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  • patriotusa2

    This is an outrage. These Muslims are displaying this “prayer maneuver” all over Europe. In France the streets are crowded with them all bending down toward Mecca as if they were living in a Muslim country. I’m sure Obama will be giving them his support.

    • Hoodoo H

      They are doing this as a sign of a conquered nation it seems to me…
      The pig parts n grease all over idea should work just fine to twart it, in addition to a counter-march of Pork Eating Crusaders.

      • patriotusa2

        The Pork Eating Crusaders sounds good to me!

  • Greg

    I can smell them now!! Pew !!!

  • patriotforrevo

    We should give them all Obungles Masks to wear!

  • Robert James

    It’s time for the “Bacon Brigade” to meet them head on! Bring your pulled porked, your fried bacon, your bacon grease, hams, pickled pigs feet, bacon bits, pig ears. Any and all things pork. We’ll break up this evil congregation in no time. It’s time to deploy operation “Bacon In Your face”, Lead by the “BACON BRIGADE”

    • Frank W Brown

      roflmao, great idea!

    • Hoodoo H

      Wear your bacon bras, undergarments and bacon pants and shirts…
      Bacon socks optional.

    • 5live5

      Bring enough to spread it in a circle about 8 feet wide all the way around them. Let’s see them broad jump!!!

  • edward

    Spray all the streets of DC with pig grease………………………

    • jaxtom

      They pretty much are that way around the political sector anyway…

  • edward

    If Odama meets with them or speaks to them HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED AND ARRESTDD IMMEDIATELY.

    • maddad1947

      He should be anyway even if he doesn’t meet with or speak to them.

    • texan texan

      Yea. Another impeachable offense. Must be thousands. How’s that impeachment stuff working out. Hahaha.

      • sunnyblues

        And why do you think that barry the clown is still in office after so many impeachable offenses? Hmmmmmmmm?

      • 5live5

        You know if you forget to clean up after your dog and accidently step in it? you know how it clings to your shoe? THAT’S TEXAN TEXAN!!!

    • Hoodoo H

      Couldn’t agree more..

  • brazuca

    Obama will be the main speaker and then, Calypso Louie.

  • TeaTephi

    Sounds like 2 million patriots aught to have a counter march that same day!

    • allen

      All carrying guns and bags of pig blood to spray them with.

    • Hoodoo H

      Would love to see it !

  • allen

    Napalm, its a rump roast time.

  • Martin Shell

    Got Patriot missiles ???

    • Martin Shell

      Pun intended !

  • James A. DeHart

    Call in the drones, and a couple of Puff the Magic Dragons, good opportunities should never go to waste; isn’t that what the libs always say, never let a crisis go to waste, or something like that.

  • Ironmike4610

    How about some ‘drone’ practice that day???

  • Rowdy

    Cool Idea for them to all bunch up like that.

    • ginger

      That is what they do so they can kill as many as possible in any attack…cowards all. The “so-called “moderate muslims” do and say nothing against the “radicals”..they just continue to breed and take over.

  • maddad1947

    Sounds like a lot of target practice to me.

    • maddad1947

      There is a potential here to get rid of a million lying, cheating, untrustworthy rug kissers.

  • Frank W Brown

    Hey Congress, when are you going to rein in the USURPER???

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    I say, if they do intend to carry this out, that all American patriots show up in the form of 5 million. This CAN NOT stand. I will be more than glad to bring my entire family. Who’s with me?

    • texan texan

      Do y guys know how to organize. Obviously not given turnout at last HUGE rally. Rev up the scooters, clean up the costumes. Be there or be square go geezers. March on. Maybe this guy will start a twitter feed, Instagram site, or fax blast. Go geezers.

      • 5live5

        and maybe if you eat enough, you’ll have the urge so you then won’t be full of it!!

  • maddad1947

    Personally I have come to a conclusion that Islam is NOT a religion. It is a Cult combined from two religions and a few twisted ideas from a desert nomad who was mad.

  • neilshog


  • 212112

    The Koran teaches many things that are IN VIOLATION OF OUR CONSTITUTION.
    They are taught that it is ok to lie and cheat infidels, and it is ok to kill infidels. They also teach segregation of women from men as well as restriction of choice and freedoms. Worst, they teach that any muslim who converts must be killed.
    This IS NOT A RELIGEON, it is a CULT. Islam and the koran violate the principles of this country, and MUST BE BANNED and practice FORBIDDEN.

    • jaxtom

      Don’t forget rape, genital mutilation, child brides, etc.

    • 5live5

      NEVER,NEVER allow sharia to be instilled in The United States!!!! I WILL go to jail, because the first time I see a woman or child being stoned or beaten somebody is going down!

  • maddad1947

    DC! DO NOT give them any permits so when they march arrest them.

    • John

      You have to remember DC is run by Democrats and you can bet they will issue them the permits. I wonder when the left will wake up to realize Muslims can’t be trusted.

  • PatCindyCunningham

    Of course we on the Right will sit back and watch. Do a little complaining and be done with it. What problems are Muslims in America having? What gives them the right to march on a solemn day like 9/11? Somebody come up with an alternative march let me know. I will be there with bells on!

  • jaxtom

    Offer immediate “amnesty” to any “undocumented Hispanic resident” that takes one out…to dinner of course…

  • Rosie

    UNBELIEVABLE !!! – Disgusting what America is putting up with. If this happens, it will display our weakness in a BIG way. – GOD help us.

  • texan texan

    Not that the group will get even close to 1M but gotta seethe irony on the last BIG tea party march that go like a few thousand. Yea font give them permits….do unconstitutional stuff. How are they different than any other group as far as rights. Not at all.

  • elcubano

    This march is an insult to the memory of the people who died that day in New York How can this government allow this to happen?

    • jaxtom

      “this government” says it all…

  • Proudamerican

    This could be the start of what we all have been thinking will happen. You think every American will just let them protest while IN OUR COUNTRY? We will see.

  • Bob G

    Let no porta-john or vender of any kind show up. Let them go thirsty, go hungry, and piss in their robes. And have every small business on the streets close down that day. Oh what a smelly, stinking mess DC would be. But then it already is.

    • 212112

      Better yet, lets have TSA grope….I mean search….them to see if they are terrists before they can enter the area.
      Semper Fi

    • Hoodoo H

      Spot on Bob

    • 5live5

      In other words, business as usual!!! DC always stinks!!

  • James

    Well the reason they are doing thon on Sept 11th is to rub our noses in their bombing
    of the World Trade Center. If we allow them to meet on this day we are a bunch of useless cowards. It is the Muslim way to do something insulting to their victims once they win usually they build a Mosque on the site; however it is also their way to whine and cry that their enemy is unfair when they lose. Folks this is just the start of their planned takeover of this country. As soon as they get enough Muslims in an area they will elect one of their own and that will be the start of Sharia Law and the end of personal freedom.

    I say while we have them all in one place round them up and ship them back to wherever they
    came from. Any dam politician that meets with them needs to be kicked out of office now and that includes Obama.

    • 5live5

      Mark my words, if this goes on, there will be trouble big time!!

      • James

        Well while I do not like to have violent confrontation I hope something is done because this is a test by the Muslims to see just how far we will let them go. They always build a
        Mosque or do something on the day that they win any kind of a victory. If we do
        not stop them now our politicians will be kissing their ass for votes. This will be a test for the NSA also. Obama will have his army there to protect the Muslims.

  • Doris C

    Let them demand into infinity. The more they demand the more people will dislike them. Who are they to demand anything especially on 9-11. They are insensitive, calculating,intolerant,and despised by the righteous.Why cant they abide by our laws when they come here. Why do they come to a free country except to change it into what they left. It is not right.Anxious to see the mess they leave in DC.

    • Chasalz

      Unlike most other people from other countries who came to our nation to find a better life, these Islamic towelheads have come to usurp our laws and form of government. The existing idiot in the White House is complicit with these beliefs. The only way we will ever return our nation to a state it was before the 1990s is to round them all up and deport them back to their camel stinking backward stinkhole countries where they came from.

    • 5live5

      In my opine, they can either abide by our laws to the letter or get the hell out!!!

  • Bobseeks

    I wonder how many democrats will be marching with them? I’ll bet the maobama will be a key speaker.

  • DebraJMSmith

    The Morons!

  • 212112

    Since Isla m follows the K oran , and the Koran violates in principle and belifs of the constitution of this country, the Muslims DO NOT qualify for religeous freedom in this country.
    If they want the freedom to practice subversion, If they want to live under shrie a instead of US law they need to MOVE TO A MUSLIM COUNTRY.
    AMERICA FIRST, for AMERICANS, and those who believe in the principles of America.

  • Kaywhever

    The are throwing 911 in your face. How are you liking it? They will be burning Christian Churches next.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      And 0bama will support them. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

    • ginger

      They already are..just not here…..yet.

    • William Walizer

      I will defend the church, if they try to burn the church

    • Rick

      What’s happening in Egypt now will be happening in America down the road.

    • 7papa7

      A good time and place to start the revolution.

  • Bob

    Need to have a herd of pigs walk through the day before.

    • Rick

      And make sure the pigs have had a lot to eat some they can leave some indecent remains.

  • Anthony Alexander

    Why not has the Japanese march on December 7 to demand that laws be enacted protecting their 1st amendment…..

    By the way the 1st amendment is protected by OTHER constitutional laws framed by the founding fathers.

    It’s not just protecting our 1st amendment, but becoming an English speaking taxpayer American ensures your 1st amendment privileges. They are privileges NOT RIGHTS. So if you are a green card carrying Muslim mooching off the taxpayers of this country then you HAVE NO SAY IN ANYTHING here in the USA. DO what pother immigrants have done, learn the language while working, pay your taxes and become a US Citizen…….it’s pretty simple.

    Out of the million to march what percentage are paying taxes and are US Citizens?

  • RobinPC

    No wonder you can never find a terrorist when you need one. They will all be busy sticking it our face.”

    • bob

      What we need to convince them of is that when a terrorist dies, the 72 virgins they get from Allah are all guys!!!!


    Hmm… bending over…. facing East…. where can one find one million broom sticks? Let’s make it one million and one (Obama will probably join them and/or speak to them). Think there is one in Missouri available.

  • Mary Ann Lynn

    I don’t disagree that Muslims are evil people but the truth is they didn’t do what they are being accused of. They didn’t do 9-11 they didn’t do Boston ect. Our government did these things to push their agenda of taking away our freedoms as we know it. A way to gain control over the people through fear. Same with the race wars. Turn people against each other and there is no unity. Sandy Hook is another one that was a government set up to take our guns. Take away the people’s right to defend themselves and you have total control.

    • Reelman1946

      Not really…

    • George Smythson

      you should probably go back to the home now…

    • Rick

      Wake up Mary Ann. The only muslim that can’t kill or hurt you is one that’s been dead for six months.

      • LeSellers

        If it were limited to “can”, that wouldn’t be a problem. The issue is that we have no way of determining which of them will “kill or hurt [us]” as long as they are alive and in proximity.

        I love the I as much as any man on this planet. We are left to ponder, however, if some loophole exists to exclude Islam from “the free exercise [of religion]” since their “free exercise ends up with their killing us. Shoot, SCotuS figured that XIX “Mormons” couldn’t practice their faith when it came to “Plural Marriage” because it offended people who weren’t involved or harmed in any way.

        Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • LeSellers

      There is simply no credible evidence to support your position.

      Nineteen Saudi misanthropes commandeered four airliners and crashed them into the Pentagon, a field in Pennsylvania, and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Osama bin Laudin claimed credit for the attack, millions of Arabs and other Muslims danced in the street fin celebration. Hundreds of thousands of others named the new-born sons “Osama” in honor of those atrocities.

      No one denies that the government took advantage of the situation to curtail our freedoms. That’s a given: governments do that as part of their nature. But The CIA did not place incendiary devices in the buildings, they did not crash the Pennsylvania plane (which noway fits your narrative), and they did not attack the Pentagon.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • Valor

      You need to quit smoking what ever it is you are smoking. I have dealt with Muslims in the Middle East. They are barbarians.

      • Rowdy

        I have dealt with them a considerable amount during my life as well, and I have yet to meet a single one that wasn’t so arrogant that within 10 minutes of meeting them I wanted to strangle them.

