Obama Plan to Make College Affordable Will Raise Costs


Anytime you get government involved costs will go up.
Check it out:

This week, President Obama is hitting the road to unveil his plan to “combat the soaring costs of higher education.” His three part plan consists of connecting financial aid to school performance, supporting academic innovation, and making college more affordable.

His road tour and policy initiatives sound good in the nightly news cycle. They make for great talking points, but President Obama’s plan does not address the fundamental reasons behind why tuition is rising. Both sides can agree that rising college costs are a big problem and burden for students. But more college subsidies and government aid will not solve the problem; in fact it is the reason why tuition is rising.

Over the past thirty years tuition has risen by over 250%, despite Washington continually putting forth new government aid programs and subsides with the attempt to cut tuition costs. The more money Washington puts into the hands of students only enables the colleges and universities to continue propping up the price of education.



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