Matt Damon’s Elysium Is Actually An Anti-Obamacare Parable


This actually makes me want to see this now.
Check it out:

I joked on Twitter a few weeks back that I’m extremely good at reading into films crypto-conservative messages that aren’t actually there. (See, for instance, my suggestion that Star Trek Into Darkness postures as an anti-drone film but, in fact, succinctly makes the pro-drone case.) So, if you’ll indulge my silliness for a moment, please allow me to explain why Elysium—which has been criticized by some on the right as a not-so-subtle plea for universal healthcare—is secretly* an anti-Obamacare film.

Consider, for instance, that residents of Earth appear to have made absolutely no progress when it comes to healthcare in almost a century and a half. Broken bones are set with casts and childhood diseases like Leukemia are still deadly. Is this not a tacit admission that government interference in health care stifles innovation, just as libertarians and conservatives warned it would?

Meanwhile, as the quality of care has stagnated so has the quantity of care. Hospitals are overcrowded, wait times are long, and care is now rationed (think of Alice Braga’s daughter, who is forced to exit the hospital even though she has a life-threatening illness because there aren’t enough beds). Every doctor is a death panel in this dystopian future.



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