      • Valor

        Yeah, I spent a month in Turkey training Muslims in the B-737. They have a real problem accepting instruction from an “inferior infidel”. I wouldn’t sign off several of them, and probably still have a price on my head. Nice horse! Horse are much easier to train. Have 4 of my own.

      • Rowdy

        Ooops posted that in the wrong place so I will repost it here.

        First things first. Thank you SIR for your service to our country. If you were like me you were proud to do it, and gave it your all. And am very ready to give my all for my country one more time.

        Yep I was an Electronic tech in the military 1966 – 1970 (radar) Tried to help
        with the training of many from Iran. Killed my soul to have to teach
        those arrogant jerks our top secret technology. Good part of it was
        they were so egotistical that I don’t think they really learned much of
        it. One thing they were real successful at was making me hate them.

        Yeah that is a picture of me when I was 14. To this day that was the
        best horse I have ever sat. But that is to be expected I guess. My
        dad was one of the last true cowboys. He made his living (from the time
        he was 12 until he volunteered and went into the service for WWII)
        chasing down wild horses and breaking and training them to sell. This
        horse was a descendant of some of those horses and was the last horse my
        dad trained.

      • Valor

        We have a lot in common. I was raised on a working cattle ranch. After college I worked for a while as a law man, then left that to go into aviation. Now I am back to horses. Have 4 Morgans that I raised. Came full circle, I guess one could say.

      • Rowdy

        Well SIR this will the the third try to leave a reply to you. The other two posted but in the wrong places, and then one of them disappeared. So here goes the third and final try.

        First things first. Thank you SIR for your service to our country. If you were like me you were proud to do it, and gave it your all. And am very ready to give my all for my country one more time.

        Yep I was Electronic tech in the military 1966 – 1970 Tried to help
        with the training of many from Iran. Killed my soul to have to try to teach
        those arrogant jerks our top secret technology. Good part of it was
        they were so egotistical that I don’t think they really learned much of
        it. One thing they were real successful at was making me hate them.

        Yeah that is a picture of me (on raw) when I was 14. To this day that was the
        best horse I have ever sat. But that is to be expected I guess. My
        dad was one of the last true cowboys. He made his living (from the time
        he was 12 until he volunteered and went into the service for WWII)
        chasing down wild horses and breaking and training them to sell. This
        horse was a descendant of some of those horses and was the last horse my
        dad trained.

    • jpatton346

      You are weird

    • Chasalz

      Mary Ann, you have been smoking too many funny cigarettes and drinking spiked Kool-Aid.

  • sunnynomore

    I wonder how many of them are actually Americans????? That would be a great time to round them all up and ship them to the Middle East!!! Obama created this problem, because he is a Muslim. Now they are trying to use our own laws against us to promote sharia law in the United States.

  • mwood13

    pigs are a non lethal weapon that will work

  • ginger

    Wonder where they will all stay? on the Mall perhaps…in tents and leave their trash for others to clean up? But darn, don’t let a Christian go..they would be arrested. The muslims want to subvert our way of life and our laws for their own so of course this will be allowed. Welcome to D. C. terrorists in the crowds.

    • Ripper10

      Are you kidding me? These animals will be crapping all over the place. For miles it will stink to High Heaven. Yuk!!!!

    • Chasalz

      UNLIKE THE TEA PARTY, these 15th century animals will defacate and leave trash everywhere.

  • Reelman1946

    Cults do what they do…and its ugly.

  • bob

    Fill up your squirt guns with pigs blood and have target practice

    • Rick

      Better yet, fly over them and drop pig fat. Drones come to mind.

    • freedixie

      Hey, I really like that one. We should bury bacon or piglets at all mosque sites, and keep these towelheads on the move, right out of the US.

    • jb80538

      Use super soakers!

  • lilyb310

    Send them all back to their beautiful homelands where they so willingly departed to enjoy life in the USA.Their mission or goal in life is to destroy the infidel and the Koran says that is us! Round them all up and inter them in a camp unless they agree to return to where they came from. They are one of the major threats to our society and way of life, next to Obama.

    • Rick

      The only good muslim is a dead muslim.

  • dheydrick

    Catch a clue, people. Just because you have a right to do so, doesn’t always mean it’s the right thing to do. It’s wrong to shove ‘tolerance’ down everyone’s throat and it’s wrong to taunt PC messages on the one day out of the year when it shouldn’t happen. Really? What extra, special rights are Muslims demanding now? Hey, there are 364 other days in the year. Pick one.

  • aggreen1

    ***Nice demands, but fat chance the Prophet Obama will take notice and heed.

  • DPMP

    Call Egypt’s military and tell them we have a little peace-keeping mission for them, since our government won’t do anything.

  • BLH557

    Maybe we should really call it the Million TARGET march.

  • FSHNT21

    And Barry will be LEADING that march…
    I would also suggest heavy “Initial’s” Agency attendance (FBI,NSA, CIA, ICE, CBP, DHS and any others to screen the crowd there to determine which ones go to jail or get deported. Could be easy pickings if you get that many of there cockroaches together in one place.
    Oh…. and a long line of correctional institution busses to help transport might be helpful.

    • james_barrs

      These groups that you mentioned will be there. They will just be protecting & supporting them

  • sunnyblues

    This, indeed, calls for a SHOWDOWN. Are we going to let these haters of our country, flaunt their disregard for our laws, our customs, our very way of life just because they have the backing of our tyrannical government and can pretty much do what they like even on the very day muslims attacked America and murdered many innocent people? This cannot continue on without repercussion. We are a tolerant people but this is intolerable and must be met head-on.

  • VanceJ

    Rights ? they have more under this GOVERNMENT THAN I DO.

  • Goodforall

    They want to take over like thay have done wherever they can-France and England are prime examples. How dare they “march” on 9/11. That is a slap to all of Americas face! Except to the Muslim in the WH-I’m sure he will be right in the front leading them.

  • CoolApple

    Let em march. Put Barry in front with his big muslim smile. Let all them Dems, the Wapo that live and work there get a dose of their B S. The rest of us can wear our”Remember 911″ pins and recall what happened last year in Benghazi.

  • Joseph111

    Why not have a ‘million-hogs-and-pigs’ along the route the very same day …
    Stand up to these 3rd world a-holes – do not let them desecrate the memory of those we lost on that terrible day

    • Hoodoo H

      Should also have the Oscar Meyer Weiner Truck show up with the king size weiner on top.

  • LibertyLouis

    Americans need to Show up with thier PORK sandwiches, etc.
    Sell PORK Hot dogs, etc.

  • disqus_xFkh2fum3D

    I will be there selling B.L.Ts

    • Hoodoo H

      How bout some corn dogs?

    • Washington22

      Why are they REALLY doing this march? Is it safe for there to be a million of them gathered?

      • Rex1949

        Washington 22: They want to do like they did in England when they protested there. Insult the people and show no respect and insult them while there walking and make the Muslims show how big they are. yet the stupid morons can’t deal with there own problems back in there own country. All they do is fight back in there country and kill one another and burn down there own building and bomb them. That just proves that the Muslims are not smart and dumber then a rock!

      • Washington22

        They managed to take down the twin towers on 9/11…….they’re not that stupid. I don’t trust this entire thing.

  • Carlo

    Facebook page showed less than 10 people attending BEFORE it was taken down!!

    • james_barrs

      There will probably be more mainstream journalists there than protesters lol.

  • Richard Diaz, Sr.

    This is unbelievable, these sick Muslims who have absolutely no respect for human life by continuing to blow themselves up killing many innocents around them. A religion that brutalizes, kills, maims any and all people who disagree with their sick ideology, whose one goal is to spread their brutal religion throughout the world and to conquer, has the audacity and colossal nerve to ask our government to protect their civil rights, good golly miss molly, what about the civil rights of those they continue to murder and slaughter in the name of their non-existent Allah? Tell me, what is so holy about Jihad, a system that enjoys killing and bringing so much misery upon humanity. They pray five times a day facing the east and when they finish their prayers that go nowhere and get back to their feet, there prepared to start killing again those who are against them and that includes their own Muslim brothers like what the Shiites and Sunni’s continue to do against each other. Talk about hypocrisy and evil. They truly are masters of this sickness.

    • Ed Leon

      Wow, nicely put in short and concise form all of the evils of that demonic “religion”! I couldn’t have summarized it any better.

    • Chasalz

      Wow! Richard, I couldn’t sayit any better! BRAVO!

    • james_barrs

      Oh, allah is real. He is an Arabian desert demon. I am sure he is one of those cast out of Heaven with Satan. He is subservient to Satan who, in turn, is subservient to GOD Almighty. This is the religion which recognizes Jesus Christ as it’s 2nd greatest prophet. A religion where there 2nd greatest prophet was either a liar or GOD himself. Hard to figure. I believe that Jesus is the Son of GOD & the only way to salvation is through his blood. How can a religion that purportedly worships GOD have as it’s greatest prophet a man who is placed ABOVE this same GOD? The prophet muhammed was deceived by the demon, allah, & the rest of these idiots follow the barbaric ways of this insane pedophile. They are protected by our Constitution while they are citizens, as they should be, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t arm ourselves with the truth about them & their agenda.

  • Valor

    That would be the day that millions of Americans show up and counter these barbarians. Bring lots of Pork. If I could, I would be there. Please, people, show up!

  • steveindajeep

    Wow and on 9/11…that’s pretty ballsy. This whole administration and their arrogance, audacity, and ignorance is legendary at this point.

  • dorjam434

    I love the BACON BRIGADE, 5 MILLION AMERICANS showing up in Washington DC on 9/11/13. Lets see how Obumma handles that. Traitor. Traitors. Where were these Muslim Americans over the last 10 years standing up for the wrong that is committed against the Americans by their Islam terrorists. One of the pastors of Muslims here in America couldn’t even admit the truth about the Sharia law in their organization. He wanted us to prove that his Koran says that that is real. He would not commit to the law being in effect this time in life. He lives here in America. Shows that the terrorist are here waiting for the moment they are given to attack. Because of our freedom, we let them into our beautiful country that God designed for us from the creation. We have to stop their mocking us.

  • chuck

    they will are burn in H E L L

  • Roger Berens

    If they get their way we will see the same hatred and intolerance that Muslims in Europe spew out.
    They want the right to spew out hatred for the West while benefiting from our freedoms. They want the right to force their despicable way of life on us while getting the advantages of living under the liberties that they are trying to destroy. Islam is fascist.

    • Chasalz

      Islam is the most evil plague ever to infest mankind. Any religion that says God tells them to kill other human beings just because they think or worship differently is a warped form of insanity.

      • Roger Berens

        Every country where they immigrate ends up worse off. They are fascist leaches. They impose their will on the host country and force the country to adopt Islamic laws.
        They overload the social services of the country and complain about how “evil” and “immoral” the host country’s culture is; and then they demand that the people of the host country adopt THEIR culture and THEIR religion. The political left in the host country, being the self-hating, guilt-ridden, slugs that they are, tell the people that if they criticize or resist the Muslim immigrants that they are “intolerant” and “racist”.
        The people in the host country are bullied into silence and being “tolerant” of scumbags who abuse the hospitality and laws of their country and who insult and openly hate their culture and freedoms.

      • Chasalz

        Roger, what you stated could not be stated any more truthful or more clearly. It is 110% on the money. We must wake up and stop the insanity that has pervaded our nation with political correctness and destroying our moral fiber.

      • Roger Berens

        It is any coincidence that Marxism/Socialism is the predominant political ideology in the majority of Muslim countries? The leaders of those countries have made a mess of things, and they have to blame the West and Israel as a safety valve and to keep power. They have been blaming us and trying to invade the West for 1300 years. They also seem to resent the fact that for the last 500 years the West has overshadowed them and become the most prosperous and inventive region of the world.

  • cdansreau

    I should point out to DHS that if they attend in arabic clothing (robes, burquas, etc.) they could be
    carrying firearms, RPG’s, small mortars, etc. they could use these to attack the white house and congress. Let me suggest that they should be searched. If only one percent of them do this then
    (10,000) they could storm the white house and assault the president.

    force him to stop using drones, stop NSA intrusion, prevent global cooling.
    force him to impersonate a rodeo clown, make him go on vacation.

    Or even worse force congress to pass a budget.

