Millennials Are Losing Faith in the Country, Not Obama


The key here is that they are still liberal and want Obama to be more liberal. They fail to understand that the liberal utopia that they believe in is impossible.
Check it out:

Now, folks, I want to reiterate something here that I said. I kind of glossed over it but I think it’s pretty important if I say so myself, and even for me. I’ve been trying to figure out, why don’t these Millennials — I mean, they voted for Obama — why do they not associate Obama, beyond the Limbaugh Theorem, why do they not associate him with the malaise and the depression? Here’s the answer to it, and it is devastating.

People are losing faith in the country, not Obama. Folks, if you find yourself talking to a Millennial or anybody else who’s down in the dumps and depressed about the country, understand they may just have lost faith in the country, when in fact it’s Obama that’s causing this. The country’s fine if we get rid of the people that are running it right now. That has got to be reinforced. We can’t allow people to say they have lost faith in the country, but that’s what I fear is happening. This is too important, and I think it’s something that I glossed over in previous commentary about the Millennials here.

I thought about it during the break, and Obama, in fact, even trying to convince people that this level of unemployment, the lack of a future, this is the new normal. That the past, when America was robust and great, that was fake. That was unjust. That was brought about by an unjust, immoral founding. Now we’re getting this is the way it was always intended to be, and you are gonna have to deal with it. And that’s just not so. This cannot be allowed to be the new normal. We’re not gonna put up with it. We cannot allow people to have lost faith in America. That’s a little bit of an expansion on the Limbaugh Theorem. They’re still not holding Obama accountable for it, and that has to change.



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