NAACP Launches ‘Trayvon’s Law’ Campaign


As racist as the NAACP is, we can assume they want to make this law so that it is ok for a colored person to beat up a non-colored person.
Check it out:

On Friday, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) announced a national initiative it titles “Trayvon’s Law,” designed to “end racial profiling, repeal stand your ground laws, form effective civil complaint review boards to provide oversight of police misconduct, improve training for community watch groups, mandate law enforcement to collect data on homicide cases involving non-whites, and address the school to prison pipeline,” according to CEO Ben Jealous. Jealous said, “What happened to Trayvon Martin must never happen again. Trayvon’s Law will serve as the foundation for community advocates as they work to end laws and practices that contributed to his death and to create new policies that will prevent further tragedies.”

The NAACP has yet to explain how the George Zimmerman case was related to racial profiling, stand your ground, or police misconduct.



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