  • bob

    Let’s recruit a bunch of the whores that live in DC to stand there naked. Muslims aren’t supposed to view a naked woman’s body.

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Would’nt phase’em!!! Now put a naked feller or a goat out there and you’d have a stampeed!!!!

  • Politically Incorrect

    Islam is first and foremost a form of government, religion is secondary. We see how the perception of civil rights are working in the Middle East and elsewhere. On 9-11 of all days, Muslims want to demonstrate in our capital? Let’s not stop the insensitive insults, might as well have the Nazi Party celebrate the Holocaust there too, so there are some shared common feelings between both groups.. Did this administration indirectly go through the back doors and suggest this?

    • American voter

      PI: At least they’re not marching to the World Trade Center……..yet

  • jkthomas97

    Thanks Mr. President for your seller leadership and inclusive policies
    following our murders. This tribute couldn’t have done it without you. Signed,
    911’s from heaven

  • bungicord

    This would be a good place to learn the art of profiling Rags.


    What an opportunity to improve America…

  • patriotforrevo

    Exploding prayer rugs, anyone?

  • dorjam434

    This is the dispensation of Grace. God is setting the stage for Jesus’ return. Israel will never be taken away from Gods children again. God promised Abraham. Therefore time is short. We have to line up with the word of God because when the trumpet sounds from the heavens, and the KING descends on his white horse, it will be to late for all those murders of the Christians and Jews. Sin is destroying the hearts of the human race. Terrorists are confused, mislead, and filled with evil against the human race. This God will not tolerate. Be ready, when the roll is called up yonder will you be there?

    • Rex1949

      dorJam434: Amen to that sister. No repentance when God returns. As they had the chance before God’s returning. And the Loss shall go to hell and total damination… while the ones who believe will rise and go to heaven. Amen!

      • james_barrs

        Not the ones who are just believers. Satan believes in Jesus yet he will be in Hell. Only those saved by the Grace of GOD, through the blood of Jesus will be there.

  • dorjam434

    Oh, one more thing. God wants us to praise Him by raising our hands and voices to the heavens , not our dariars.

    • Chasalz

      THAT’S DERRIERE (Asses)

      • dorjam434

        Thank you for the correct spelling. I couldn’t find it anywhere. But it was the appropriate word.

      • Chasalz

        You’re welcome.

  • Deborah G

    There will be a massacre I believe. I doubt anyone will like the anniversary date as an In Your Face insult. they want to be accepted they first have to police their own

  • patriotforrevo

    Hope the NAACP marches the same day. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

  • jpatton346

    Some people will see this as an oppertunity to get back at muslims for 9/11.

  • jb80538

    Somebody needs to turn a few hogs loose for this event.

  • longduckdong2

    Send the towel heads back to the caves they crawled out of. How are the “liberties” in your
    homeland? Go demand them there.

  • Tim jackson

    Can you say “Turkey Shoot” ?

  • raccman

    I’d love to go down and sell ampules of fresh pig blood to squirt on the cult members as they slither by !

  • 1 Fed Up American

    Muslims–Islamist have no rightS in this Country take there Government beliefs and the rest of the crap they call a religion and get the hell out of the USA.
    I’m sure the WH Muslim welcome then the in the White House for FREE TOURS.

  • Washington22

    That muslim march may be dangerous………..who know WHY they are really doing this gathering? Seriously…….do you trust them?

  • gunner

    If the so called president that we have had any balls; he would have the I.N.S. there and deport anyone that is not a American born citizen; you will not see that happen; Obummer is not American born and I think he is a muslim

    • Chasalz


    • ladybug

      YES, remember he never acknowledged SEAL TEAM 6 or any other HOLIDAYS we recognize, BUT OPEN wide the doors of OUR WH for Ramadan dinner with ALL his thugs and muzzies………..

  • DockyWocky

    They have a lot of nerve. Now, if rumors of how FEMA has vast concentration camps built and all set up around the country are true, they could be the ideal places to round up and store moslems of any stripe, before they get too organized to go to any real jihadi actions.

    Once the ones back in Allah country stop hearing from the ones already sent here, maybe they will get the notion that the last thing we need ANY of in the US of A is more moslem trouble.

  • Tony

    Well, at least we’ll know where the jihadists are.

    • gary1224

      So you think that all Muslims are jihadists. People like you, who operate from a position of overwhelming ignorance are actually a much greater threat to the existence of this great constitutional republic than terrorists are for you are easily mislead by those who want to turn this country into a tyrannical oligarchy which is ruled by the rules of neofeudalism.

      • james_barrs

        No, I don’t think all muslims are jihadists. Only the ones who practice their religion. islam demands they subjugate EVERY OTHER RELIGION on Earth. Of those, only Judaism & Christianity are even allowed to exist. The rest MUST be destroyed. Then Judaism & Christianity are to be 2nd class citizens dominated by the lowest muslim. The religion of the Arabian desert demon, allah, is irreconcilable with civilization.

      • gary1224

        Hmm, sounds like the hardcore “Christian” fundamentalists in this country

      • james_barrs

        Finally, you get it. The main thing we try to do is persuade others to do as we are told to do by GOD, unlike the islamists who DEMAND the world’s obedience to their demon, allah. Do as we say or die!!! What kind of religion dictates the people to kill all who won’t convert? Not MY version of Christianity. Before you go off on a wild tangent, I know that earlier versions of supposed Christianity killed many but that was long ago. Our GOD doesn’t condone such actions. The Arabian desert demon, allah, does.

  • 820 REDHORSE

    Target rich envoriment!!! Anyone who protest these anti-American scumbags will be labeled a terrorist by the current mooslut administration! Betcha obumbler will set’em up a buffett & red carpet!! Bet they’ll have security out the wazooo!! Why washington ain’t in flames right now is a mystery to me!

    • veritas7

      Might be a good time for for American Pig Farmers to march on the White House and bring their pigs with them.

      • Anna

        Love that, pigs marching side by side. Great!!

      • 820 REDHORSE

        Hey that’d be cruel to the pigs & farmers!! Imagine the stink the poor farmers & hogs will have to endure!! I’d like to see a Manure spreader slap full of pig sheeyat do a drive by!!!! Now that would be a hoot!!

    • Washington22

      Redhorse…….I was looking for your comment…….What if the million Muslims are up to something? It is 9/11 afterall…………They are congregating in mass right at the Whitehouse……I smell a rat…………It makes me nervous.

      • 820 REDHORSE

        Well W22, We know they ain’t gonna attack the white house, that’ be mutiny!! If they do do something they’ll getta free pass from their mooslut brother @ 1600 penn Ave! But let a Tea Party group march and drop a soda can on the ground , he’ll call out the cops & homeland security domestic army with AR’s drawn.

      • Washington22

        Yeah, Redhorse, they MAY attack the Whitehouse. Think about it………Obama just unlocks the front door……….and welcomes them in……….No, I see it as a real danger, Redhorse. Take over complete……………all the while, we gave them permission to gather on 9/11

      • 820 REDHORSE

        Could be part of soro’s & obumbler’s grand plan!! Who knows with this bunch, they ain’t worried about scandels catchin up with them, so it won’t be no big deal to them to set up a million moe-ron march and give’em the keys to the castle, nobodies gonna do jack squat about it!! The congress & senate GOP are all in coma except for Rand Paul, Ted Cruz & Trey Gowdy and maybe a couple more. The only ones that can bring justice down on this disaster of an administration is “WE THE PEOPLE” or The “Almighty” himself , and I don’t see the Almighty being in no hurry to defend us since we sat on our hands while the commies & libuturds got abortions going ,praying in schools kicked out , homo-rons runnin rampant , its illegal to say Merry Christmas & Happy Easter , You can’t post the 10 commandments in public, You can’t even fly Old Glory at your own home without rasin a stink from some P.C liburturd commie poo-pooing about it! So , until we defend what God gave us and bless him, its all up to “WE THE PEOPLE”! What say you?

      • Washington22

        Redhorse, maybe this idea is a result of my extreme agitation over the past 3 months and what Obama is doing to all of us. I don’t want to think the worst of my country because I’m a pretty stead person, never radical or extreme, but this 9/11 march isn’t good. Look what happened on the last 9/11…..Bengahzi. Something isn’t right………….

      • 820 REDHORSE

        All I can tell ya W22 is stand prepared , and if you ain’t got the 3 b’s (bullets,beans & bible) , your in a world of hurt!! But your right something ain’t right and it ain’t been right for quite sometime, I heard a man say we would all know when the 2nd shot heard round the world was fired and that would be our call to arms. This very well could be it, so stay informed ,stay alert, we don’t know when its gonna happen, but we all know its coming and coming soon.

      • Washington22

        I am prepared with the 3 B’s but I’ve never heard that before,,,,,,,,,,,,smile. I like……Blessings, Redhorse………..

      • Anna

        You know I’m a little late answering you but you couldn’t be more correct. God was taken out & no one defended him. I never thought of it like that. I knew and got angry like most but talking about it, doesn’t get anything done, DOING SOMETHING IS WHAT HAD TO BE DONE. I love my God but I didn’t do anything, nobody did. We could scream and yell but we needed to make sure God kept his Throne. We elected the people that threw God out. May God forgive us and make sure we elect the right people that will fight for our beliefs and for us.

    • Barbaree

      Please God, blasting rain all day, sleet, high winds, flooding…

      • Anna

        AMEN!!!! And a devastating earthquake right in the middle of them all..or better yet a sinkhole..

  • bdcorvette

    It is good that they are gathering like this in one place, because when they start to act like their “brothers” in Egypt and Libya, then the authorities can shut them down and respond to their increasingly violent activities in the street by eliminating them. Great way to get rid of a few of them.

    • Anna

      The thing is NO One will do anything, as much as I want to stop this horrendous action, the authorities kiss A$$.That march will be “protected” while Americans will be jailed (if not worse) if they protest the march. Remember as much as I HATE to say this phrase, We are the Enemy, May the Power of God Almighty manifest itself on this march and help my fellow Americans & bring Doom to these Muslims.

      • 820 REDHORSE

        True ! Sad but its the stone cold truth!!

  • tax man

    What a great occasion for a few hundred drones to be used locally for some serious Pest Control and Nuisance eradication. Only problem will be who cleans up afterward.


    Great opportunity to load up some drones with PIG blood and do fly overs while spraying the crowd!

    • Centurian2010

      Just open up a BBQ shack and serve only pork, but tell them it is beef.

  • Oldsailor65

    I say treat them the same way a group of non-Muslims doing a similar march in a Muslim country would be treated. That sounds fair to me. When the A**hole leader of that group was being interviewed why didn’t the interviewer suggest this? It is disgusting to see pictures of Muslims with there butts in the air. We need to stop kissing their ass and STAND UP FOR AMERICA. Islam is not compatible with freedom and Democracy so Muslims should not be allowed to immigrate to the USA and ALL the Muslims in the White House should be kicked out of the country.

    • Anna

      May your words be heard around the world, no more butt kissing, we are tired of no one representing the people of the United States of America. We are the people of America not these outsiders.

    • Washington22

      But I’m sure that they have gotten all the proper permits, etc. and even the blessing of the city to go forth. We will treat them as citizens, having a standard march on Washington DC. I’m sure that they are 100% legal with the city. It sounds like a permitted minion of people who could go- all EGYPT on us…………some kind of a take over? Obama would probably open the front door of the WH for them. Wouldn’t that be nice?

      • American voter

        Wash22: Maybe he’ll let them spend the night at Our white house!

      • Washington22

        Or MANY nights…….do you trust the march? Not me.

      • james_barrs

        They can’t take over our country with 1 million in Washington. They could, possibly, rid us of a bunch of idiots that aren’t helping their country anyway. If they were dumb enough to try that our military or National Guard would swiftly get them under control. Washington is simply where the laws are written. DC isn’t America. Our country is easily strong enough to survive the destruction of DC.

      • Washington22

        Hmmmm, several things come to mind, James. When Egypt is on your TV screen in turmoil, do you think that there are more than a million there? A million is a lot of people. If it were to happen, WHO would call up the National Guard or the military……….Obama? What if it’s the plan? DC is where they call the shots. I know that America is not DC, but follow along here……It’s a symbolic beginning, taking over the WH. I realize that I sound like some kind of a crack-pot, but just entertain the idea for 5 minutes and tell me if you are not even a bit concerned…………….

