MLK III Says Trayvon Murdered Because of Skin Color


Disgusting. His father is turning over in his grave for these racist statements. It is so sad that Trayvon isn’t looked at for the horrible character he was. Instead he is lifted up as a hero because of the color of his skin. The irony is enough to make you weep for our country.
Check it out:

On Saturday, Martin Luther King III, son of the civil rights icon, used a rally that honored the 50th anniversary of the Reverend Doctor’s “I Have a Dream” to politicize and inject race into the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, asserting he was killed because of the color of his skin.

“Sadly, the tears of Trayvon Martin’s mother and father remind us that far too frequently the color of one’s skin remains a license to profile, arrest, and to even murder with no regard to the content of one’s character,” Martin Luther King III declared. “Regressive ‘stand your ground’ laws must be repealed.”

George Zimmerman was found not guilty on all charges and has asserted he shot Martin in self-defense. A federal investigation found that race was not a factor in the killing, and the prosecution never accused Zimmerman of killing Martin because he was black.



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