No Surprise: The Money-Obsessed Clintons Underpay Employees at Their Slush Fund


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Check it out:

Yesterday we had the story in the New York Times about the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor, and it was a New York Times story, and it raised a number of questions, and those questions were dealt with and analyzed on this program. One of the points made was this foundation is running incredibly high deficits while bringing in millions and millions of dollars in donations. I connected the dots, and I came to the conclusion that one of the points of the story was that somebody is making out pretty well here in the middle of philanthropy.

Philanthropy, usually people don’t get rich. And then, as to review, I talked about how the Clintons run around, and have been for the longest time, bragging about how wealthy they are. Which, by the way, I was always brought up and raised to never talk about things like that, and certainly not to brag about it. It was a big deal in our house growing up. Nobody, whether they were wealthy or not, you didn’t talk about that. And the Clintons, for the longest time, actually since Clinton left office, every time the idea of a tax increase comes up. (Clinton impression) “Hey, that’s fine with me. I’m in that upper tax bracket now. I don’t need that tax cut. I don’t need it. Hillary and I are doing just fine now. Thanks.”

We even put together a parody, Bill Clinton hosting a game show called “I’m Richer Than You Are.” And Hillary does the same thing. So, lo and behold, right on schedule, the writer of the story shows up on MSNBC last night. The author of the story shows up and says, “Well, once again, Limbaugh is factually challenged.” He said the truth of the matter is that the people that work at the Clinton Foundation and the Library and Massage Parlor are profoundly underpaid. I said, “Wait a minute, now. Who was talking about the employees getting rich?” It doesn’t surprise me the Clintons don’t pay anybody anything.

You know this Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer at Facebook, the babe who wrote the book Lean Back, Lean Forward, Round Heels, whatever it was. She wrote this book advising women. Somebody found a job posting to work with her as an intern, and it highlighted unpaid, for many months. The job description is intern. It was deep, it was detailed. Now, here’s a woman who just made $90 million selling some Facebook stock, and who knows what she made with her book, and she’s got a job posting for an unpaid intern.



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