NY Times Hits the Clintons for Getting Rich Off Philanthropy


This is the true story of liberals.
Check it out:

The New York Times continues to unload on the Clintons. It is as though I am editing the New York Times. Maureen Dowd just unloaded on Hillary yesterday. Today we have news that Vice President Bite Me is putting together his 2016 presidential campaign and that his team is revved up and ready to go and they feel good about their prospects.

Now, we had that one story from the New York Times that ripped into the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor and the foundation, and I commented on that on this program. The observation I made, because I thought the New York Times had made the same point, was that here you have this charity that is receiving millions of dollars and they’re running deficits. They owe money. I drew the connection that the Clintons are getting rich off of philanthropy, which is usually not how it happens. You don’t get rich from philanthropy because philanthropy is not Werewolfism. For those of you in Rio Linda, that’s lycanthropy. This is philanthropy, and it’s giving money away. And it’s impossible to get rich giving money away. You do that after you have become rich.

The Clintons are getting rich in the process of giving money away, but now this story on Hillary actually takes quite a huge number of shots at both Hillary and Bill for the way they’re making money making speeches. Clinton collected 700 grand for making a speech in Lagos, Nigeria. And Hillary gets $200,000 a speech, and one of the points — I think this is in the Modo column, Maureen Dowd. One of the points she makes is this is unseemly. And she talks about Harry Truman who refused to earn a penny trading on the office, refused to accept a penny in his postpresidential life dealing with things like making speeches and so forth. It’s a good point and it’s all about the decline of the office and the Clintons’ quest for money, which has been no secret, and the fact that they have become rich is no secret because they constantly tell everybody.



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