      • james_barrs

        I’m not worried. It would be a symbolic slap in the face of our country but it would be the same as Pearl Harbor. It would be a galvanizing point from which to embark on our quest to retake America. Plus, it would have the unintended side effect of relieving us of several career politicians who we could do without. The government workers could still do their jobs without guidance from Washington. We have contingency plans in place so that the government would continue. There is ALWAYS someone in the chain of command who is out of DC at any given time to ensure continuity of government. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be an idiot liberal wishing to continue the ways that would have been proven useless by a massive Islamic attack.

      • Washington22

        I pray that you are right and that I am wrong. Blessings, James

      • Washington22

        You’ve got a point, james. It would galvanize America, something they don’t want see happen……………It’s about 3 weeks away, so we’ll know soon enough.

      • Marlin208

        Oooohhh, 100 dollar steaks for everyone!!!!!

  • fox4hhhh

    Round them up my A**. Call in an air strike and send evrey last one of them to meet up with their child molesting god in hell. If this is allowed to happen it is time for the American people to revolt

    • Marlin208

      Can you imagine the clean up after these pigs leave. Ooops, now I have to go to the nearest FEMA camp.

    • VT Patriot

      Wow. that would sure clean out the supply of virgins set aside for them at 72 each. Hope none of them get cheated like only 71, or they’ll have to protest there too.

  • ConscienceCit

    If we were able to get a million man march against OBAMA and have a true strong turnout we could put a stop to all of this! Do you think we can get enough people off their A__! I don’t it…..It’s easier to type than to STAND UP AND DEMAND THAT WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

  • Craig Smith

    time to hit them back paybacks are hell but they started it

  • LittleMoose

    I guess that none of them have read the Constitution. The Constitution refers to them as much as any other person in the United States. Their problem is that they try to deny others of their rights then complain that their rights are being denied because they are not allowed to do it.

    • ladybug

      RIGHT, live here in the USA and live by OUR LAWS. RESPECT WE the PEOPLE, OUR FLAG, AND OUR CONSTITUTION! OR GO BACK HOME! YOU people are rude, crude socially unacceptable.

  • Rex1949

    Well, the thing is the Muslims seem to have more rights in protest demonstrations then any other religion. And Yet they surely will not be arrested for demonstrating. But the thing is if us Christians was to demonstrate about our religious rights. You can be sure the police would be there and have us all arrested. And Since there Muslims and Obama’s people you can be guaranteed no actions will be taken by them by the Police or any other law enforcement. Just shows you one thing. Obama lies when it commented about We The People having our religious rights and able to speak our mind. Even here on this post. You have to watch your P’s and Q’s. As Obama has this post site being watched. LOL’S there. What a joke this is about Our rights and our freedom. We all know every day our freedom is
    being decayed from legal right to speak our minds and express our feelings. And We are more into today of Controlled Laws in what we can do or say now. Shame this World has gone to heck in a hand basket.

  • blackhawk132

    What an oppertunity. Bomb them and we in one action get rid of a million slimeballs.

    • Rowdy

      Not sure if this is what you had in mind. But if the timing is just right we could solve a lot of problems at one time. Bunch of Demoncraps, bunch of repukes, and a big bunch of muslimes not to mention a whole slew of degenerate types that hang around and feed off of D. C.

  • Javert

    A fleet of volunteer crop dusters dropping a fine mist of bacon grease over the gathered masses. Fragrant, good for the complexion when rubbed in and a real crowd pleaser. Also free pork rinds for all.

    • Marlin208

      Also ending the fun and frolicking with a late night BBQ and lots of beer.

      • VT Patriot

        And a few strippers..

  • Fred Doe

    What a perfect opportunity for an enterprising American or Americans! Who will be the countries antibiotic, to the muslim staff infection?

    • American voter

      Fred Doe: Nicely put!

  • SpudPicker

    Some of them have said that they should not be required to live under the laws of this country. Now these jokers want to be protected by the laws of this country?

    • Valor

      That is basically it.

    • Marlin208

      Just until they can get their laws going. You know, be one with us or off with your head.

    • james_barrs

      They have the right to leave & follow whatever laws they wish to adhere to. If they choose to disobey the laws here they should be imprisoned in a cell painted with pig blood laced paint. I am sure that allah would welcome them back with open arms.

    • LAPhil

      Excellent point!

  • 57girl

    Actually, I don’t think what this group is asking for is unreasonable. Obama did promise us transparency, and I’d like to see quite a bit of transparency myself, in regards to the actions of this Government … all the way, down the line.

    As far as the Muslims wanting the US Government to release the 911 commission report: Again, why is this an unreasonable request? I think most of us take the media’s cue on their abrasive headlines, yet fail to read the entire article. I know, I am guilty for ‘skimming content’, quite often, when trying to catch up on what happened ‘today’.

    Personally, I will never believe that two planes took down three sky-scrapers with out being set-up to collapse, ahead of time. Check our AE911. org, to see what PRIVATE professional Architects and Engineers have to say on the subject. The fall of the Twin Towers and Building Seven should have been investigated from day one, but the Government felt it necessary to haul the debris away before the evidence could be collected for examination. Why is that?

    Judging from some of the comments here, I can see that the Government (and the media) is still a master at herding sheep.

    If the Muslims were trying to shove Sharia Law down our throats, I’d say, gather them up and send them home. But their purpose for gathering as outlined by this article, should not be exclusive to Muslims. Perhaps everyone of us that wants REAL answers to 911 should join them in protest. After twelve years, we ALL deserve honest answers.

    • Bill Bush

      sounds like you should put a towel on your head and march with the rest of the terrorist!

      • 57girl

        If I thought it would force the Government to give us the transparency the article mentioned, I would rally for the truth, less the towel on my head.

        What will it take for people to understand, as long as we stereotype each other, and fight among ourselves, without listening to what we’re saying, we are not standing together to maintain American’s National Sovereignty?

        In case you haven’t noticed, the face of our Nation changed on 911. All we’ve heard since then is ‘terror, terror, terror’. And nobody wants the ‘truth’. It is so much easier to point fingers and drop bombs on other Nations, blaming them, when there has been no legitimate investigation to find out what REALLY DID HAPPEN.

        Who the hell really believes that an entire building toppled to the ground, hit by a single airplane, yet, one little passport survived, unscathed, to identify the bomber? Seriously? You believe that? I don’t.

      • LAPhil

        You know, it’s a funny thing about conspiracy theorists like yourself. You always doubt the accepted explanation but you never have a counter explanation. Why don’t you tell us what you think REALLY happened?

      • 57girl

        Given the state of our nation, in so short, a time, I THINK the Government needed a Catalyst to set their plans for the North American Union into motion. To achieve that goal, they needed a false flag attack, to cripple our Nation financially and remove our rights (for our own safety, of course) one, by one. I think the fall of the towers was an inside job, and I think Larry Silverstein was in cahoots with our Government to help make it happen. Follow the money trail. If, in fact, we had legitimate investigations, maybe we’d KNOW what happened and wouldn’t need to ‘guess’. But as I mentioned in my original comment, the media is a master at herding sheep, so they will twist the headline way out of proportion, and shine the light on ‘the Muslim invasion’, taking the emphasis off of their intended purpose for their march and the date they chose to make their ‘demands’.

        The main reason our Government keeps getting away with all of their BS, is because people don’t question them, at all. We all just go along with whatever they say, pay their absurd taxes, and forfeit our rights to privacy, one unconstitutional law at a time.

        Bury your head in the sand, if you please, I’d like to see some answers that fall within reason. and the laws of physics.

      • LAPhil

        That’s truly amazing. I wonder if you would be willing to spout this nonsense to the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11 or the firefighters who risked their lives to save the victims trapped inside the towers. Your theories would be insulting to all Americans if they weren’t so paranoid and delusional. I suppose you also think Bin Laden was working with our government before he turned against us. Did our government make up Al Queda too?

      • 57girl

        If you bothered to check out AE911. org, you’d find that some of their members are family members of the 911 victims, who do, indeed, want the truth. I find it truly amazing that so many people are willing to accept our Government’s version of 911, given the events that have followed, and the immediate coverup of the investigation from the onset.

        Look at the demise of American in the past twelve years, alone. Without the 911 bombings, it would take our Government years to get the people to condone their use of drones and spying equipment alone. Our Government has all but killed our fourth amendment rights. And if they had their way, our 2nd Amendment rights would be history, too.

        For God’s sake, man. Take a look around yourself, at the direction this Nation is heading in. Do you honestly think that we’ve been overrun by illegal aliens, by accident?

        As long as we keep fighting among ourselves, our Government will be busily erasing our borders. Count on it. By the time they are done, what little is left of our Constitution will become history, along with our borders. Pay attention to the big picture, not just one aspect.

      • LAPhil

        You finally made some sense here with your comments about the borders and our Constitutional rights. However, you still haven’t come up with a logical scenario about how our government was behind 9/11, because to do so would be to suggest that our government was in collusion with the 19 Muslim hijackers who commandeered the planes which hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and such thinking is nothing more than nonsensical lunacy. And if our government caused the buildings to explode doesn’t that suggest that the plane attacks didn’t actually happen?

      • 57girl

        Google Larry Silverstein (not a Government employee) and look at the terms under which he leased the towers, the ‘terrorist insurance’ he took out on those towers, etc. Then go to AE911 .org and check them out. Maybe it will start to make sense to you.

        Our Government is made up of quite a few GREEDY HUMAN BEINGS, who I have no doubt would betray our Nation to achieve their long term goals.

        For starters, Thermite (spelling ?) can be added to paint, and the contractor could be setting explosives without ever knowing they are doing it. They had done quite a bit of ‘renovation’ work in the towers, prior to their fall. I’ve looked at a lot of sources of information on this subject over the years, and believe me, the more I look, the more convinced I am that 911 was an inside job.

        Why is it so hard to believe that our Government would instill ‘fear’ in the people, to obtain their backing to take us into multiple (undeclared) wars, with no end in sight? The more crap our Government pulls, the less faith I have in them, or their actions. I wouldn’t put anything past a Government that signed a treaty with Canada and Mexico behind the people’s back and without Congresses knowledge.

      • LAPhil

        I’ll repeat the bottom line question. If it was an inside job how do you explain the planes? Did they not exist? Did they not really crash into the buildings? Please explain this if you really believe it was all a government conspiracy.

      • VT Patriot

        You sound like a very nice and interesting lady, but you really need to get the tinfoil hat adjusted. No one trusts our Gov less than I do, but as an engineer, your facts are in most cases really far out there..

      • LAPhil

        Unfortunately there’s just no convincing people like this once they’ve made up their minds. It’s like the story about the man who goes to the doctor and insists that he’s dead and the doctor can’t convince him he isn’t no matter what. Finally the doctor asks the man if dead men bleed and when the man answers no, the doctor pricks his finger and draws blood. The man then says, “Well I guess I was wrong. Dead men do bleed.”

      • VT Patriot


      • VT Patriot

        Were you dreaming up this theory on 9/11? I would have been with you, but was far too busy watching 3000 Americans dying while 4 100 ton flying fuel tanks were borrowed by the religion of peace and attempted to land on top of the towers, the pentagon, and Shanksville PA. And we all know Rosie O’Donnell told us steel can’t melt, even with hundreds of thousands of jet fuel burning on it. Somehow I wonder how they ever made the beams in the first place, or did they come out of the ground that way..
        Just wondering.

      • Bill Bush

        maybe you weren’t there on 9-11-01. I was . do you believe that the Twin towers were destroyed on purpose by the US? part of the problem is that most people are shielded from the truth by the media and the government. within 6 months of 9-11 you hardly saw pictures of the Towers falling, so as not to traumatize people. Obama refuses to even talk about terrorism, mainly because he made a statement during his election campaign that it was defeated. now look at the lies that the government is trying to talk it’s way out of. let’s call a spade a spade and stop worrying about how people are going to react. I for one love this country. if there are people out there who don’t, let them leave. it’s time to get America back on top, and stop being so politically correct that it is killing us.

    • LAPhil

      Ah, another 9/11 truther! Of course our government was in collusion with the terrorists. Whatever would we do without you freaking idiots?

      • 57girl

        Well, I’m sure there are a lot less holes, in the sand. Better a truther than a lemming.

