It’s Too Early to Know About 2016


What difference does it make what liberal gets nominated?
Check it out:

Here’s the thing about the 2016 race. The Clinton regime, in terms of power, I have to say, if Clinton coulda done what Obama’s doing, he woulda done it. If Clinton and Hillary coulda done this, they would have. They just were unable to get away with it. That’s why I think that the Obama regime is more powerful. I mean, they tried health care, they didn’t get it, Obama did. And with raw power. But Obama’s been aided by something that Clinton was not able to capitalize on, that’s race. Obama’s race basically silences the opposition.

So when you talk about the 2016 presidential race, if the nominee is Hillary, the Democrats’ thinking is that they can keep this whole game going, where you can’t criticize their nominee. You got the first black president, and you can’t criticize him, otherwise you’re no different than the rodeo clown in Missouri. You’re just a racist SOB, subhuman species scum, if you criticize Obama. And they’re gonna try to carry that on with Hillary as the potential first female. Any criticism would be said to be sexist.

And the Republicans will have fresh memories of what they will consider to be the successfully waged War on Women. So it might not be knock-down, drag-out. It’s gonna depend on what kind of guts the Republicans have. And it’ll depend on who the nominee is, the nominee will set the tone, and we don’t have any idea who that’s gonna be. So it’s too early to be able to answer that question in anything other than a wild guess.



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