Obama administration urged to arrest Benghazi suspects, after charges filed


When does the warrant come out to arrest Obama for his role in this debacle?
Check it out:

The Obama administration is being urged by Congress to act quickly on sealed criminal charges filed against Benghazi attack suspects, out of concern that any delays in arresting them will put American lives at risk.

“If our government knows who perpetrated the attack that killed four Americans, it is critical that they be questioned and placed in custody of U.S. officials without delay,” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said in a statement.

Officials confirmed to Fox News and other media outlets on Tuesday that several suspects have been charged in connection with the September 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in eastern Libya. The confirmation comes just days after Republicans complained directly to new FBI Director James Comey about the perceived lack of progress in the investigation.

But while charges have been filed, it’s not clear whether any arrests have been made. One of the known suspects who was charged, Ahmed Khattalah, recently gave an interview to CNN. He also spoke with Fox News last October, acknowledging he was at the scene of the attack while denying he was a “ringleader.” He said he was not on the run, and that no U.S. officials had made an effort to contact or detain him — the interview was conducted in an open terrace area of a Benghazi hotel.



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