Obama Leaked Al-Qaeda Call


National Security seems to be a big joke to Obama.
Check it out:

There’s a story that just ran on what it is that constituted the reason for this massive shutdown of our embassies. And apparently the regime, this Eli Lake and another writer have the story at The Daily Beast, and the only way they could get this is if the regime leaked it. I mean, who else knows this? Who else knows what happened? I mean, sure you’ve got people — the NSA and CIA — but that’s the regime. And basically Ayman al-Zawahiri is now apparently much more active than even bin Laden was. He was bin Laden’s number two. Apparently, these terrorists had a conference call of like 20 of them, 20, 22 terrorists, conference call around a virtual conference table, like a board of directors of a corporation. They planned all this murder and mayhem and terrorism, and we overheard the call. And we’ve leaked that.

So now Zawahiri and his other fellow members of the Board of Terrorists Inc. now know not to use that form of communication again because it’s been compromised. Why in the world leak this? I’ll tell you why leak it. They leak it so as to make Obama look big and competent and tough and make this administration look like nobody’s gonna get anything past them. These are really tough guys, the Obama administration, and they really take terrorism seriously. So we shut down 21 embassies for a week, and we now know the explicit reason why, because we leaked it. So Zawahiri, just to repeat, is on a conference call with the other members on the board essentially — I mean, look at this as a corporation — and they’re planning these various assaults and techniques, and whoever’s listening said, “Man, this is serious stuff. This is bigger or as big as what we heard prior to 9/11.”

So they announce the closing of the embassies, and then, while Obama’s telling us he’s got Al-Qaeda on the run, we leak the actual details of that call, which gives up, tells these terrorists, Zawahiri and the others, not to use whatever form of communication they were using because it’s been compromised. So now they’re gonna go do something else that we can’t follow. Why in the world would you do this? Why would you leak this? Isn’t it enough to say that the chatter was serious and it’s causing potentially grave consequences, we have to shut the embassies?

Now, naturally people are gonna say, “Why? Well, what happened, what happened, what’s going on?” “Well, we can’t tell you. Okay, you want to know why; here’s what happened. We intercepted a phone call, series of phone calls, video calls, whatever it was.” Zawahiri and his gang now know not to do it that way again because it’s been compromised. So rather than leave it untouched and able to tap into any and every time perhaps that Zawahiri gets on the phone with his buddies, we’ve shut that down. It doesn’t make any sense, unless they’re a couple steps ahead of us on this, which I would hope, but I don’t have a lot of confidence.



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