    • james_barrs

      57girl, I despise the religion of the desert demon, allah. That being said, I love my Constitution & even evil islamists are protected. We shouldn’t try to stop them from exercising their Constitutionally protected right to address the government & ask for explanations. We can go there also & eat pork chops & all pork hot dogs in front of them. I might even invite them to dine with me lol.

    • eddiebjr

      I have fought fire in refineries. I’ve seen what a really big hydrocarbon fire does to steel structures that are only bearing their own weight. There were 40 stories above the fires plus the impact damage. Conspiracy kooks are not critical thinkers.

  • ladybug

    Hope it rains thunder storms, and lightning and flooding. GOD will show them how we all feel about these monsters.

    • james_barrs

      We could just go ahead of them with pump up garden sprayers with watered down pig blood & spray the streets. That should curb their enthusiasm

  • camdenme2

    Hmmm,they DEMAND? What a joke ! These MUSLIMS are choosing the wrong date to demand anything !! WE need to have a counter march and teach THEM some respect !

  • Bellerophon

    Bet: Maybe….Maybe 5,000 in attendance. If the weather is good.

    • Al Chemist

      I think you are correct. There will be nowhere near a million. Most of them don’t have the guts…or should I say gall.

    • james_barrs

      I also don’t believe that their attendance will approach 1 million. But, you can be assured that the mainstream media will cover it with every employee that they can get there.

  • Washington22

    Please think about this……..The muslims are gathering one million strong in front of the WHITEHOUSE on 9/11…………Does that mean anything to you????????????? That date is particularly important to them. When have the ever gathered in America at all?

    I’m not buying it…………

  • elton123

    If those “peaceful” muslims don’t like it here, they can move to another country. It us repulsive for them to “plan” this march on the anniversary of 9/11 and THEY ARE REPULSIVE!!!! What we need is for Americans waving flags to be there.

  • SEBtopdog

    Anyone who can should be there with two things:
    An Amerian flag and
    A pig on a leash

  • james_barrs

    If they are American citizens they are protected in this case by the Constitution. Do I like it? Absolutely not. We have the right to hold a counter demonstration to show them that we aren’t intimidated by them or willing to give in to their demands.

    • Marlin208

      Bring a pig along too.

  • artgarin

    And this in addition to the real 9-11…It’s outrageous!!!

  • Bill Bush

    good chance to get rid of 1 million of them!

  • Amy

    They can be cleared out real fast……just start tossing around bacon……

  • Barbaree

    If there was a tiny bit of sincerity to their actions, they wouldn’t have picked this date, knowing how sensitive it is to the American people. They’re giving us the finger, as they did with the ground zero mosque.

    • Marlin208

      Always and forever

    • kenstaff

      Our muslim president gives us the finger every single day!

      • Barbaree

        The other day he gave us the knee on the golf course. Everyone I talked with about it took it the same way.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    Ever since Calypso Louie staged his “Million Man March” that garnered 100,000 or so, left wing groups have been staging “Million XXXX” marches, knowing that even if only 50,000 actually show up, the left wing media will still refer to it as the “Million XXXX March.” Case in point was the “Million Mom March” which garnered FEWER than 100,000 participants. It’s all propaganda.

  • LAPhil

    If this isn’t doubling down I don’t know what is. They can all drop dead.

  • Marlin208

    Oh, this would be the perfect time for a drone attack.

  • The Judge

    Christians gotta go, this country is for sickos only……

    • Marlin208

      Why should we leave? Let them go back to their ant hills.

      • The Judge

        Because the muslem, homosexual, and athiests have earned it… While Christians were
        worshipping Ceaser in our little buildings they were out sodemizing little
        boys. Most Christians in this country deserve the slavery to the state they
        worship. You know give anything to Ceaser that he wants including our children.
        All hail Washington dc. .Most Christians forgot how to think because they are so busy worshipping the government teat.

      • Marlin208

        Wow, what church do you attend? Mine is nothing like that. Mine is for God and country and filled with hard working folks who would never think about going on the dole.
        You need to move on to a better place of worship.

  • brewby

    Sounds to me like a perfect opportunity to round up a million of them and ship them back from whence they came.

    • VT Patriot

      Or at least half way..

  • golface12949

    Let them march all the way back to the Middle East and take Obama with them !

  • Rowdy

    First things first. Thank you SIR for your service to our country. If you were like me you were proud to do it, and gave it your all. And am very ready to give my all for my country one more time.

    Yep I was Electronic tech in the military 1966 – 1970 Tried to help with the training of many from Iran. Killed my soul to have to teach those arrogant jerks our top secret technology. Good part of it was they were so egotistical that I don’t think they really learned much of it. One thing they were real successful at was making me hate them.

    Yeah that is a picture of me when I was 14. To this day that was the best horse I have ever sat. But that is to be expected I guess. My dad was one of the last true cowboys. He made his living (from the time he was 12 until he volunteered and went into the service for WWII) chasing down wild horses and breaking and training them to sell. This horse was a descendant of some of those horses and was the last horse my dad trained.

  • u.s.patriot001

    this would be a good time for immigration to have a raid and mass deportation, I know it’s just wishful thinking but I was hoping they would get O in the sweep too.

    Second option crash a airliner full of fuel into the march to help them remember what their people did.

  • George E. Buttner

    As the Islamic community grow in numbers in every country around the world, their demands become greater – louder and louder, and when they reach a certain number, we will have Sharia Law in America or else…Before its over, they will trample our culture into the ground, and the riots of the sixties will be child’s play. I ask you, has this been Obama’s agenda from the beginning?

    • RoseAnne Shaw

      I believe so, just as I believe he is actually a muslim

  • John Ladshaw

    Line the streets with Bacon & Pork and strippers.

    • Marlin208

      And don’t forget , what fun it would be to have a gay pride parade too on the same day. Oh a good time was had by all.
      Since we all love each other and all now and there are no differences anymore. Let’s all hold hand and sing.

      • james_barrs

        Hard for me to figure out which I despise more, homosexuals or islamists. I think that the islamists might be more dangerous.

  • Marlin208

    Hey, let’s have bring a pig to Washington on the same day. We can have BBQ’s on the green and go all out.

  • eddiebjr

    Having a million muslem parade on 9-11 is not insensitive it is in your face. Demanding the release of the 9-11 commission report is a way of denying muslem terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They should have a million muslem Ticker BRICK Parade in New York City. Tolerance has its limits.

  • del

    Send them all back to their own countries including the schwartza in the whouse , and let them stone and bomb each other back to allah. We need these creeps like we need a 3rd t..t!

  • Larry Cowden

    Fracking muslims have the right to be discriminated against, fired, refused service, refused aid in time of need, denied equal treatment as human beings because they are not and to be blocked from any such protest march by any means. They are entitled to pack their bags and get out! Any attempt to pursue such a march on that date will predictably result in violence and confrontation. As has been proven by them time and time again, they are here to not to be American citizens, but to plan attacks of mass destruction against US citizens on our own soil.

    • VT Patriot

      If it wasn’t for the present lack of ammo, I think this would be a great place to set up a firing target range.. Moving targets and all..

  • kudubwrong

    Good timing for a San Francisco style Gay Day Parade, with all the glitz, leather and whips!!

    • popham

      Just show up on 9-11 if you are a real American.

  • Get Real

    Is that a drone I hear?

  • Thomas Gill

    “Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a diog”-Winston Churchill.They are a cancer on the world,and need to be eradicated.There are no good Muslims anywhere,I don,t care what the slime balls in Washington say.They have declared war on the whole world,and hopefully,one day the world will fight back.

    • fiftysevenchevy

      You said it ALL Thomas, If we don’t get rid of them, they will SURELY take us over! We have been bitten by a Rattlesnake! We either lay down & die OR flush the Venom!!!!!

  • Anna

    Is that a pork chop sale I hear????? Well maybe it’s time to eat pig in front of the WH..

  • zanografix

    FEMA camps are already established. The President must protect Americans against all enemies both foreign and domestic and Islam and the US Constitution are incompatible so it’s a good day to….Fore!

  • geneww1938

    I like the above picture … Except for the coverings, that represents what these satanic believer really are.

  • Anton

    I vote for the notion of setting up BBQ pork rib and pulled pork stands every 100 feet or so.

    • Anna

      I second. that motion….

  • Tony

    I’d like to see the 9-11 report and some transparency as well. Maybe since it’s coming from his people, obama will honor their request.

  • usveteran

    The CAIR has publicly stated that their intent is to Establish Sharia Law in the United States. For those of you that sympathize with Islam, Make sure that you have your wife walk behind you in public and if they dis-obey you then you have the right to punish them. How many women out there will subject themselves to this? I bet many of them will tell you where to go!! I agree that we do need to have the findings of the 9-11 commission re-examined. As a veteran of the Cold War I have always wondered where NORAD was on 9-11, especially since not even 6 months prior to this event Payne Stewart was onboard a plane that missed it’s wave point from the flight plan they filed and they had fighter jets scrambled within 15 minutes to intercept that aircraft. They followed it all the way to the Dakotas where they watched the plane run out of fuel and impact the ground. Where was NORAD on 9-11????

    • MargaretJacobson

      good question ??

  • cutdeep

    This is a two way street

    islam is NOT the only “Religion” that demands protection.

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law
    respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise
    thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of
    the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress
    of grievances.

    • SeaShel

      cutdeep, check out what has happened in DEARBORN, MI for the last two years to the Christians who march in the same festival as muslims and how the police treated the Christians in lieu of the rock throwing, filthy, name calling mulisms, adults and children. In fact the police told the Christians if they did not disband and leave THEY WOULD BE ARRESTED! Some were bloodied from the rock hurling muslims even thought they had the “right” to be there! This is a foreshadowing of the very near future in FREEDOM LOVING AMERICA.

      • james_barrs

        You are right about Dearborn but no matter how one colors it, 2 wrongs don’t make a right. The Constitution MUST be followed because that great document is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND!!! Let the islamists march. If they get out of hand steps can then be taken to deal with them. If we don’t allow them their Constitutional rights then they have won.

      • SeaShel

        I absolutely agree, however to allow them to break the law of the land en masse and intimidate the policemen as well as anyone else outside the muslim community constitutes anarchy and that is a blatant Constitutional Rights violation! NO GROUP SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW OF THE LAND, INCLUDING THOSE IN WASHINGTON! P.S. the CONSTITUTION IS NOT BEING FOLLOWED that is why they are here to demand their rights (freedom) over all others. Check out Mark Levin’s latest book, it shows how far away the Constitution we have allowed Washington to take us!

  • 1_NKEN17

    This might be the time to take some action like the Egyption military is taking. I’m sure there will be a bunch from the bro.hood in this march.

  • frankenbiker

    I watched that segment on Hannity the other night, it made me sick. That little piece of crap muzzie, was all about how their being mistreated, not once did he come out and say that this is not what the cult of peace is about, not once did he give credit to radical islam. Put them all in once place and I hope a few patriots with high power scopes take out as many of these bastards as they can.

    • VT Patriot

      Got a place near enuf to see them?? If so, I’m there.

    • MargaretJacobson

      tell them the hot dogs are chicken……………….after the march, tell them the truth, they are PORK !!

  • jr61020

    F’ken people need to go back to the middle east where they came from. But rest assured that obama will show up with all his rethoric and BS

    • MargaretJacobson

      maybe obama will lead from behind ??

      • VT Patriot

        I’m not going to touch that line LOL….

  • The_American_Way

    The only good Muslim ………………………………………………..!

    • Snowbird


    • Jack

      Only good Muslim is a dead one..I’ll finish for you American Way..Wish I could be at that march.

  • SeaShel

    These people have NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE not even other muslims if they are not of the same branch (?)! They have nothing in mind except their own agenda and that is to push ilsam world wide toward a califate and anyone who opposes them is a “heathern” and worthy only of beheading. We can see how they are toward each other in Egypt, Syria, and other muslim countries, therefore how do you think they would be toward women, same-sex marriage, homosexuals, abortion, FREEDOM! ad infinitum.????

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    What about the “Anti-Protest” law BHO just signed???

    • VT Patriot

      Doesn’t apply to muzzies.. Just sayin.

      • dude76

        are you sreious

    • Barbaree

      I hadn’t heard about this!

