NCAA Bans Marine Vet from Playing Football This Year Because He Played in Recreational League on Base

Steven Rhodes

The NCAA has become a useless organization drowning in nonsense rules. I can’t wait for the bigger schools to break away and start their own association.
Check it out:

Steven Rhodes, a U.S. Marine veteran and 24-year-old freshman on Middle Tennessee State’s (MTSU) football team, will not be able to play football this year because he played recreational football while he was in the Marines that Rhodes described was in his spare time against other mechanics and air traffic controllers.

According to NCAA rules, “Rhodes’ recreational league games at the Marine base counted as ‘organized competition’ because there were game officials, team uniforms and the score was kept.” Rhodes “would have to sit out this season and forfeit two years of eligibility because his recreational league season spanned two academic years.” MTSU won a partial appeal and gained back his two years of eligibility but Rhodes still has to redshirt, according to current bylaws.



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