NSA Reportedly Tracks All Web Data


All of this power right at Obama’s fingertips!
Check it out:

The National Security Agency is operating a massive database system that allows analysts to scour individuals’ emails, chats and Internet browsing histories at will, according to a new report from The Guardian based on leaked documents.

The article was quickly challenged by the NSA. In a statement forwarded to Fox News, the agency said “allegations of widespread, unchecked analyst access to NSA collection data are simply not true.”

The agency acknowledged the existence of the program — called XKeyscore — but said access is limited and suggested it was mainly aimed at foreign intelligence targets.

The Guardian article described it differently. According to the piece, the XKeyscore program is the “widest-reaching” system the agency has and allows analysts without prior authorization to dig around the database by filling out an on-screen form giving a basic justification.



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