    • MargaretJacobson

      we need to drop by the white house for a tour of “the peoples house”…………………….

  • rogiedodgie

    I’ve read some of your comments and I don’t see one of you talking about a march on Washington! I’m not talking about a march when these ragheads are there (ain’t a bad idea) but a march to the capitol demanding the heads of our so-called representatives. I mean a march right up there, kick the doors in and take over the place. No weapons, just a horde of MEN willing to get shot taking our country away from the people who are leading it to ruin! Storm the gates, you get the idea.You just heard what I am willing to do and die for. What about you? (No Nam vets allowed. They have sacrificed enough!) Just every able-bodied man who missed out on fighting for their country in Nam, Afghanistan, Korea, Iraq, central America and whatever other $hithole our govt. has sent our boys to die in! You old guys like me who missed our chance to brag to our kids and grand-kids about doing our duty for our country to preserve it for what it stands for are who I’m talking about and to! You think George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Douglas MacArthur, ANY freakin’ Marine ever thought of saying “Oh, I can’t go get my country back next month because I’m in the finals of our tennis tournament.”

    I can’t be the only guy who thinks this way!

    Man up!
    All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for GOOD MEN to do NOTHING!

    • eman

      I personally am “living” proof that you are NOT the only guy that thinks that way!!!!!!!!

    • jumper

      One more fire fight and then I can call it quits.

  • southie55

    I think obummer should lead the parade it would be the first time for Him to lead anything.

    • Charles

      I will disagree with you on the point about not leading anything.
      He has been the lead liar for years.

      • southie55

        Good Point! I stand corrected.

  • Just Dave

    Need to crop dust the march with lard oil, just say en

  • DustyFae

    Well, l believe we will Have a attack here on that date on USA soil.

  • jerryhulick

    Who ever gave them the permit to do this discussing function needs to be tarred and feather put on a donkey . Oh its was burr head now I understand. The mooolsium pres.

  • kkc003

    Take many pictures
    Face recognition of the enemy.

  • bowtonoone2

    Maybe the Armageddon battlefield has been moved to Washington, D.C.? That seems to be where the devil hangs out lately. Maybe justice is on the way? I can dream, can’t I?

  • Big Jim

    Time to adopt the Lt. Calley approach, Kill them all, God will sort them out.

    • KG

      Actually it was pope innocent III who said that concerning the cathar siege when soldiers worried that they were killing Catholics as well as cathars. That was when the Christians were the terrorists.

      • Big Jim

        I don’t know what Lt.Calley said, just what he did. He had an entire village of Viet Namese murdered. He killed them all and let god sort them out.

      • KG

        Who won THAT war???

      • Big Jim

        The spineless democrats who controlled the government at that time. Lyndon B Johnson and Robert S. MacNamara are responsible for more U.S. troop deaths than Ho Chi Minh through their idiotic micromanagement of the war.

      • KG

        Spineless Democrats? Who was there when we actually won a war? Roosevelt? A Liberal Democrat? I will agree that LBJ lied about Gulf of Tonkin. However, will you agree that W lied as well? No? OK then lets agree not to have another war unless we really need to.

    • MargaretJacobson

      we need screamers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOUD AND IN YOUR FACE TYPE

  • The Judge

    Judging from my comments being moderated … I would say we need a little more outspoken people not less.

  • Proudamerican

    This all could end up being oblamas excuse for martial law. If this isnt an “in-your-face” moment for the ragheads there never will be one. Will we allow it?

  • 1LTLos

    What is the purpose? The ragheads just arrive here and they already have some type of gripe? With this news out its quite evident that NOTHING makes these A$$hole$ happy — Is there any way to coordinate some air strikes a la napalm? There has to be a three million FED UP WITH YOUR CRAP MARCH THE SAME DAY — Two persons for each arm and one to lead as we physically carry each muslime the hell out of there!

    • MargaretJacobson

      I work part time in a grocery store. I have never seen a muslim WITHOUT a food stamp card !!

      • dude76

        i dought you will either every country there in they are a tic on the society. time to pop it

  • Robert James

    Bacon Brigade! aTin Hut, forwaaaaard march! Release the pigs! Fire the bacon bits! Frisbee throw the bacon strips! Toss the hams! That’s it boys! We got’em on the run!

    • MargaretJacobson

      lots of bacon, tomato & lettuce sandwiches. Bacon and eggs, ham & eggs. Bring on the hog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MaxVoltz

    We need a 400 million person non-muzzie march on DC to express our concerns about muzzies forcing their beliefs on the US.

    • looneytoonsindville

      There are only about 310 million Americans (including Muslim Americans). Where are you going to import the others from?

      • Washington22

        Mexico……………of course.

      • MaxVoltz

        I’m sure our friends in Europe would want some of that action too.

    • Washington22

      Right on

    • snorky neederecker

      When the TEA Party marched on DC there was rumored to be about 3 million people there, if you look at the pictures it was packed around the Washington Monument. And they left it CLEANER than when they showed up! :)

  • MaxVoltz

    Send the Tsarnov family. They love parades.

  • MaxVoltz

    And pressure cooker sales are spiking…

  • Liberty for All


  • cutdeep

    Hi Thanks for the note. They
    all fear the name of Jesus, there is power in that name! If there wasn’t they would
    not be forbidding the name. Below is an “Anchor” peace be with you.

    Obviously, in the absence of Godly and moral values, there can sometimes be abuses of authority and perversions in government. Such was the case when Peter and John were forbidden to preach the Gospel by the Jewish Sanhedrin. They replied, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge” (Acts 4:19). The only circumstance that disobedience to authority is justifiable by scripture, is if it conflicts with the laws of God. Authority should be cooperated with except in those situations where laws depart from the basic moral and righteous
    principles of God’s Word.
    Paul tells us to pray for all those in authority: “ I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence” (1 Tim. 2:1-2). God can use our prayers for those in authority, to either change their heart or remove them from power
    entirely. God reserves the right of administering discipline and reproof to
    those who represent His authority (Rom.14:4, 1 Chron. 16:21-22).


  • looneytoonsindville

    OOPS! Maybe al Qaeda will choose their event for an attack?

  • jumper

    Too bad we can’t get 1 million Veterans to march with our ar15s etc.

  • Thomas Gentile

    hopefully soon he will be ( the illegal fafe phony Non American destructive treasionousltiybf corrupt crooked stinking piece of garbage muzzie ) spending the rest of his term in ( JAIL )

  • Robert James

    BACON BRIGADE! Listen up! Fire Bacon Bazooka’s! Drop the Bacon Bomb’s! RPBaconG’s away! IEBaconD’s, set off the Pressure Bacon Cookers!
    Spray the Bacon Grease! Set the pigs loose!

  • DJ

    Million Muslim March on 9-11 in DC, Million Bullets In DC on 9-11.

  • jabe

    Tell them to go back where they came from if they don’t like our country. To them we are the infidel so what rights do they have here anyway? Their agenda is to kill the infidels where ever and by any means so how can they be trusted? We do not want them or their sharia law. They are a threat to all of us, period. I think they have made their agenda clear enough. Tell them to march on back to the middle east where they can live according to their demented beliefs.

  • octavious

    Good news. A concentrated mass of the enemy. Makes for economical target destruction and those left are easily rounded up for hog feed. Couple of fifties, a half dozen mortar tubes zeroed in, double seine net of troops to catch the stragglers. Simple.

    • Mary


  • jong

    Maybe this time we can bomb them. Or get the sunnis to kill the shiites like they do the world round. Just make sure any real Americans are under cover.

  • disqus_bt9O5S2j9R

    If they do not like their living conditions in America, they are free to leave. Other than the elites, the average taxpayer did not invite them to live here. We will strongly resist their fanatical quest to enslave us with their death cult.

  • snorky neederecker

    This is very disturbing. :( The fact that there’s a million to assemble, this is the beginning of what we’re seeing in France, Sweden, Northern Europe… it’s a dry run to the protests they’ll be doing from halal meat to the issues on burka-wearing. The beginning of the end. It isn’t just Dearborn Michigan that is lost, this is a foreshadowing of the things to come for our whole country. The Bible says that Christians will be hated by all nations in the end days, that means including our own, even though it was established as a nation devoted to furthering the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

    • Rubygirl

      Wait a minute now….let’s visualize Pelosi, H. Clinton and several other female liberals in burkas!!! Wonder how they will like it?

      • snorky neederecker

        There’s a secret, naughty part of me that would honestly love to see it, if they manage to be dumb enough to let Islam get a real foothold.. we’ve already lost Dearborn and they’re acting like nothing’s happening. All those who enabled this should be the first crushed under its fist, which is oddly usually what happens, historically speaking.

  • Terry K.

    So why shouldn’t we (vets and non-vets alike) have our own demonstration at the same time and at the same place? It’s way past time the silent majority became loud and reactionary! The easiest way for the foreigners to get their way is for us to do NOTHING! I’m sick of it… aren’t you?

    • Maureen

      We can also have roast pork to munch on. And we can have women is string bikinis.

      • snorky neederecker

        Excellent idea!!! Please tell the TEA party to organize it

  • ireAmerica

    Here, let’s try a little thought-experiment, otherwise known as a sanity-check. How about a million Judeo-Christian march on Mecca during the Hajj.

    After the march a protest demonstration with our demands that all Korans must be burned. Because we feel victimized by the threats against us in the Koran and the acting out of those threats against us by Moslems and the affirmation of those acts by the silence of Moslems.

    We demand that all Moslems cease persecution, violence, murder, rape and “hate-speech”. We demand an immediate end to the tradition of following Islam’s “Prophet”. We demand that all Moslems join us in these demands and enact the cessation of wild hatred taught by the Koran.

    We demand an end of submission to Islam – and we FORBID acceptance of Islam.

    • Luther Robinson

      What bot6hers me is that we have over one million American hating Muslims here to attack our country and dumb enough to even make demands on our way of life!!!!!! But I think it would be a good time to
      round them up and send them back home to their Islam loving and caring country

      • ireAmerica


        Great idea! Moslems “love” and “care for” each other so much that the insanely bigoted splinter-cult members even murder each other.

  • sooner4ever

    That’s going to be a lot of damned camels.

    • doza


    • Mts Jacksonville

      Won’t smell any worse!!!

  • Vernon Davis

    How in the Hell can they call the US their government. If they don’t like it here they can catch a slow boat back to where they came from, and leave us alone. They are belittling 9/11. And asking for laws
    to be enacted to protect their 1st amendment. Sounds like a good time to round up a million of our
    enemies, and send them packing.

  • sovereigntyofone

    The way I see it is. If they bring 1 million Muslims to march on Washington D.C., we bring 10 million Christians on the same day. You know, to ” voice ” our redress to the government over ” justice ” and ” Humanity ” and the lack of it towards natural born, red blooded , American patriots that have been told to shut up and do nothing and let the Muslims have their way with the nation we were all born in.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • zdh7841ff

      It is more than two cents but it makes senses, we need to make them go against us Christians.

    • Tinman Jones

      I like the idea! What I fear, though, is 10,000 of their million taking it upon themselves to strap enough life-taking material on themselves and then wiping out several thousand Christ followers. If Christians did their own march on another day, something catastrophic would likely happen then, too. It’s a toss up, but either way, we gotta pray for them because Jesus said we should pray for our enemies as well. Revival isn’t coming to their land over there any time soon, but there are still individuals who are on the cusp of choosing the Bible over their violence-filled version of text. Other than that, we gotta get that human being out of the White House. Romans 12:12!

      • Mts Jacksonville


      • Flashbk

        I agree with TInman and Sovere…….but sorry to say I am at the point where I would be willing to dish out some street justice on these people. We have taken enough and they keep going and going and all they do is kill people (women and children) or throw acid on them when they try to help. And still they say NOTHING…..I think it’s time to stop turning the other cheek and show them what the hand looks like. Please forgive me GOD but I think it’s time to stand up and get physical. Enough is Enough

  • doza

    They come to worship their leader.

  • Tinman Jones

    Perhaps a 2 million Redneck March on the same weekend. Rednecks would bring enough pork to contaminate them all!

  • jvb1980808

    Rubbing our noses in it with the full blessings of their Muslim brother….Obama.

