Notre Dame to begin accepting illegal immigrants


Liberals just want open borders with zero rules.
Check it out:

The University of Notre Dame will begin admitting illegal immigrants to the school and will provide them with financial aid, saying the move will “strengthen” the student body.

The university had never had an official ban on illegal immigrants, but Inside Higher Ed reported the school treated them as international students and required them to have student visas — which effectively served as a bar.

“We will strengthen our incoming class and give deserving young people the chance for a Notre Dame education,” Don Bishop, associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment, said in a statement announcing the policy Thursday.

The university also said it “is committed to meeting the full demonstrated financial need for all admitted students.” Illegal immigrants are not eligible for federal student aid, but the university’s announcement signals that Notre Dame would make up the difference between the cost and what the student and his or her family can afford.



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