Liberalism is an Imposition


Liberals are all about government power.
Check it out:

Let me try it this way. For 25 years I’ve been trying to explain liberalism to people. I’ve come up with as many different ways to explain it as I’ve engaged in. Let’s put it this way. And by no means is this the best or the final. I’m gonna be struggling with this for as long as I do this. What liberals want will never happen on its own. People will not live the way liberals want if left to their own devices, because people will not build walls to keep themselves in places that they don’t want to be, such as the Soviet Union, such as China, such as Cuba. Those places are all run by liberals. You can call ’em communists or socialists or whatever.

Left to their own devices, in a free country, people will not choose liberalism. If they want to eat salt, they’ll eat it. If they want to eat trans fats, they’ll eat it. If they want to eat beef, they’ll eat it. The only way liberals can get you to live the way they want you to is to deny you freedom to do what you want to do. And they’re not happy with you living and thinking in ways other than the way they live and think. You must conform. If you dare speak outside the acceptable liberal norms, they’re gonna come after you. They’re gonna do their best to destroy whoever does that so that that person or group of people will not persuade others.

Liberals cannot survive in an unrigged contest in the arena of ideas. They are not about ideas. Liberals are not about choice; they are about imposition. The way they live, the way they believe, must be imposed on people, otherwise they won’t do it on their own. It’s taken them 50, 60 years to get to this point of conditioning people, of taking hold of the education system, the university, academia system, the media. It’s taken a long time to condition people not to stand up for themselves, not to exercise freedom, not to speak outside the acceptable norms. What is political correctness but speech censorship, is all it is.



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