  • Paul454

    One million Muslims demanding special laws to protect their rights to Islamic jihad? Yes, I think Obama will be amenable to that. By the way, would it be acceptable to ever think about the religious rights of the descendants of those who founded this nation for the freedom to worship the One God in spirit and in truth in accordance with one’s own individual conscience? Or are Obama and his ilk convinced that they can actually “muscle out” those who not only were here first, but who are truly supportive of an individual’s right to worship in accordance with Trinitarian belief just as they would be supportive of someone’s right to join a cult or make other bad decisions based upon their own personal philosophy? Sharia law will never be acceptable here, nor should it be. The intolerance being shown to Christians of late is more than reprehensible. It is more than contemptible. Should they be successful in taking away our right to be a Christian, Jew, or something else besides Muslim, do they expect that there will not be a huge, violent, and bloody backlash?…that they will actually survive it all? I wonder what their response will be when they will one day stand before Jesus Christ?

  • BWGates

    Tinman, My thoughts exactly. Let’s expand it to total insanity/inanity. Let’s have a million Clown March! Everyone wears either an Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, or Chris Matthews mask. It would make their small minds explode. They can dish it out, but can’t take it.

  • junkmailbin

    our laws are just fine. If they do not like them, than go to Saudi Arabia and take all the illegal aliens with you


    This is an act of war,these sunsbishes,are slapping every single true American and insighting their power against the will of America and it’s people!.”I know of a muslim who owns a gas station where i’m from I just confronted him,you know what he said he was suppose to sign up and go to this,say’s they are punishing and threatening people if they don’t go or send family to go,I said what are you going to do? say’s standing my ground no-one in his family is going I hugged the man told him That’s what an American does and I stand with you gave him my card said call me if you ever need me,he also said if he speaks out against anything they threaten to do violence,this is what we are dealing with people Rise People Rise Before They Take OVER,This 9/11 March Cannot happen if it does they will win you will lose mark my words.



  • agbjr

    This ‘march’ is a well-calculated insult to ALL true Constitution-abiding United States Citizens, our inherent values, and OUR Republic.

    “”No purpose of action against religion can be imputed to any legislation, state or national, because this is a religious people… This is a Christian nation.”

    Supreme Court of the United States, 1887

  • cbj

    It is quite typical for political fanatics to “claim a million person” march, and the Liberal press then describe it as a million marchers, but in reality a few thousand actually show up and march.

  • higgy01

    Sounds like a good way to round them all up and send them someplace more to their liking, like Iran. Then they can see how Sharia law really works. Doing this on 9/11 is just their way of giving America and Americans the finger. Hopefully, Barry Soetoro will be among the group.

    • MrsCleaver

      How about a visit to allah!!!!! ( I refuse to capitalize it)

  • hawkfighter

    Start soaking your bullets in pigs blood. Nice of them to let us know where they will all be.
    Bring your bible, playboy, and pig blood soaked bullets. That should do the trick.

    • maddad1947

      There is a potential to be rid of a million rug kissers.

  • Robert James

    muslims are the dregs of the earth, the dirt at the bottom of the outhouse, the slime that drano removes, the flem you cough up when you’re sick, the sludge at the bottom of a sewer treatment plant,,,,,and these are their good attributes

  • MrsCleaver

    This will not end well if in fact they actually march. I believe they are just trying to get everyone agitated. Even Muslims are not stupid enough to try such a stunt. If they do, there will be blood.

    • Jean

      I think they are clamming victory over us.

      • MrsCleaver

        They may just be right. It will be interesting to see if real Americans rise to meet the enemy.

      • Nadine

        OHHH…I think we will!

      • Nadine

        They are bowing to the Muslim in OUR HOUSE!!

    • Beckah

      Sadly, they picked D.C. which is yet another “progressive” stronghold that you cannot carry a gun (ie the 2nd Amendment doesn’t exist). I would love to see 1 million God Loving Americans with AR’s providing “security” for this event!

  • Take 2

    This is a perfect time for “CHRISTIAN” Barry Dunham Obama or Davis to explain to uneducated – uninformed and or narrow minded Atheist WHAT THE ____ ‘IS” going on.

    The United States has been under attack by MEXICO for X years now!

    Note: 18 MILLION to 50 MILLION criminal MEXICANS roaming throughout America.

    Note: since 2009 a CHRISTIAN President born into Islam is changing the conversation regarding Islam i.e.respecting Muslim faith? e.g., giving them guns ammo and Billions of US dollars.

    There is a FOX in the hen house folks.

  • disqus_JETq43v7xm

    I think this is great…it is also the National Prayer Day for Christians. I honestly believe God has orchestrated this to show out on our behalf. This would be so “like God” to arrange for the entire world and especially the Muslim world to see that He is the one true and living God. Think about how many times God arranged these kinds of encounters with enemies of Israel so He could fight for them. God is not going to lay down an let His Christians be trampled, but He just might put us in a dangerous situation to show the world that nobody messes with His people. We need to get in agreement that this is the day God will implement His own plan to protect Christians and cause sinners to flock to the Church so His Bride can be ready when Jesus returns. Let’s rejoice! Let’s proclaim 9/11 a day of prayer for Christians and a day of breaking out in our behalf by God. This is a direct challenge to Christians by Satan and if we will stand like Daniel in the Lions Den; Shadrack, Meshack and Abednigo in the fiery furnace, God will show up! Stand!

    • dorjam434

      AMEN. 100% agree. I am willing to stand up for Christ so God can come and show the world He has had enough. I’m so glad to hear from someone else standing on the promises of God and ready for the trumpet call. My family will stand for the day of Prayer. Forever. Come on AMERICA. Lets show Satan he has no ground in our country, It’s now. He’s bringing us altogether. When the roll is called up yonder will this great country be there?

    • mallen11

      Yes…and we are going to need as much knowledge from His Word to live through the coming crisis in our Nation.
      Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him; And He will make your paths straight.
      Ephesians 6:10 -Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
      II Tim 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and discipline.

    • SheNemo

      AMEN TO THAT JET!!!!!
      Yeah, let the muslims ask Daniel if our God is the true God!!
      Ask Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednigo, we will one day!
      Just as we will lie in a field with a lion and a lamb, and my beloved Captain Nemo, 155 lb. Malamute I lost years ago (bigger than I was)……….thus my name here, because of my love and admiration for a big dog. My husband died, family cemetery, I slept on top of his grave a few nights, didn’t want to live, that dog never left my side, and I awoke one morning, cried all night, still alive, and his baby blues were inches from my eyes, and (believe this or not) his huge front leg (arm) was over my neck, this does NOT happen, dogs don’t do this, this dog was hugging me, I was alone and didn’t want to live, that was GOD hugging me, not the dog, woke me up in more ways than one that morning in my cemetery…………believe it or not, I know what happened.
      This was 2 weeks after my husband died, all family had left, was alone, as some know, that’s when the real pain sets in……………….

      Soooooo, that dog, as well as my husband and allll my family, are waiting for me in Heaven, I have no doubt of this!!!
      People say, ya think our pets will be there? I know this one will be, God used my dog to open my eyes, I was/am a Christian, sometimes Christians don’t want to live either! So God slapped me around some that morning, I think, we live until the Lord says we don’t! I have witnessed God’s miracles before too, about 5 in my life, when there is NO explanation, it’s probably the Lord!
      So march on perverted muslims that just want to destroy us, got it made here in the USA, not enough???? You are disgusting, sick, pathetic examples for “people”, and you worship a sick, pathetic, disgusting, little tin god, and his pedophile pretend prophet, mohummed, you, who have hurt and destroyed Americans more than anyone in history, with no reason to do so…….YOU-MUSLIMS-marching against the USA, should be tried for treason for doing so!!!
      You may not shut up and go home, as you should, WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE IN OUR LAND……..but GOD will shut you up one day, and you will know the truth!!!


  • marcus johannes

    I am not sure what I am more Unhappy about ??? One Million Muslims marching down mainstreet U.S.A. or Millions of illegal aliens Marching down Mainstreet U.S.A. Demanding their Rights ??? Comrade Chairman Obama would greet and welcome either Group with open arms and pander to them and advocate for them and call them his fellow Americans , There are Members of Congress that are dumb enough to wonder why their approval rating is 9% ???? If Collectively Congress was not a group of Scumsucking Invertibrates whose Moral Dipstick is two drops shy of Bone Dry they would have started Impeachment Proceedings against the illegal alien Communist from Kenya AKA Barry ( The Rat ) Soetoro ,The Indonesian Muslim 3 years ago !!!

  • marcus johannes

    I apologize !! I almost forgot ,Hello & Greetings from Arizona to the NSA and DHS

  • GrizzlyIX

    ARE there a MILLION Mooslims IN AMERICA? ! ? GREAT! Just get ‘em ALL in ONE PLACE at the same time and. . . . .

    • KJ

      … And give them amnesty, green cards, citizenship, and welfare freebies. So sayeth the prophet Obama, lord and savior of us all, who elevates our spirits, nurturer of our souls, and who brings milk to the breasts of our women for the nourishment of our children. Obama Akbar!!!!

      I DECLARE B.S.

    • Wild Bill

      We need to just get it on with them they killed almost 2000 people in the Twin Towers,A Muslim Army Officer killed over 20 American service men & the gov. still pay him.Muslims attacked the people in Boston placed about a 1/2 ton of explosives in the botton of the twin tower & killed people. I know of no attack here in America where we killed just 1 of them. You know what they say about paybacks & it’s time for payback. Yet the news make American’s lok like the bad guys. I do want to say I do not hate a Muslim person it’s their religion I hate. It clearly states if the ifidel wonk conform we to be killed.

  • xcalaber

    push the eagle in a corner and see what happens the claws will come out of every American send them back mfs back to rag head land

  • mallen11

    Their face to Satan their butts up to God. They make me sick. Don’t be surprised if WDC and -0 praise their efforts and cater to our worse enemy. I pray this march does not take place.

    • old sarge

      I never thought of that. They pray on rugs to the ground and yes, their butts are lifted to God. That should give us an idea of who mohama spelled wrong on purpose really is. SATIN. While else pray to the ground except to pray to the man in hell.

  • Jerry Bono

    Sounds like a great place and time for a drone strike.

  • Ralph Mathiesen

    Where were the “million muslims” when we attacked on 9/11. Where is the outspoken outrage over the violence that is perpetrated on all of the innocents in America and around the world. Where is the voice that would express embarrassment and guilt and sorrow over the ideology that causes the extremely violent way of dealing with non-muslims. Maybe when the outcry for repudiation to these behaviors comes from the muslim community we will think of muslims as Americans.

    • may12553

      Excellent Ralph. I’m with you.

  • mdblanchard

    I hear they will all be donning Obama masks! That way you won’t be able to pick Barry out in the crowd!

  • Rue E. Mccain

    Very insensitive.. disgusting… might be a good day for our air force to drop a little bomb in that area. What nerve.. what fu*king nerve!

    • pappabill

      all these muslims and Congress too, a little Nuke would take care of two problems!

  • TAM44

    These murdering mulims who killed innocent people on 9/11 were praised by the muslim world and those muslims in this country were filled with glee over the terrorist accomplishments.

    The only good muslims are the dead ones as they can no longer kill innocent people, or breed more muslin scum of the earth.

  • IHateLibs

    I got it. When they get all in one spot ?? Lets surround’em with CHITLINS. THAT’LL Fix’um . THEN, we just keep dumpin PIG GUTS , and KEEP’EM THERE. Then with the left over Guts, just start tossin it in the Crowd

  • newyorker


  • Frederikahere

    Extremely rude, profoundly disgusting and intensely insulting.

    What say forget the sensitivity training for the rodeo clown and sign these buggers up for it?

    These guys are claiming Americans hate them….after this event, they’ll be right.

    • Wild Bill

      I agree let’s give them a reason to hate Americans. It seems people in America believe Christians & Muslims can coexist ,well look at history it impossible to it’s their way or they kill you.

  • pittymax

    Go to the busiest intersection in your town and display your patriotism. 9-11 is a sacred, hallowed day to America, don’t let them hijack this day!!!

  • Willie Dowg

    Let’s meet them at their march with a million reasons why they should not be doing it on 9-11…..

  • Tom Andy

    Let’s meet them and block their march. How dare they insult the American people by marching on 9-11? They DO NOT WANT to assimilate into the American culture!

