that is interpreted) could possibly put their benefits in jeopardy.

  • cae973

    Our military and our veterans come before anything and anyone! Stop sending money and aid to muslim dominated countries who are the Enemy and stop taking yourself and your family on expensive vacations obama that in fact cause the taxpayers plenty! Maybe obama could try something new for a change and pretend he is the president instead of Mr show business and get his priorities straight!

  • Take 2

    Whom originated the sequester?
    Whom originated the Loan debackel?
    Whom originated 4 LIFE TIME slave TAX w/Penalty?
    What Party was in Power @ start of WWI WWII Vietnam
    What Party ended Slavery?

    a. Barack Obama jr.
    a. Billy W. Clinton
    a. Democrat Party
    a. Democrat Party
    a. Republican

    America… really.

    • FlyTyer2

      I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, a supporter of Obama, but I have to add to your simplistic evaluation of the two parties by asking this simple question. Was not the Civil War fought over slavery which was, as you imply, a Republican victory. Read the Emancipation Proclamation and you will see that Lincoln freed the slaves ONLY in those states that had succeeded from the union.

      As far as I’m concerned both parties are responsible for the disaster we now face. It’s just that Obama has accelerated the decline of America by far greater than any previous president.

      • Take 2

        My simple example shows the disparity of major benchmarks of non-responsibility
        regarding MAJOR slavery ‘debacles’ in American History.

        I added Slavery as the only major (Example: WAR or Life Time TAXATION
        w/Penalty) Negative debacle when either Party was in (Presidential) complete
        Both Parties do have PROGRESSIVE (Communist/Collectives) woven deep into
        their fabric. Yes.

        No, Obama (for a fact) accelerated a decline over ‘ALL’ other Presidents collectively.

        Former (D) GOV Grey Davis of California (5TH. largest Gov. body in World @
        time) is another prime example of what a Progressive can destroy in limited
        amount of time w/full control of gate keepers i.e. Full House environments.

        I am 100% correct based on historical facts-not making stuff up.

        The DEM Party when in complete Power is 100% Master and Slave dogma that
        takes over States Rights causing major loss in income-Taxation / scandal, WAR, and or off setting causing / or allowing WAR.

        Civil War substituted for whom freed the Slaves because it was the only true
        Master Slave / Taxation issue ‘unresolved’ by the Founders i.e. Who were
        not of either DEM or GOP Parties? The Republican caused a major WAR / debacle BUT also ended up freeing ‘ALL’ Slaves. You decide…

        The point is is a long-standing Democrat Party never taking part of or
        accepting full responsibility in their debauchery of enslaving innocent American

        Actually, Democrat take innocent black & brown votes via claiming that the enemy to the Republic is the same Political Party that ended Slavery, and fights against Slavery through reducing Voluntary Taxation with ‘NO’ Penalties.

        (‘NO’ penalty is Key.)

        scored level 13

  • DSmith6605

    Get this F ing N er out of our white house put him in the big house where he belongs Prison waiting for his execution for his crimes on America what are you waiting for you F ing morons in Congress.

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    Does ANYONE yet realize that it was Obama who first demanded the sequester? Or that the sequester DOES NOT REDUCE EXISTING SPENDING/BUDGETS by a single nickel? Plain and simple, it denies projected/requested INCREASES in the various budgets across the government’s to-do list. No reductions. Period. OBAMANATION LIES!

  • sovereigntyofone

    Obama has been using every excuse he can to put the ” screws ” to those that defend our nation and constitution. I’m talking about our ” hero’s ” the military that put their lives on the line everyday.
    What thanks do they get, well, lets see. During presidential elections such as the last one their ballots ” mysteriously ” disappeared and didn’t make it in time to be counted. During the first few months of Obama’s first term he tested the water by making the remark that military personal should start paying for their own medical expenses. That didn’t go over well, and now he’s using his ” self imposed sequester ” as an excuse to screw them over yet again. It is blatantly clear that Obama hates the military and would do anything to take money out of their pockets ( not that the make that much to begin with). Obama won’t cut spending by getting rid of the redundant departments in the government, he won’t stop the criminals that are abusing the EBT (SNAP) food stamp system or entitlements.. No, he’d rather keep all of those and spend even more in his own little private war supporting our enemies in Al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood. And people want to know why I think this president is a fraud.
    Anyone that HATES everything this Nation/Republic once stood for can’t have U.S. blood flowing through their veins. This president has more respect for the enemy that hates us and wishes us dead than he does for the troops in our military that protect and defend this nation.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • theronald

