NBC News Just Found Out Obamacare Costs Jobs


Liberals might be having a revelation.
Check it out:

Now, NBC News, this is fascinating, folks. I guess this would go in the category of why the Old Media is dying. The NBC Nightly News did a story last night. You know what they just found out? NBC Nightly News just found out that Obamacare is forcing employers to convert full-time workers to part-timers. They just found this out. Now, you have known this been going on for how many months now? Seriously. Months this has been going on because you might be affected. This is the old thing about 30 hours or less and you don’t have to provide health care for people. And so a lot of businesses have been converting full-timers to part-timers. NBC just found out about it, and they did a report. They actually did a report. They had a reporter who went out there and reported, and she’s good, Lisa Myers.

You know what my guess is? My guess is that Lisa Myers has had this story for months and has been trying to get it on the air. That’s my guess. I don’t want to ruin her career here. She’s interviewed me. I’ve had several segments with her, and she’s good. Like Jamie Gangel at NBC is good. There’s a number of them that are. And my guess is that this is not news to her, but it has been news to her editors. I’m just guessing.



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