He does make it easy.
Check it out:

It is a near-impossible task to determine which Obama-related antics generated the most mockery, cartoons, photoshopped images and jokes and hilarity on the Internet this past week. Where does one begin?

With the rodeo clown, of course. Because: “Above all else, the devil cannot stand to be mocked.” – C.S. Lewis

In support of freedom of speech and for the clown who was barred from appearing at a Missouri rodeo for wearing an Obama mask, Glenn and his sidekicks proclaimed Tuesday as “Mock Obama Day” on the Glenn Beck Radio Show. And they did, mercilessly, donning Obama masks and pink-bowed Minnie Mouse ears, which they wore for a good portion of the three-hour broadcast. Twitter quickly chimed in with thousands of #MockObamaDay tweets that continued for several days more.

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