    If the sequester puts benefits in jeopardy for retired military veterans, it should do the same
    to retired congressmen, then we will see how the sequester lasts.

    • MARYANN33

      Good idea…we are much too poor to pay the congress or senate…we just send it all to muslim countries that hate us and bring Pakistani doctors here by the droves…

    • bless2live

      if so, then best you lock the printing machine up as them fools will work late at night printing themselves new moneys!

  • DenverKitty

    Such a f_cking LIAR!!!

  • Bragar

    No, obama puts me in jeopardy. I can make it longer with out the money than this nation can with his “leadership”.

    obama, never has SO little gone SO far.

  • Bob Roberts

    Never in the course of human history has one man done so little for so many!

  • Kenneth Duncan

    He wants everyone to forget that he is the idiot that did sequestration. How about secret service gets threatened with sequestration. And obamas vacations end.


    How about we sequester his vacations and his airplane and his secret service and his chef….and his food taster.

  • GrizzlyIX

    YEAH, while the Great Sheik OweBozo & the Queen Beatch of the Universe go on VACATION, AGAIN! !!

  • RLJR1


    • FlyTyer2

      LOL I hate to burst your bubble but your plan at a cost of 350 Million would benefit only 350 people. Since the US population in 2012 was just under 320 million your plan would only cost
      $320 Trillion. Even Obama would have problems spending that much. But, he would sure as hell try.

      • RLJR1


      • FlyTyer2

        The one needing a review of his math skills is you. If you have a 7 year old in your family ask his assistance in multiplication. By the way, are you aware that typing in all caps is considered yelling? I doubt it.

    • gbandy

      Need to check your math. We have already given the Black population Trillions since 1965 and we all know how well that worked.

  • gbandy

    Obama has done more to hurt the Military than the Sequester Obama signed into law. Has anyone else noticed Obama creates so many problems and always seems to be able to convince his mindless followers it is someone else’s fault?

  • chuck

    Obama is a low life

  • chuck

    he set up this mess and the dems in senate have prposed no budgets in five years TERM LIMITS NOW

  • Taskmasterendgame

    Hey Obammi !
    Plant your self in the White House and do some work for a change !
    The Vets and the American People are tired of paying for your vacations every 4.5 Days
    Get yoursekf to work for a change. Like the rest of us !


    When will the Secret Service go on strike?

  • mallen11

    In my opnion, I believe -0 is so influenced by Satanic ideas that he makes all the wrong decisions that is causing our country to fall to our knees to our enemies. Satan knows how to say things that sound right but are totally wrong. Half truths mixed with lies.
    Ezekiel 28:17 Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom by reason of your splendor. I cast you to the ground; I put you before kings, that they may see you.

  • ezekiel22

    Obama asked for the sequester and he got it. Any questions? The dems do not want a budget period. If they did have one then people would have to be answering when it goes over. That would mean responsibility. Obama has not cut his budget and yet expects others to do so. I believe that is called hypocrisy. Of course when you have an imperialist for president you expect nothing less. Think Versailles and the French Revolution with Michy being Queen and the picture comes clear. Congress isn’t much better as they still want us to pay for their extras.

  • MontieR

    STOP SPENDING !!!!!!! Nuf said.

