Let the Boys Be…Girls


This is so ridiculous. I have a solution that will work. Make the actual toilet area a single room. Sinks can be a universal area. Crazy that it has to come to this though.
Check it out:

This is for real. California Governor Brown just signed a bill into law that lets transgender public school students decide which bathrooms they want to use and which sports to play. There is no other state in the country that has implemented such a radical piece of legislation.

Social liberals may be all, “Relllaaax. Who cares about which bathroom a kid uses or if they play football?”

But, people with this attitude do not understand what a BIG deal this “little” law is. Elementary school students will lose all sense of gender differentiation and privacy. Sex will cease to be something sacred. That sliver of innocence that parents protect as long as they can is going to be robbed from their Kindergardeners. Sex is going to be something that is shoved in the faces of our baby brothers and sisters as early as 1st grade as they see a little boy’s wee wee out in the Little Girl’s room.



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