Liberals protect their own.
Check it out:

Last month, a wealthy movie and television star took to Twitter to hurl homophobic slurs at a gay reporter, and to urge his million-plus followers to commit acts of violence against the man.

Last week, a nobody — a jester, a clown, a performer performing at a rodeo, donned a Barack Obama mask and joked about having a bull attack him.

Today, after much of the media chose not to report on Alec Baldwin’s reprehensible behavior, he is in talks to join NBC News.

Meanwhile, the clown has been banned for life, the president of the organization that hired him has been forced to resign, and the powerful NAACP is demanding a full investigation.

Earlier this week, on the pages of Politico, a powerful Hollywood director smeared rural whites as racists with the bigoted and provably false claim that they would not see a film with an all black cast.

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