    • ToadStoolManor1

      O has no conception of that idea… look at his actions for the last almost five years… they are disgusting…

  • sandraleesmith46

    And he’ll be telling seniors the SAME thing about Social Security and Medicare any day now, you watch! He figures if he “panics” those blocks of voters who are largely voting against his projects and lies, he can scare us into voting his way and pressuring our Congress critters to do so as well, giving him whatever he wants! But as the article here points out BETTER sense would be to stop all foreign aid; especially to our AVOWED ENEMIES! And then create a GENUINE BUDGET which can be balanced and worked out SENSIBLY!

  • BillG4

    I suspect Congress could come together on a budget if Obama and company would stop stonewalling cuts to social programs. He’s a complete hypocrite.

  • Ron

    Our benefits are at risk? Well, let me see, vacation again huh, Obama, at a couple billion. Daughters sent on vacation to Mexico, another couple billion. Money sent to Islamist rebels, another couple billion. While you are out flying around in Air Force One, at a couple million per flight, you dare to say our benefits are at risk. Come on down here and visit me in my home Obama. We will see who and what is at risk.

  • winlass

    Surround WA DC with bikers and build a human fence to keep the elites inside until they can be arrested. It can be done and Hussein, the #1 illegal alien, could be frog marched to prison along with his cronies. THAT would be Rolling Thunder. . .

  • JL Brown Jr

    Let’s drag his ass out of the white house, ground air force one, Deny him any money.
    If that don’t work, its time one of our enemy take him out, I know there are a few,
    Please please someone take this sorry excuse for a human being, and a bigger waste of space, deny him the ability to breath, please take him from this planet, and make sure he can do no more harm to this once great nation, we can’t pay you, but please please do it NW, so we can rebuild this great nation.

  • ToadStoolManor1

    What an Idiot! He is the one that signed the Sequester into law… he wanted it, he got it…. he knew he could use it as a club on all who oppose him politically…. that stand in his way of what he wants …. just like the big bad bully on the play groung…”don’t wanta play by my rules, I’m gunna tell on you… –que the whiney voice–

  • SeaShel

    This man is forever campaigning (blaming) simply because he is not mentally able to lead in the office of president of the USA. Did he produce a budget in his first term? Didn’t he suggest sequester? Wasn’t he the one who cut the WH tours for the nation’s children? Didn’t he, himself, used the military and pentagon to strike fear in them about reduction in the budget. He then goes around the country using his “commander in chief” designation to spread fear that their budget will be slashed by Congress (Republicans in the House), who won’t extend the debt limit, therefore making only one branch of the government responsible when he and the Senate are still in the majority. ANYONE who would believe him about anything is not paying attention.

  • Linda Sowders Wilson

    I believe the sequester was Obama’s idea!

    • southie55

      You are 100% correct but obummer didn’t think that meant stop spending Our money.

  • mthammer

    We come first President Obama, cut the food stamp program in half , cut the congressional and federall pay in washington in half , thatwilll pay for the veterans benefits and dont you dare sir challenge us with the sequester,. Stop the foreign aid to Egypt , we gave our lives for this country you didnt or any of the people in your administration . We demand you take care of us , you work for us remeber that, you are not a king and you dont want to piss us off anymore with your requests . You and Congress work it out or shut don the government and furlough everyone in Washington all you do is bleed the citizenry dry.

  • Mary

    Hey Dumbo, we love our America. Go back to Kenya where you came from. Your not an American. Your nothing.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Wouldn’t hear of cutting his or Michelle’s lifestyle perks ….but the men and women who serve and protect his right to do just as they please can be thrown under the bus? That is sad!

  • ADRoberts

    Congress gave Obama the RIGHT to decide where ALL the cuts from the sequestration were to occur. So let all of you veterans remember, if your benefits are cut, OBAMA DID IT. Not the sequestration.

    • fcsuszka

      Ahhh Crud balls. the sequestration was a crock of cheese. Another phony scandal. LOL

  • Patriot7972

    I’m a 100% disabled vet and if Obummer and his minions in any way mess with us disabled vets benefits, he will truly see Hell on Earth upon him and his liberal goons!

  • Robert Smith

    How about cutting aid to the oversea counties and take care of are own .

    • chief1937

      Now that is a novel idea but forget it could work.