  • Doc

    Wake up people. Check his Facebook page. Last time I checked he had three (3) people signed up. Not 300. Not 3000. Just three. That’s enough for a turkey shoot, right?

  • fedupwithnobels

    Somebody in DC should consider denying the permit. But I’m sure nobody there has the guts to do that.

  • marcdepiolenc

    Line up the paddy wagons, boys. It’s Easy Collar Day!

  • cae973

    well ok…1 million in one place…line them up, load them on freighters like Ike did with the mexicans and sail them back to the middle east where they belong because they do Not belong in a civilized country.
    Having lived in NJ at the time of 9/11 I saw them in Patterson NJ dancing in the streets, cheering and celebrating the islamic murders of our citizens!

    • Jeff Horton

      Why not paint targets on the ships for Israel.


      If they were seen “cheering”, why didn’t some REAL AMERICAN do something about it. Like shoot their muslim heads off????

  • steveindajeep

    I noticed that only 10 people had signed up for the march before they took it down. Is this became most muslims aren’t upset about terrorism or denounce it? Or do most realize they have more rights now than they ever did?

    • Wild Bill

      You rigght about the rights.

  • Wild Bill

    We need to meet them head on with a million GOD fearing USA loving citizens & I promise we have our civil right violated. Winston Churchill said it best in his book River Wars Muslims, repress, destroy a nation & progress. Please go on Wickapedia & type Winston Churchill & go to the section River Wars He sees the Muslim religion for what it is. You ladies will be property with no rights your husband has the right to kill you you women libers need to speak up because a woman is as a dog to them.

  • Wild Bill

    It looks as I was censored out this site I guess is now gov. run


    A million Muzzies?

    • patriot2

      the more gone,the better.

  • TexasBill

    How convenient, round ‘em all up and ship ‘em all out. Send them back to their country of origin and see what rights they can demand there!

    • patriot2

      if they don’t go for your plan,target practice!

  • mthammer

    1 Million plus US Veterans ,will also be heading to Washington , along with the NY Fire Department and NY Police Force , will be coming also will be all the famillies of the people who lost their relatives and friends . We also are bringing all themilitary soldiers taht were wounded by Nidal Hasan at Ft Hood. Plus all the ex seals that lost buddies when 22 of them from Seal Team VI died in a chinook helicopter in 2011 in Afraganistan, Biden & Secretary of State were the one who have blood on their hands for lettin them fly to their death. We will talk and busses to take you to the Aitport at Dulles and fly you home to the middle east Egypt AIRPORT IS OPEN YOU CAN GO THERE. iF YOU DONT HVE THE MONEY WE HAVE CHARTED A FREIGHTER THT WILL TAKEYOU THE MIDLE EAST. yOUR cHOICE , YIU WOBNT BE AAKKOWEDTOCOME BACK HOME .



  • Jeff Horton

    I wonder how many pressure cookers will be in the crowd?


      maybe we should go there with steamers instead of pressure cookers…..takes 2 to tango and its time to play the game…they are all going to be in one muslim gathering place Barack Hussein Obamas house of slum….Getter Done…………

  • Malcolm Jensen

    They schedule it for 9-11 because??? Because it is the most powerful way to prove that we are a gutless, subservient nation with no courage!!!!!! They should be met with thousands of people armed with pig entrails to throw onto them. They are an arrogant and hateful people.


    Where is the Egyptian Military when you need them…….We the “Real American People” stand behind the Egyptian Military in their fight against the Muslim Brotherhood and Terrorism. We have your back. I cant say so much for our government because Barack Hussein Obama is a treasonous president to this country and a Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist himself.

    • GrumpyOleMan

      Apparently “We Real American People” are still sleeping or we make up a small minority of the people in this country because we don’t seem to be able to do ANYTHING anymore.


        Don’t throw the towel in yet oleman the best is yet to come for “We the Real American People” And yes we are going to drain the swamp. The only way these entrenched politicians can win is through voter fraud. We have to cut the head off of these snakes.

  • theo980

    I think a flyover to honor these idiots is in order. One B-2 bomber loaded with CBUs (Cluster Bomb Units) would be appropriate!

    • Big Jim

      Or 1 B-52 with 2 Hayes Dispensers, followed by a 4 ship flight of FA-18’s max loaded with Napalm and Willie Pete. As an added bonus have all members of the three branches of government plus their staffers and the lobbyists there to pay homage to the rag heads.

  • missnellie

    This is a blatant, arrogant spit in the faces of true Americans….especially those who lost loved ones when MUSLIMS bombed two sites and were taken down by brave citizens in Pennsylvania. For me it is the nail in the coffin!!!!!!!!!!! The organizer of this “march” should be hung!!!!!!!!! I am so angry that to me a Muslim will never exist in my eyes….just the enemy. Dear lord, if this does happen……what will be the consequences of other groups (AMERICAN GROUPS) confronting this trash. If I had a crystal ball I believe I see rioting!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see blood and I see chaos. NO there is no “good” Muslim….this proves it.

    • Leah

      I am outraged and disgusted. I could not agree with you more.

  • Omega Crusader

    Lets bring some frying pans and bacon. We know how this will play out. April 4, 2004 BlackWater. Great Job.

    • Kathleen

      how about some Kosher hot dogs also.

  • ginred


  • JoseGrunt

    First it was a mosque (oh, I’m sorry, an “Islamic cultural center”) at Ground Zero. Now it’s a million Muslim march on 9/11!!!! I think that’s what we used to call a target-rich environment.

    Snake and nape is a good call, Big Jim.

  • JoseGrunt

    I guess an Islamic Cultural Center is where they teach you how to most efficiently cut off heads and hands, commit honor killings, burn Christian churches, stone people to death, and the list goes on… All in the name of the “religion of peace!.”

  • GrumpyOleMan

    Sounds to me like an excellent time and place for heavy ordnance. We could eliminate a whole bunch of our enemies, foreign AND domestic all at one time. Eliminate the swamp, the elite ruling class, career politicians, bring in clean landfill, and elect a real constitutional government. Wow! What a great opportunity!


      Drain the Swamp oleman.

  • Kathleen

    9/11/13 should make for a very interesting day. in DC.

  • Getoffmylawn

    Sounds like a lovely day for Napalm!

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      huuuuum, that might be illegal (but I like the idea)! How about dropping a load of Hogs (NOT Harleys) on ‘em from a C-130? That should make their day ;-)

      • facebook is Dero

        hog-fat the ‘parade’ route?

  • Jane18

    Million Muslim March! This is slap in the face to every American! These people do not care one whit about this country, except to dominate it and us. Instead of sitting here and saying this and that….what can we do? Where is a leader for us? That’s the problem with us now, we have no leader!! We sit here and talk garbage, but, we do nothing…… Maybe we should begin acting like we have some backbone and have our own marches, and whatever else!!! WHERE IS A LEADER FOR US???????

    • patricia dahleen

      Unfortunately, our “leader” is with them.

    • Tonto

      Jane, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s an insult, and what’s more…It is an INTENTIONAL insult. They are there as a CELEBRATION of the death and destruction of 9/11… other reason. Talk to people that saw muz dancing in the street in Dearborn, Michigan the night of the slaughter….those “dancers” are the people that are going to be involved in this “march”.

    • Leah

      We are asleep at the switch every time. We need to wake up. America wake up. America wake up.


    Can we get a 11 million man march for all the illegal immigrants….its like a rodeo round um up…..

  • WilliamSpires

    If any terror plots are destined to be successful, hopefully they will coincide at the time and place of their treasonous march!! Two anti-American groups with mixed signals cancelling each other out, a beautiful sight! Color me politically (in)correct !!!


    Well Don’t explain it to us, tell it to them(RADICAL ISLAMO-MARXISTS). So just SHUT UP and GO HOME to where you whence came. If you ever try to intimidate Christians. You will receive a rude awakening, and it’s not going to stop, SAND PEOPLE OF STAR WARS !

  • Derbyhat

    Just pouring water on a grease fire! They won’t condemn the radicals and expect the nation to bend and yield again and again to accommodate them. There I live, we have no more problems from their community than from Americans who lived here all along. The education curve for both is difficult, but we are working at it. I doubt that any of our neighbors will be part of this Washington fiasco. If they do, they are still our neighbors!

  • sengal

    “We at AMPAC (American Political Action Committee) are planning an historic event for 9.11.13 where one million Muslims will march to Washington D.C. and demand that our civil rights be protected by our government.”
    That’s funny, not too long ago I read that Muslims in US will not follow American laws. They only recognize Sharia Law.
    So why are they demanding that civil rights (our laws) be applied to them?
    God I hate these disgusting parasites…

  • sengal

    Obama won’t release his personal records to the public but I’m sure he will accommodate these idiots by releasing the 9/11 commission report…

  • tarkas914

    Looks like they may want to bring just a little bit of Egyptian type politics to DC. You know…chaos.

  • Death2Unions

    Mmm…Let’s see. We have a Marxist Muslim in the White House whose Puppet Master Valerie Jarrett is in full control? Not sure this is going to end well for America.


      Oscumbag and Lezbo Jerrett cannot bring us down they are only 2 with criminal intentions. Its our other leaders that are destroying us by letting these 2 exist.

    • mthighpockets

      Could be he knows what will happen and bought all those Hollow Points to use to save their

  • Higherstandard13

    So they are calling for an army of a million to march on Washington. Maybe they will show their true colors and attack. It does not matter which side loses in Washington, Americans would be the winner.

  • Higherstandard13

    Maybe someone can walk through the area with their pet pig.

    • mthighpockets

      Great idea’ And a bucket of Pig Blood’Don’t need guns’

  • Higherstandard13

    This is what happens when you let the enemy within the country. The spy on us all for they have to be politically correct. They allow all the illegals to stay and they march, demand freebies, demand lower state college tuition, march in the streets and replace the American flag over the school with the flag of Mexico. They refuse to assimilate and demand more people be allowed to come here and undermine our wages and culture. As I stated, this is what happened when political correctness demands we allow the enemy to come within and stay in our country.

  • 5live5

    I wouldn’t want to be them! If the right group gets together, it could get dam hard!

    • Robert James

      They are lucky this isn’t happening here in the Great State.

  • nevadarny

    Has anyone begun a push for an anti Muslim March? Sign me up if you do. Those monsters should crawl back to the Middle East and destroy each other.

    • snorky neederecker

      The media won’t pick up on it, unfortunately. It’s all state-run now.

    • lovinspoonful

      I understand about 2 million motorcycle riders will meet them there.

      • mthighpockets

        Gads,wish I could afford the gas,hotel,food etc.I’d go.’



    • Leah

      I agree. They have a lot of nerves.

  • blackmoshannon2

    Warm up the Drones!

  • govtrumbull

    Islamic radicals have an impeccable talent for giving the American; non-Muslim; people the middle-finger. Calling the timing of the march tasteless, is like having NAZI’s protesting in Israel during Hanukah. They are really trying hard to push Christian and Jewish citizens against a wall where we will be forced to fight for self preservation.
    Islamists do not want to petition for a redress of grievances, they want to take over America as their Imams have publicly stated. I am not sure when Islamic radicals will finally cross the line with native born Americans, but I don’t believe that the day is far off. The American people have shown throughout our History, that they have a limit in being tolerant of overt enemies. The organizers had better be in control of this Muslim mob. If they fail to keep it under control, I believe that their failure to do so, will be the ignition point for Americans that are feeling the pressure of Islamic arrogance and aggression.

  • Lorne Dey

    If the left, which includes Muslims, ever successfully wake up the giant in this country, we’ll have a war the radicals can’t possibly win.

  • Josh46

    So, Liberals constitute only 23% of the population (according to a Fox guest). How is it that this tail is wagging the dog? Wake up America. The last breath you took may be your own.

  • EE

    The Quran tells muslims to conquer infidels by any means. Thus it is a terrorist handbook and all muslims are or will be a terrorist. All muslims are in a cult and all million should be packed up and deported to sharia law lands. The illegal prez and all other muslims in Congress must be put on trial for high treason yesterday!

  • Leah

    Million muslim march. The nerve. what the hell?They all should go to HELL. What a slap in the face of the American People. Those parasites are evil. Go burn in HELL and leave America alone. Why 911? As if the American People don’t suffer enough. You don’t belong here in this country.