Mom Gets Note Demanding She Euthanize Autistic Son


This is what liberalism teaches. Life means nothing to them.
Check it out:

A hate-filled letter received by a family in Canada telling them to move out of the neighborhood or euthanize their autistic son has gone viral, prompting a flood of support for the family.

The letter began to receive attention after being posted on the Twitter account of Brad and MaryLynne Stella, the married couple that comprise the country duo The Stellas. Their daughters, Lennon, 14, and Maisy Stella, 9, who star as Maddie and Daphne Conrad on the hit TV show “Nashville,” also posted the photo to their joint Twitter account.

The tweet from @TheStellas read: “This letter was anonymously slipped to our good friend regarding her autistic boy Max. This is appalling.”

The tweet from @LennonandMaisy read: “A close family friend has an autistic boy and this was an anonymous letter slipped under her door. This is real.”



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