      • SBFLA

        If he had not passed another one of his hundred or so executive orders back in 2009 changing the EBT(foodstamp) laws to make it much easier to collect food stamps today we might not have a food stamp problem at all. Just another way for him to control the destiny of the democratic agenda by paying off uninformed voters and making it easier to obtain free hand outs.

      • SBFLA

        Sorry this comment was meant for jag57.

    • jag57

      How about cutting out the gourmet food Obama’s food stamp frauds buy, where only the needy would be getting food stamps?

  • fcsuszka

    Why does this person lie to the American people? Why does he lie to disabled vets? Who does he think he’s kidding?
    It seems to me the last time we went through this budget stuff the same horse manure was spewed by Obama. Seniors, vets, military and the list went on but did not include illegals taking our money. Is this what it’s all about? Same circus different clowns. Or are the same clowns still in office.
    I’m tired of the way Obama is leading our country. He has no clue other than go on lavish vacations while the rest of us sit in poop wondering where the money will come for to may the rent. If he were half a man, and this is a stretch of the imagination, he would stop spending. Stop spending tax dollars on lavish vacations, stop spending money on worthless countries that dislike us, stop spending money trinkets throughout the congressional arena. Get rig of people like to Postmaster General. He hasn’t done anything to cut cuts except cut services and people. The USPS is failing much like Detroit did back during the first gas crises. Swear and be damned the American public wants gas guzzling land yachts all the time they were looking toward and buying smaller more gas efficient transportation. Oh yeah… Another boondoggle. Bail out the auto industry.
    I am a DAV. I served my country honorable now Obama what’s to put fear in our hearts again with his Do it my way or else tactics. How odd congress let the defecation run uphill. HA! Now that it has, I recommend everyone stay away from the fans lest you get hit. Obama will go on a tirade and I for one will not be in front of the fan when it hits.

    • silverzone

      He knows, who he is talking to. Half of US population are not too bright and believe everything he says. He cuts the funding by signing sequester and blames Rep. who so spineless that can’t even defend themselves.

  • Joeblk

    Obama is responsible for these sequesters…who is he trying to kid?!

  • Laura Lee Davis

    How much money could the VA get if just 1/2 of Obama’s vacation expense was given to them? He hates our military and will never help one of them!

  • willhen50

    How could the DAV allow this man to speak to them, the only thing he has decimated is the US Military, this man lies, and he was the initiator of the sequester. I am not renewing my DAV membership.

  • homer1057

    DO YOU REALLY Believe this man is speaking for you or anyone else but the system and the establishment? DO you really believe anything this man has said! there is NO proof of any truth in what has been said…NONE!! He does NOT speak for me, NO foreigner knows what an American citizens represents! A foreigner can’t speak for me……

  • Tiffany Creasy Tyler

    It would appear that the sequester has had an effect on everything except the vacations the first family takes..There another report from Judicial watch shows Holder spent millions talking to illegals and NAACP which had nothing to do with the business of the USA…The sequester only goes into play when it has something to do with average Americans this administration is not included in the sequestration there is plenty of money for them to keep doing what they want to………..spending taxpayers money…………

  • maryatlanta

    OBAMA put VA benefits in jeopardy. Obama authored the sequester. Obama is the king of spin. Obama and his family take million dollar vacations and deny our vets the benefits that they have earned! I, as a tax payer, do not want to spend one more cent on the Obamas vacations. We should not have to foot the bill for Obamas vacations. Stop the insanity! Obama is despicable. Support our Vets.

    • jag57

      You make a good point. Why should presidents now have different vacations than Presidents back in the days when they traveled on trains? In the last 2 decades, we have had 2 presidents that hated the military, but used them as much as possible.

      • maryatlanta

        Obama is such a fan of trains. Maybe we could get him “choo-choo 1″. Put him on a slow train. Maybe lose him for the next 3 years.

  • silverzone

    Only Obama can get away and blame somebody else for something he signed. Half of the population of US are zombies.

  • American47

    What an ass! He is the one who came up with the idea of the sequester so that he could play politics with the republicans. And any president that would worry our veterans like that deserves the firing squad. What he is saying is a lie, just like everything else he has said during his miserable life.

  • Centurian2010

    Said 0bama after spending $100 million on his Africa vacation, his $1.5 billion dollar funding of the Muslim Brotherhood, $300 million funding of Syria, his trip to CA to join the late night show circuit. The only thing 0bama exceeds at is lying.

  • mmzpalmetto

    Not only convoluted, but it sounds like a form of extortion? What a jerk! The Commander and Chief should show the utmost respect for our veterans as well as a modicum of compassion. As the spouse of a disabled vet I am appalled. And if you think that reincarnation could be true; then Mr. BO would certainly have to repay a huge karmic debt;;;;;rather in this lifetime or one of his next. Maybe he should think about that.

  • chief1937

    The very best place to start cutting is in the white house budget. Let Michelle dress herself polish her own fingernails and do away with 90% of her staff. Less vacations at a cost of millions. Ground air force one for a while. Stop sending monies to countries that hate us and are more financially sound than us. These would be a great place to start. A few less czars could also be considered as they aren’t really needed.

  • akoby

    Obama is so shallow. So cut out your vacations, golf outings and giving money to the Muslim Brotherhood and you probably have enough to take care of our Vets. He is still playing the old game of let me hurt those who don’t agree with me. Enough is enough! Start practicing some of that shared sacrifice you like to talk so much about.

  • jag57

    His sequester sure hasn’t affected how many luxury vacations he takes. He must hate that mutt, since he won’t let it ride on the big bird; instead he transports it with a Marine helicopter, along with all it’s handlers. He makes sure he spends every dollar he can possibly spend, in order to bring about his “fundamental change.” from a Constitutional Republic, to something our Founders wouldn’t recognize.

    I’m sure his lies won’t get any traction with our heroic veterans; they are to smart to fall for his bs.

    • Grandma Boop

      You are right that many who were there did not believe his lies. He told enough truths to get applause (mostly things that were done by others, like making VA budgets for 2 years in advance), but many lies also! Some of us stood for his entrance and exit, out of respect for the office, but did not applaud because of the person! Same for the wife, talking about how much she and Mrs. Biden have done for military spouses. However, there were still also many there who believe what he says just because he is like them… or so they think!

  • willhen50

    He didn’t have the audacity to say he signed the executive order for the sequester? The sequester only cuts $30 billion but it is mostly to government workers that have to be furloughed so their claims will take longer to process. And it is coming out of next years budget, as this years budget has already been allocated and yes it could have an impact on their benefits.

  • edward



    Its the same BS message and hot air speech he has given to every person in this country for the last 5 years. He talks in circles and repeats the same rhetoric over and over again with empty promises and threats. Meanwhile he spends millions of these peoples hard earned tax dollars during the so called sequester to gallivant around the globe and ignore the fact that he actually has a job to do. This man is a narcissistic Hollywood wanna be that obviously has no clue what he is doing other than pretending to be the leader of the free world.

  • djw663

    But there is money for Obama to fly Bo on a separate plane to Martha’s Vineyard to spend vacation with the family.

  • mydogpopo

    No more money out of country……..especially to muslims who hate us to begin with……..

  • Higherstandard13

    Let us see where cuts should really come from.
    1. All illegals – deported no hold, no food stamps, no educating their kids, etc…
    2. Obama phones – go away
    3. EBT cards – no more – fraud, life at hard labor – those need assistance get basic food and must have no assets
    4. Foreign Aid – vote against us once cut off 25 years, terrorists state – none, religious persecution – none
    5. Farm Subsidies – stop
    6. Corporate Subsidies – Stop
    7. SS dollars to non Americans or those whom have not paid in for 10 years – stop
    8. Close down some overseas bases – pay US or we leave
    There are all kinds of areas to cut, but they refuse.

  • Grandma Boop

    So guess what? He can get rid of the sequester by making a reasonable budget that all of congress can pass, and then signing it!!! Does he think we have no brain at all?